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ReferenceDSO 418
TitleOutREACH Cumbria
DescriptionLGBT Cumbria project called 'Celebrate' including:

Photgraphic boards: 11 black and white portrait boards measuring 100 cm x 65 cm (outsize items stored in photographic store).

Oral histories in modern media store (7 CDs) location c/3/5/4/3.
CD1 - Alex and Cathy Tansley, Alice and Alix, Carl, Carol Nash and Catherine Hall.
CD2 - Glenn Anderson, Hollie and liam, Jenni Payne, Joan Devereux and Jospeh Hucknell.
CD3 - Catherine Smith, Christine Isherwood, Craig Carruthers, Debbie Wood and Doug.
CD4 - Rachel Wood, Richard Kavanahh, Richard Roberts and Sal Cawley.
CD5 - Lyndsay Callion, Martin Reeves, Michelle Jarvis, Pam Eland, Pipit and Rachael Ridley.
CD6 - Kizzy Sauleys, Lee Wicks and Lisa and Sue.
CD7 - Sue Stelfox and Tess Baxter.

Leaflets from Terrence Higgins trust 'Tales of gay sex' (1-12); 5 leaflets published by the 'Campaign for Homosexual Equality' circa 1983; various flyers and posters advertising Cumbria Pride, 2012-2016; official pass for Cumbria Pride, 2011; book published by The Terrence Higgins Trust entitled 'Positive Lives, responses to HIV, a photodocumentary'; 'Hercules and the Farmer's Wife' by author Chris Wadsworth; biography of Hugh Walpole by Rupert Hart-Davis; 'Jenny lives with Eric and Martin' by author Susanne Bosche; 'The Last Two to Hang' by author Elwyn Jones; 'Between Fell and Sea', writing from the West Lakes Residency; various publications on artist Percy Kelly including 'Percy Kelly A Cumbria Artist'; 'Percy Kelly, Letters to my Stepdaughter'; 'Percy Kelly, Fifty Little Gems' and 'The Man who couldn't stop drawing, the extraordinary life of Percy Kelly'.

Newspapers and magazines:
'Gay Scotland' Dec 1981-Jul 1996; Gay News (57-256) Jul 1980-Jan 1983; Pink Paper Jan and Oct 1988; Pride programme/annual newspaper 1989; Spartacus vols 21, 24 and 26; Timm international male magazine, vol 1; Modern Adonis vol 27 and Physical Pictorial vol 12.
Extent5 metric boxes
Catalogue levelFonds
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