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TitleManor of Broughton-in-Furness
DescriptionBroughton-in-Furness, Dunnerdale, Seathwaite (L); manorial records, Broughton-in-Furness market and fair, Broughton-in-Furness enclosure, Broughton Tower papers and Sawrey family papers; 1245-20th century legal papers, correspondence, personal papers and plans.
Date1245 -1945
Extent38 series

12thC.-1487 de Broughton family. Ailward de Broughton was probably granted the Manor of Broughton by William de Lancaster after 1160. The manor was confiscated from Sir Thomas Broughton who fought with Lambert Simnel at the Battle of Stoke.

1487-1653/4 Earls of Derby. Sold by eighth Earl due to losses in Civil War.

1653/4-1658 Edward Lee (or Leigh).

1658-1699 Roger Sawrey, a parliamentarian and baptist.

1699-1705 Jeremiah Sawrey.

1705-1755 Richard Gilpin Sawrey. He died in 1755 without children and left the manor to a cousin, John Gilpin, who added Sawrey to his name.

1755-1773 John Gilpin Sawrey.

1773-1799 John Cookson Gilpin Sawrey. He inherited the estate from his father at the age of 4 years. Until he became of age, his mother, Esther Sawrey, and Ruth Gilpin, Rev. Jeremiah Gilpin, William Gilpin and Esther Cookson were his guardians. He died in Lisbon, Portugal, leaving the estate to his sister, Sarah.

1799-1823 Jean Bertrand de Boubee de Brouquens and Sarah, his wife. Although Jean did not die until 1838 and Sarah until 1842, their second son, John Joachim Vital, inherited the manor and took the name Sawrey.

1823-1881 John Sawrey. He died in 1881 unmarried and left the manor to a distant relation, James Cookson of Neasham Hall, Durham, who added Sawrey to his name.

1881-1889 James Sawrey Cookson.

1889-1920 Mrs Georgina Margaret Sawrey Cookson. She sold the manor in 1920.

1920-1947 Captain Robert Rankin (later Sir). He gave the Victory Hall to Broughton Parish Council in 1930 and the manor to Lancashire in 1947.

1947-1988 Lancashire County Council.

1988 Cumbria County Council bought the manor from Lancashire but not Broughton Tower. The Tower was kept by Lancashire County Council for continued use as a Special School. The School closed in July 1997.

The traditional Proclamation of the Market on behalf of the Lord of the Manor still takes place in the village square on 1st August in each year.
ArrangementThe main classes of records are:

BDBROUGHTON/1. Court Books. 1658-1928

BDBROUGHTON/2. Enrolment Books. 1929-1934

BDBROUGHTON/3. Call Books. 1780-1925

BDBROUGHTON/4. Admittance Books. 1866-1925

BDBROUGHTON/5. Miscellaneous records re court. 1653-1905

BDBROUGHTON/6. Rentals. 1577-1945

BDBROUGHTON/7. Draft Jury's verdicts. 1721-1922

BDBROUGHTON/8. Title Deeds. 1424-Circa1920

BDBROUGHTON/9. Admittances. 1654-1911

BDBROUGHTON/10. Orders re the transfer of land. 1872-1906

BDBROUGHTON/11. Plans and sketches. 1832-1934

BDBROUGHTON/12. Manorial officials. 1839-1890

BDBROUGHTON/13. Manorial Customs. 1585-1826

BDBROUGHTON/14. Manorial Expenses. 1773-1824

BDBROUGHTON/15. Manorial Notices and Posters. 1800-1926

BDBROUGHTON/16. Broughton-in-Furness Fair. 1245-date

BDBROUGHTON/17. Broughton-in-Furness Enclosure Award papers. 1771-1891

BDBROUGHTON/18. Legal Cases. c1724-c1880

BDBROUGHTON/19. Correspondence. c1744-1926

BDBROUGHTON/20. Lead Mining Papers. 1768-1879

BDBROUGHTON/21. Collection of Crown Rents in North Lonsdale. 1711-1802

BDBROUGHTON/22. Railway papers. 1857-1881

BDBROUGHTON/23. Personal papers of the Sawrey family. 1742-1879

BDBROUGHTON/24. Probate papers. 1705-1920

BDBROUGHTON/25. Pedigrees and correspondence re inheritance. 1668-1879

BDBROUGHTON/26. Financial papers. 1733-20thC.

BDBROUGHTON/27. Newspaper cuttings. 1869-1908

BDBROUGHTON/28. Miscellaneous. 1738-1933

BDBROUGHTON/29. Mortgage and Sale of Estate. 1890-1913

BDBROUGHTON/30. Enfranchisements. 1891-1940

BDBROUGHTON/31. Conveyances and Leases, including Tithe 1775-1932

BDBROUGHTON/32. Various legal matters. 1882-1913

BDBROUGHTON/33. Slates and iron ore. 1873-1906

BDBROUGHTON/34. Personal Sawrey family matters and Stewards business. 1880-1894

BDBROUGHTON/35. The West Cumberland Parliamentary Election. 1906

BDBROUGHTON/36. Sales Particulars. 1877-1914

BDBROUGHTON/37. Loose Plans. [c1890-1910]

BDBROUGHTON/38. Miscellaneous. 1894-1913
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