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TitleThe Hodbarrow Mining Company Limited
DescriptionComprises records of the Hodbarrow Mining Company Limited, and the Millom and Askam Hematite Iron Company Limited. The records include: administrative records including Director's Meeting minutes and company share records; financial records including ledgers and journals; various legal records with title deeds for land and property owned by the Hodbarrow Mining Company in Millom, Haverigg and the surrounding area, records for the Barrow Corporation Water Bills, and the dispute between the Hodbarrow Mining Company and the Cumberland Iron Mining and Smelting Company Limited concerning the construction of a pier and embankment at Borwick Rails; production records indicating the amount of iron ore obtained and pricings; a large number of maps and plans; staff records including those related to time and pay, and health and welfare provisions, and photographs of both the premises and staff of the Hodbarrow Mining Company Limited
Date1824 - 1969
ContextThe Hodbarrow mining partnership commenced in 1855 between Nathaniel Caine and John Barratt, after the Earl of Lonsdale granted a licence to search for minerals on the Hodbarrow Farm estate. The first pit was sunk as early 1855. The partnership was reorganised in 1863 with the appointment of 3 directors, chosen from the original group of shareholders. The company was incorporated in 1888 and became the Hodbarrow Mining Company Limited with a nominal capital of £650'000 and a share capital of £500'000. The success of the Hodbarrow Mining Company was due not only to the volume of iron ore excavated but also the quality of the hematite.
A further bed of ore was discovered in 1868 and this was to become known as the 'new mine'. This ore body was difficult to work due to the geological nature of the area. Runs of sand and water became common, a consequence of subsidence and the mine's proximity to the sea. A basic clay embankment, built as an initial sea defence was replaced by a sea barrier, designed by Sir John Coode and built by contractors Lucas and Aird between 1888 and 1890. It soon became apparent however that greater sea defences were required. The outer barrier, built by John Aird and Company, the previous contractors' successors, was completed in April 1905.
A subsequent discovery of ore in 1924/25 known as Moorbank was worked from 1931. Due to dangerous working conditions it was decided that Moorbank should become an independent mine. The Hodbarrow Mining Company was nationalised under the Iron and Steel Act (1949) in 1951. It was sold in 1958 by the Iron and Steel Holding and Realisation Agency to the Milliom Hematite Iron and Ore Company Limited. By this point all mining outside of the Moorbank area had ceased. The company was voluntarily liquidised in 1959 being wound up by 1961, and production at the mine finally stopped at 3.45pm on 22 March 1968 and pumping ceased on the 25 March 1968.
A separate venture, the Duddon Shipping Association, was set up by the partners of the Hodbarrow Mining Company in 1871 to exercise full control over the company's shipping. Due to a decline in the iron trade this was disbanded in the 1920s.

List of Directors as ascertained from the company records
John Barratt: 1863, died 1866
Nathaniel Caine: 1863, died 1877
Thomas Woodburne: 1863, died 1893
R T Bywater: 1866, died 1874
William Barratt: 1874, died 1888
Harry Arnold: 1870, died August 1907
Cedric Vaughan: 1888, died February 1911
William Isaac Barratt: 1888, died March 1924
Sir Francis Layland Barratt: 1888, died September 1933
George Tallack Petherick: 1888, retired May 1936
William Sproston Caine: 1895, died March 1903
Nathaniel Caine: 1903(?) died June 1926
Richard Hargreaves Greenwood: 1907, died October 1927
Cedric George Vaughan: 1911, died August 1956
William Donald Barratt: 1912, died October 1955
Myles Kennedy: 1924, died 1928
Hugh Neville Bewley: 1927, died September 1943
Stephen Hart Jackson: 1928, died May 1948
Sir Francis Henry Godolphin Layland Barratt: 1933, resigned in August 1957
George Gerald Petherick: 1936, died November 1946
Edward Calvert: 1944, died 1945
Maurice Petherick: 1946. He was not re-elected in the August of 1957
Francis Bertrand Hart Jackson: 1948 Ceased to be Director 22 Sep 1958
James William Campbell: Nov 1955. Ceased to be Director 22 Sep 1958
Ronald Billing Davis: Managing Director from October 1955, Director from August 1957. Ceased to be Director 22 Sep 1958
Catalogue levelFonds
Subject termsIron ore mining
Iron ore industry
Metalliferous mining

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NA1050Hodbarrow Mining Company; c 1855-1968; iron ore miningc 1855-1968
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