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ReferenceDB 120
TitleCavaghan and Gray Limited, food producers of Carlisle
DescriptionDB 120/1-17 Directors & Shareholders. DB 120/18-20 Investments. DB 120/21-38 Directors (personal). DB 120/39-59A Business correspondence files. DB 120/60-148 Accounts. DB 120/60-69 Balance sheets. DB 120/70-80 Vouchers & papers. DB 120/81-102 Account books. DB 120/103-111 Ledgers (directors and company finances). DB 120/112-121 Purchases & Sales books. DB 120/122-143 Salaries & Wages. DB 120/144-147 Nominal ledgers (company & welfare accounts). DB 120/148 Mixed accounts, including subsidiaries. DB 120/149-234 Subsidiary Companies. DB 120/149 - 169 Walter Gilmour & Co. Ltd. (later Allan & Gilmour Ltd.), provision merchants, Glasgow. DB 120/170-174 Smith 's (Pork Butchers) Ltd., Glasgow. DB 120/175 Cumberland Vegetable Packets Ltd., & Country Fresh Products, both of Gretna. DB 120/176 Stirling Bacon Factory, Stirling. DB 120/177-179 Irish Bacon Curing Co. Ltd., Belfast. DB 120/180-182 Merton Abbey Creameries Ltd., margarine manufacturers etc., Mitcham, Surrey.. DB 120/183-185 Selby Bros. (Farmers) Ltd., Blackpool. DB 120/186-188 Lairose Ltd.. DB 120/189 Lakeland Meats Ltd.. DB 120/190 Lamb Scientific Developments Ltd.. DB 120/191 Mayfair Poultry Farmers Ltd.. DB 120/192-193 Food Production & Processing Ltd., Cheshire. DB 120/194-197 Southwaite Farms Ltd., Monkcastle, Southwaite, Carlisle. DB 120/198-214 Chicpak Ltd., Willowholme, Carlisle. DB 120/215-234 McKenzies Group (McKenzies Transport & Engineering Co. Ltd., McKenzies Motors, Norwest Vehicles Ltd., Warwick Motors (Carlisle) Ltd.). Miscellaneous. DB 120/235 Vanguard Interstop Parking Ltd., Leeds (Kingstown premises)
ContextThe firm was founded in 1912 by Tom Ray Cavaghan of Portobello, Edinburgh, commercial traveller, William Collin of Portobello, meat salesman, and Jonathan Gray of Thornhill, Dumfries-shire; the firm leased the slaughterhouse etc. at Harraby
Catalogue levelFonds
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