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Person/corporate nameCumberland Quarter Sessions
Corporate namesCumberland Quarter Sessions

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Q/RZ/1Deposited maps and plans of railways1825-1945Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/87/4West Cumberland, Furness and Morecambe Bay Railway: proposed line1839Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/16Maryport and Carlisle Railway1842Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/14Maryport and Carlisle Railway: sectionSurveyed by John Blackmore1842Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/34BCitadel Station, Carlisle: proposed alterationsSurveyed by George Cunningham, S.B. Worthington and Thomas Bouch1871Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/36London and North Western Railway: property to be purchased in CarlisleSurveyed by William Baker and Francis Stevenson1872Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/48Caledonian Railway: Carlisle stationSurveyed by L.J. Blyth and George Cunningham1866Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/47Caledonian Railway: additonal lands for Carlisle stationSurveyed by George Graham1864Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/37London and North Western Railway: WorkingtonNew footpath, footpath to be stopped, additional lands and buildings1873Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/87/3West Cumberland, Furness and Morecambe Bay Railway: roads on proposed railway1839Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/88Whitehaven and Furness Junction RailwaySurveyed by George Stephenson1844Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/84Whitehaven, Workington and Maryport RailwaySurveyed by George Stephenson1837Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/87/5West Cumberland, Funress and Morecambe Bay Railwaynot datedCarlisle
Q/RZ/1/52Glasgow, Dumfries and Carlisle Railway: from near Kilmarnock to Carlisle etcSurveyed by John Miller; Sark toll bar to Carlisle; other plans in Scotland1844Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/63Carlisle and Hawick RailwayProposed railway surveyed by B. Hall Blyth and Thomas Bouch;1856Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/67Carlisle, Langholm and Hawick Railway: Carlisle to ArthuretSurveyed by B. Hall Blyth and Thomas Bouch1858Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/64Carlisle, Langholm and Hawick RailwaySurveyed by B. Hall Blyth and Thomas Bouch1857Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/68North British Railway: Carlisle station to North Eastern RailwaySurveyed by Charles Jopp1863Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/86Whitehaven Junction Railway: deviation of the proposed branch at Maryport Harbour1858Carlisle
Q/11/1/321/34Petition of John Rickerby of Laverickstone, Aikton: poor relief1768Carlisle
Q/11/1/1767 Christmas/39Inquest into the death of Peter Pearson, customs officer of Workington; accident1767Carlisle
Q/11/1/1767 Christmas/10Conviction of Matthew Harrison of Stainton for selling ale etc. without a licence1767Carlisle
Q/11/1/321/12Petition of Mary Brown widow of Holme Cultram; in the poorhouse in Whitehaven1768Carlisle
Q/11/1/321/23Petition of Thomas Dixon coroner: expenses1768Carlisle
Q/11/1/1767 Christmas/24Inquest into the death of John Speight of Brampton: accident1767Carlisle
Q/11/1/1767 Christmas/40Petition of Mary Michinson of Lorton: estranged from Jonathan Michinson1767Carlisle
Q/11/1/1767 Christmas/19Inquest into the death of an unknown male at Marsh,Kirkandrews on Esk: drowned1767Carlisle
Q/11/1/321/5Petition of James Grant of Kirkoswald: poor relief1768Carlisle
Q/11/1/1767 Christmas/26Receipt of Joseph Thompson for repairing gates at the gaol1767Carlisle
Q/11/1/321/35Petition of Elizabeth Richardson of Wigton: poor relief1768Carlisle
Q/11/1/321/21Receipt of John Mattinson: straw supplied to the gaol1768Carlisle
Q/11/1/1767 Christmas/21Inquest into the death of George Armstrong of Howgill, Bolton: accident1767Carlisle
Q/11/1/321/29Petition of Mary Anderson of Kirklinton: poor relief1768Carlisle
Q/11/1/1767 Christmas/42Petition of William Raper of Distington: poor relief1767Carlisle
Q/11/1/1767 Christmas/30Receipt of Simon Graham for grating grease at the gaol1767Carlisle
Q/11/1/1767 Christmas/49Petition of Edward Hinde of Papcastle: poor relief1767Carlisle
Q/11/1/1767 Christmas/41Petition of Elizabeth Richardson of Wigton: does not wish to be transferred to Whitehaven poorhouse1767Carlisle
Q/11/1/1767 Christmas/7Order for the removal of Jonathan Wise of Holme Cultram1767Carlisle
Q/11/1/1767 Christmas/47Petition of Elizabeth Vicars of Wythop: poor relief1767Carlisle
Q/11/1/1767 Christmas/38Inquest into the death of James Rowney, tobacco spinner of Whitehaven; accidentally drowned at Lowca1767Carlisle
Q/11/1/321/15Petition of Mary Matthews widow of Kirkbampton: poor relief1768Carlisle
Q/11/1/1767 Christmas/37Account of Robert Baynes, coroner1767Carlisle
Q/11/1/321/18Certificate that John Bell had completed work on wooden bridge at Netherhall1768Carlisle
Q/11/1/1767 Christmas/25Receipt of Joseph Robinson for work in the gaol: repairing locks, keys and rivets, and transporting prisoners1767Carlisle
Q/11/1/321/26Copy inquest re Lieutenant Nathaniel Loring of Carlisle: drowned in the river Petteril1768Carlisle
Q/11/1/1767 Christmas/44Petition of Mary Dixon of Carlisle: mother of the illegitimate daughter of David Pears of Penrith1767Carlisle
Q/11/1/1767 Christmas/35Bastardy order: Robert Dodgson yeoman of Wigton father of the illegitimate daughter of Jane Kay of Wigton1767Carlisle
Q/11/1/321/9Petition of Benjamin Rickerby shoemaker of Wigton: poor relief from the parish of Aspatria1768Carlisle
Q/11/1/1767 Christmas/46Certificate that the inhabitants of Eskdale have repaired the road1767Carlisle
Q/11/1/321/8Petition of William Newton glazier of Wigton: poor relief1768Carlisle
Q/11/1/1767 Christmas/43Petition of Ann Little of Unthank, Dalston: John Abbot has entered into her late husband's property1767Carlisle
Q/11/1/1767 Christmas/48Petition of Nicholas Bragg, poor labourer of Moresby: poor relief1767Carlisle
Q/11/1/321/17Petition of William Dixon of Penrith: expenses1768Carlisle
Q/11/1/1767 Christmas/27Receipt of John Jones for straw supplied to the gaol1767Carlisle
Q/11/1/321/32Petition of Mary Hodgson of Aikton: poor relief1768Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/23-24Maryport and Carlisle Railway: MaryportPlans and sections, branch railways to proposed deep water dock and harbour of refuge Maryport; surveyed by John Addison; reference book includes press notice1865Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/43Caledonian Railway: Lancaster to CarlisleLancashire, Westmorland and Penrith to Bampton, Hesket in the Forest to Penrith, Burthwaite to Plumpton Street, Carlisle to Hesket; surveyed by Joseph Locke1842Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/15Maryport and Carlisle Railway: plan and sectionSurveyed by John Blackmore; original Parliamentary line shown in black, deviations and proposed alterations in red.1842Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/12Maryport and Carlisle Railway: general plan onlySurveyed by George Stephenson1836Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/21Maryport and Carlisle Railway: branchesPlans and sections of branch railways from Aspatria to Measlgate and from there to the railway near Aikbank, enalrgement of Wigton station etc.; surveyed by John Addison1861Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/17Maryport and Carlisle Railway: Botchergate/St CuthbertPlan and section of intended extensions and branch of the railway in Botchergate and St. Cuthbert in Carlisle; surveyed by William Mitchell1843Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/4bNewcastle and Carlisle Railway: reference bookPlans and sections for deviations, extensions and road alterations in Cumberland: Wetheral, Hayton, Brampton and Upper Denton parishes and parishes in Northumberland; surveyed by John Blackmore1840Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/73North British Railway: deviations & junctionsDeviations of station lines at Carlisle; surveyed by Thomas Bouch; junction with Caledonian Railway to Milbourne Street; Milbourne Street to junction with Maryport and Carlisle Railway; line joining Newcastle and Carlisle Railway to London and North western Railway1870Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/1Newcastle and Carlisle Railway: plan & sectionIntended railway from Newcastle-upon-Tyne to the canal basin near Carlisle with seven branches; surveyed by Benjamin Thompson1825Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/49Caledonian Railway: Solway Junction Railway, Holme Abbey; land to be acquired at Carlisle stationSurveyed by E.L.I. Blyth and George Cunningham1869Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/11North Eastern Railway: plans and sectionsFrom Leyburn to Hawes, alteration of and new roads at Stockton-on-Tees and Hull; plan of additional land at Carlisle1869Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/42Caledonian Railway: Carlisle to GlasgowIncluding: Mossband to Carlisle, Kirkltbridge to river Sark, Blackford to Broadlee; surveyed by Joseph Locke1842Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/25Penrith and Carlisle Railway: plan and section of the intended Penrith and Carlisle RailwaySurveyed by George Laman1839Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/45Caledonian Railway: Longtown etcSpringfield to Longtown to Braehead; Crookdyke to Longtown; Longtown to Milton; surveyed by Joseph Locke and J.E. Errington1846Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/87/1West Cumberland, Furness and Morecambe Bay Railway: Bootle to Morecambe Bay and branch to UlverstonSurveyed by J.U. Rastrick, John Hague and Jonathan Binns1839Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/87West Cumberland, Funress and Morecambe Bay RailwayCarlisle
Q/11/1/321/13Petition of Mary Mitchinson of Workington: poor relief and an allowance from Jonathan Mitchinson1768Carlisle
Q/11/1/1767 Christmas/28Receipt of Robert Underwood for repairing windows at the gaol1767Carlisle
Q/11/1/1767 Christmas/45Petition of George Dalston, Surveyor of the Highways for Oulton: more time for road repairs1767Carlisle
Q/11/1/321/33Petition of Isabella Dixon of Carlisle: mother of the illegitimate daughter of John Rigg1768Carlisle
Q/11/1/321/3Notice of Andrew Atkinson to William Graham apothecary of Carlisle to produce Rachel Nicholson1768Carlisle
Q/11/1/1767 Christmas/18Inquest into the death of James Hetherington lunatic of Cumrew: accidental death1767Carlisle
Q/11/1/321/30Account of ale supplied to Mary Blaylock1768Carlisle
Q/11/1/1767 Christmas/9Order for the removal of Mary Railton widow and her children John Railton, Elizabeth Railton, Margaret Railton, Thomas Railton and Bella Railton from Carlisle to Irthington1767Carlisle
Q/11/1/1767 Christmas/4Petition of Mary Routledge of Brampton and Bewcastle: poor relief1767Carlisle
Q/11/1/1767 Christmas/15Petition of Mary Bushby of Cockermouth but living in Ireby: poor relief1767Carlisle
Q/11/1/1767 Christmas/16Inquest into the death of George Littlejohn aged 4 of Penrith: natural causes1767Carlisle
Q/11/1/1767 Christmas/14Account of Thomas Dixon coroner of Carlisle for expenses1767Carlisle
Q/11/1/1767 ChristmasPetitions to Quarter Sessions 1767 Christmas1767Carlisle
Q/11/1/1767 Christmas/29Receipt of Joseph Robinson for emptying the toilets at the gaol1767Carlisle
Q/11/1/1767 Christmas/5Petition of James Wilson of Wigton: poor relief1767Carlisle
Q/11/1/1767 Christmas/17Inquest into the death of Ann Simpson singlewoman of Gaitsgill: natural causes1767Carlisle
Q/11/1/1767 Christmas/23Inquest into the death of Mary Bone of Beaumont: natural causes1767Carlisle
Q/11/1/1767 Christmas/1Order for the removal of Thomas Emes, Ann his wife amd daughters Mary and Elizabeth from Westward to Waverton1767Carlisle
Q/11/1/1767 Christmas/13Petition of the churchwardens and overseers of the poor of Blennerhasset and Kirkland: maintenance of the poor in Keswick1767Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/5Newcastle and Carlisle Railway: plans and sections of an extensionWarden to Woodburn branch, Haltwhistle and Alston and Nenthead; surveyed by John Bourne1845Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/8Newcastle and Carlisle Railway: AlstonPlan and sections, alterations of and branch from Alston; includes press cutting1848Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/27Lancaster and Carlisle RailwaySurveyed by Joseph Locke and John Errington1843Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/28Lancaster and Carlisle Railway1844Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/44Caledonian Railway: Carlisle deviationSurveyed by Joseph Locke and J.E. Errington1845Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/31Lancaster & Carlisle Railway: pier and deviations of line at CarlisleSurveyed by Joseph Locke and J.E. Errington1858Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/33London and North Western Railway: Camerton / St BeesDiversion of footpath at Camerton; alterations at St. Bees station; surveyed by William Baker and William Clarke1867Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/38Citadel Station, CarlisleProposed works south of West Walls and Devonshire Walk, south of Citadel Station; railways entering the station; surveyed by S.B. Worthington and George Cunningham1872Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/75North British Railway: ground to be acquired at Carlisle, Milbourne Street & Charlotte StreetSurveyed by James Bell1875Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/34ALondon and North Western Railway: alterations to St. Bees stationSurveyed by William Baker and Francis Stevenson1870Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/51Caledonian Railway: land to be acquired near Carlisle by the Eden BridgeSurveyed by Blyth and Cunningham1873Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/35London and North Western Railway: WorkingtonLands, buildings and footpath diversion; surveyed by William Baker and Francis Stevenson1871Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/38ALondon and North Western Railway: additional land to be purchased at Cockermouth and UpperbySurveyed by William Baker and Francis Stevenson1874Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/39London and North Western Railway: land to be purchased in Lancaster Street, CarlisleSurveyed by William Baker and Francis Stevenson1875Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/42ACaledonian Railway: Carlisle to West Moor, West Moor to Dumfries etcSurveyed by Joseph Locke and J.E. Errington1844Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/46Caledonian Railway: proposed railway from near Carlisle to join the Port Carlisle RailwaySurveyed by B. and E. Blyth1857Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/87/2West Cumberland and Morecambe Bay Railway: Maryport to RavenglassSurveyed by John Rastrick1839Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/72North British Railway: new line north west of Carlisle stationSurveyed by James Deas1867Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/83Solway Junction Railway: Holme East Waver to Carlisle and Silloth Bay Railway1872Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/69North British Railway: branch & junctionsAbbey Holme and Leegate branch; surveyed by Charles Jopp; junction with Carlisle to Silloth railway; junction with Maryport and Carlisle Railway1863Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/61Carlisle and Eskdale Railway: Rockcliffe station to Kirkandrews on Esk; Kirkandrews on Esk to CanonbieSurveyed by Thomas Bouch1855Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/70North British Railway: Port Carlisle railway to Carlisle station: Carlisle canal station to Citadel stationSurveyed by Charles Jopp1864Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/82Solway Junction Railway: River Waver to Holme East Waver; Seafield across the Solway FirthSurveyed by James Brunlees1866Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/89Whitehaven and Furness Junction Railway: tunnel at Whitehaven; proposed deviation near KirksantonSurveyed by George Stephenson1845Carlisle
Q/11/1/1767 Christmas/22Inquest into the death of Catherine Smith of Cowslow, Westward: natural causes1767Carlisle
Q/11/1/1767 Christmas/11Petition of William Grave, Surveyor of the Highways, for Redmain in IselRate for road repairs1767Carlisle
Q/11/1/321/25Copy inquest re Joseph Simpson of Crosthwaite, a lunatic: suicide1768Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/79Carlisle and Silloth Bay Railway and Dock: branches & junctionsProposed branches to Bolton and to Maryport and Carlisle Railway; surveyed by B. and E. Blyth; junction at Holme Abbey; Bromfield; Bromfield to Wigton; Wigton to Mealsgate1860Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/77Carlisle and Silloth Railway and DockSurveyed by Blyth, Hartley, Robinson and Richard Asquith; Drumburgh to Port Carlisle Railway; Bowness on Solway; Langlands Head to Angerton; Slightholme; Holme Abbey; Allonby to river Waver; Holme Low to Holme Abbey; Greenrow/Calvo road; proposed dock at Silloth1853Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/76Carlisle Canal and Port Carlisle RailwaySurveyed by Boyd and Asquith; Grinsdale to junction with Newcastle and Carlisle Railway; Kirkandrews on Eden to Grinsdale; Wormanby to Kirkandrews on Eden; Longburgh via Burgh by Sands to Moorhouse; Boustead Hill to Logburgh; Glasson to Drumburgh; Port Carlisle1852Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/56Glasgow and South Western Railway: plans and sections: Willowholme to Carlisle station; bridge over river CaldewSurveyed by William Johnstone1865Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/66Border Union Railway: Hawick to CarlisleSurveyed by Charles Jopp and John F. Tone; Hawick to Longtown; Arthuret to river Lyne; Kirklinton to Kingmoor; Kingmoor to Carlisle1858Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/71North British Railway: Carlisle deviationsSurveyed by Charles Jopp; Caldew bridge to Carlisle station; Port Carlisle junction to Caldew bridge1866Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/74North British Railway: station branches at CarlisleSurveyed by Thomas Bouch; Caldew bridge to Port Carlisle branch; Caldew bridge to junction with North Eastern Railway1872Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/80Solway Junction Railway: deviationSurveyed by James Brunlees; river Wampool to Carlisle and Silloth Railway; Abbeytown to river Waver; Holme East Waver; Holme Abbey to Dundraw; Dundraw to Langrigg; Langrigg to Maryport and Carlisle Railway1864Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/81Solway Junction RailwaySurveyed by James Brunlees; Dundraw to Bromfield; Bromfield to Langrigg; Langrigg; Westnewton; Westnewton to Allonby; Allonby; Allonby to Hayton and Allerby; Allerby to Crosscanonby; Crosscanonby to Crosby; Crosby to Birkby; Birkby to Ellenborough; Ellenborough to junction of Whitehaven Junction Railway1865Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/4aNewcastle and Carlisle Railway: mapPlans and sections for deviations, extensions and road alterations in Cumberland: Wetheral, Hayton, Brampton and Upper Denton parishes and parishes in Northumberland; surveyed by John Blackmore1840Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/7Newcastle and Carlisle Railway: plan and sections, extensions, station and works, Carlisle1848Carlisle
Q/11/1/321/16Petition of Ann Clark of Caldewgate, Carlisle: poor relief1768Carlisle
Q/11/1/1767 Christmas/6Petition of John Younghusband Surveyor of the Highways of Gilcrux: road repairs and an accident involving Joseph Shaw of Crosby1767Carlisle
Q/11/1/321/24Copy inquest re Henry Crow of Edenhall: natural causes1768Carlisle
Q/11/1/321/36Petition of Mary Quarton widow of Wigton: poor relief1768Carlisle
Q/11/1/1767 Christmas/20Inquest into the death of John Moralee of Alston: exposure1767Carlisle
Q/11/1/1767 Christmas/3Petition of Joseph Johnson yeoman of Embleton, alleged father of the illegitimate son of Mary Key of Wythop Mill1767Carlisle
Q/11/1/321/31Petition of Mary Blaylock widow of Beaumont: poor relief1768Carlisle
Q/11/1/1767 Christmas/2Petition of Mary Forster singlewoman of Aikton, mother of the illegitimate child of Joseph Wood of Wigton1767Carlisle
Q/11/1/1767 Christmas/36Order for the removal of Ann Hudson singlewoman, Elizabeth Hudson and John Hudson from Stainburn in Workington to Mungrisedale in Greystoke1767Carlisle
Q/11/1/321/6Petition of Joseph Barton of Caldewgate, Carlisle: poor relief from the parish of Aikton1768Carlisle
Q/11/1/321/28Petition of Ann Relph widow of Beaumont: poor relief1768Carlisle
Q/11/1/321/10Account of bridges repaired but not paid for, in Allerby, Dearham, Irthington, Deepa and Eamont1768Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/9North Eastern Railway: plans and sections Proposed branch railways at Newcastle and Starbeck and bridge over the railway at Sr. Nicholas Street, Carlisle; includes press cutting1862Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/10North Eastern Railway: plans and sectionsProposed branch railways at Bishop Auckland, Darlington and Dacre, new highway at Bishop Auckland and road and bridge at Saltburn; plans and sections of the proposed branch railway to connect the Lancaster and Carlisle Railway with the Cockermouth Keswick and Penrith Railway in Dacre1863Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/20Maryport and Carlisle Railway: plans and sections, improvements etcAlso new branches, station accommodation; surveyed by James Dees; reference book includes press notice and published map showing the general course and direction of proposed branches, widenings etc.1854Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/32London and North Western Railway, Lancaster and Carlisle Railway, Caledonian Railway: Citadel Station, CarlisleProperty to be taken for enlargement of station; surveyed by J.E. Errington1860Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/41London and North Western Railway: Moor Row, Egremont etcProperty to be purchased at Moor Row; alyerations at Woodend; additional land and buildings at Egremont; surveyed by William Baker and Francis Stevenson1878Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/2aNewcastle and Carlisle Railway: mapPlan and section of an intended railway from Newcastle-upon-Tyne to Carlisle with one branch; surveyed by Benjamin Thompson1828Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/3aNewcastle and Carlisle Railway: mapPlans and sections no. 3 for deviations, extensions, road alterations etc in Cumberland; shows parishes of Wetheral, Hayton, Brampton, Upper Denton and Nether Denton; shows branch line from Milton station to the Earl of Carlisle's Railway1839Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/3bNewcastle and Carlisle Railway: reference bookPlans and sections no. 3 for deviations, extensions, road alterations etc in Cumberland; shows parishes of Wetheral, Hayton, Brampton, Upper Denton and Nether Denton; shows branch line from Milton station to the Earl of Carlisle's Railway1839Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/19Maryport and Carlisle Railway: deviations etcPlans and sections of deviations in Carlisle and extension of station and works at Maryport; includes section of line to be abandoned south of Carlisle Citadel station1850Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/22Maryport and Carlisle Railway: Bulgill to BrighamBranch from Bulgill station to Brigham station of the Cockermouth and Workington Railway intended to be called the Derwent Branch Railway; surveyed by John Addison1864Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/54Glasgow, Dumfries and Carlisle Railway: Gretna, Longtown etcRailway from near Gretna to the Newcastle and Carlisle Railway near Milton; surveyed by John Miller; maps/plans and sections: Springfield to Longtown; Arthuret to Laversdale; Solway Moss to river Liddel; Laversdale to Brampton1846Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/65North British Railway: branches etcSurveyed by Charles Jopp and John F. Tone; following river Esk to Longtown; Arthuret to Irthington; Irthington to Caledonian Railway and branch to Port Carlisle railway; Port Carlisle Railway Blackrigg branch from Rockcliffe to Stanwix; Port Carlisle Railway Millbeck branch from Stanwix to Kirkandrews on Esk; south western junction branch from Longtown via Knowe to Kirkandrews on Esk;1857Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/90Whitehaven and Furness Junction Railway: deviations & branchesDeviation from Silecroft to Foxfield and Whitehgaven Harbour branches; Whicham to Chapel Sucken; Chapel Sucken to Millom; Millom; Millom to Thwaites; Foxfield to junction with Furness Railway; branches to Whitehaven Harbour1847Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/26Lancaster and Carlisle RailwaySurveyed by George Larmer and Joseph Locke1842Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/53Glasgow, Dumfries and Carlisle Railway: all maps/plans in Scotland1845Carlisle
Q/11/1/321/11Order to receive Grace Wane vagabond in Papcastle into the House of Correction at Cockermouth1768Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/30Lancaster and Carlisle Railway: PenrithProposed new works and additional lands at Penrith; surveyed by Joseph Locke and J.E. Errington1857Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/50Caledonian Railway: CarlisleLand for railway purposes near Carlisle, from North British Railway to bridge over the river Eden; surveyed by Blyth and Cunningham1871Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/18Maryport and Carlisle Railway: CarlislePlans and sections, extensions, branches, depots and new works, Carlisle1848Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/29Lancaster and Carlisle Railway: proposed branch and extension to the Caledonian Railway1845Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/40London and North Western Railway: branch linesNew lines around Moor Row station; proposed Gillfoot branch line at Egremont; surveyed by William Baker and Francis Stevenson1878Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/55Glasgow and South Western Railway: branch lines, maps, plans, sections etcBranch to the Newcastle and Carlisle Railway near Milton, also to Caledonian Railway near Gretna; also to Earl of Carlisle's railway near Kirkhouse; surveyed by B. Hall Blyth; maps/plans and sections: Milton branch, Gretna Green station to Longtown; Kirlinton to Irthington; Irthington to Milton1852Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/62Carlisle, Liddesdale and Hawick RailwaySurveyed by R.F. Reed; Tweden Burn to Kirkandrews on Esk; Hawick to Longtown; Arthuret to Caledonian Railway; Port Carlisle branch; Longtown to Gretna1856Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/78Carlisle and Silloth Bay Railway and DockProposed railway, dock and jetty; surveyed by Blyth, Hartley, Robertson and Richard Asquith; Drumburgh to Port Carlisle Railway; Kirkbride to Bowness on Solway; Holme Cultram to Angerton; Slightholme; Holme Abbey; Allonby to Skinburness road junction to the river Waver; Holme Low; Holme Low to Black Dyke; proposed dock; new works at Silloth docks and jetty1854Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/85Intended railway from Whitehaven to MaryportShowing whole length of line and enlarged sections at Whitehaven, Parton, Harrington, Workington, Flimby, Maryport. Surveyed by George Stephenson and John Dixon. Signed by John Dixon, 28th November 1843 and endorsed by J Hodgson, Clerk of the Peace, 29th November 18431844Carlisle
Q/11/1/321/1Petition of Richmond Bragg: creditor of John Torvers1768Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/60Hawick and Carlisle Railway: Canonbie to Kirkandrews on Esk; Arthuret to Caledonian RailwaySurveyed by B. Hall Blyth and Charles Jopp1852Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/57North British Railway: branch railways and extensionsSurveyed by John Miller; river Lyne to Carlisle1845Carlisle
Q/11/1/321/2Petition of John Norman and Joseph Liddle, Surveyors of the Highways for Baldwinholme, Great Orton: rate for completion of road repairs1768Carlisle
Q/11/1/321/7Vagrancy order and examination of Jane Stuart and Charles Stuart of Westward, formerly Whitehaven: wife of Moses Stuart, tailor of Westward1768Carlisle
Q/11/1/3211768 Easter Session Petitions1768Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/59Carlisle and Canonbie Railway: Kirkandrews on Esk to Arthuret; Arthuret to CanonbieProposed railway; surveyed by B. Hall Blyth and Charles Jopp1855Carlisle
Q/11/1/321/20Receipt of John Dixon: Margaret Davison, Margaret Golding, Christian Dobie, Hanny Mason and Thomas Hall convicts for transportation1768Carlisle
Q/11/1/321/19Petition of Elizabeth Winder widow of Carlisle: poor relief from the parish of Holme Cultram1768Carlisle
Q/11/1/321/27Certificate that Anthony Smith master of the Ruby of Whitehaven had put ashore at Potomac, Virginia a convict servant, Joseph Hodgson who was convicted at Carlisle1768Carlisle
Q/11/1/321/4Petition of Andrew Atkinson: his wife had caught venereal disease from nursing the illegitimate child of Rachel Nicholson, alias Betty Douglas of Dumfries and Mr. Jourdan of Dumfries1768Carlisle
Q/11/1/321/14Petition of Ann Bouch of Carlisle; poor relief from the parishes of Warwick and Cumwhitton1768Carlisle
Q/RZ/1/58North British Railway: extension & branchesHawick and Carlisle extension and branches; surveyed by John Miller; Liddel Water to river Lyne; branch to Longtown; river Lyne to Carlisle; Hawick to Carlisle extension; extension to Scotch Street, Carlisle1846Carlisle
QCumberland Quarter SessionsThe Records of the Court in Session fall into two main divisions, firstly the record of proceedings in Court, which appears in the books, and secondly files of papers received by the Court, which are called the Quarter Sessions rolls. The books contain notes of the meetings and adjournments of the Court, with the names of the justices who were present, notes of recognizances and indictments, orders of the Court, lists of jurors, of persons taking oaths, and so forth. The first surviving book is the Minute book for the years 1668-95. For the first twenty years it is the only record that we have, and probably the only one that was made, of the proceedings. However, the clerks of the peace very soon began to keep separate books for the different kinds of proceedings of the Court. In 1689 the first indictment book began. This contains notes of indictments and presentments session by session from Michaelmas 1689. In 1696 the orders of the Court began to appear in separate books, a series which was replaced about 1730 by two separate series of Public Order and Private Order books. In the first half of the eighteenth century, the distinctions between the various series of books were not rigidly adhered to, and it is not unusual to find several kinds of proceedings recorded in a book which appears to have been intended for one kind only. For records of indictments, for example, it is advisable to look not only in the indictment and minute books, but even in the order book. However, once the separate series of indictment and order books were well established, followed in 1747 by estreat books, and in 1770 by recognizance books, the minute books became mere rough notes compiled in Court, from which the other more formal series were afterwards written up. CQ/ The Court in Session 1. Quarter Sessions minute books 1667-1971 2. Indictment books 1689-1928 3. Abstract books 1747-1864 4. Conviction books 1769-1891 5. Recognizance books 1770-1834 6. Order books 1696-1734 7. Public Order books 1730-1889 8. Private Order books 1734-1777 9. Miscellaneous books 1825 - 1974 11. Quarter Sessions rolls 1686-1942 12. Debtors 1755-1781 CQA/ Administration AA/ County Analyst 1878-1879 AB/ Bridges 1665-1881 AC/ Court Houses, Carlisle 1807-1878 AG/ Gaols and Houses of Correction 1750-1922 AH/ Highways 1745-1890 AL/ Lunacy 1828-1880 AM/ Minor matters 2 Minor matters - Militia barracks 1858-1872 3 Minor matters - Diseases of animals 1747-1882 4 Minor matters - Weights & measures 1854 CQF/ Finance 1. County Treasurers' accounts 1739-1826 2. County Treasurers' account books 1710-1889 3. Accounts of County Stock 1839-1876 5. Treasurers' vouchers 1739-1855 7. Treasurers' books 1855-1889 9. Treasurers' various account books 1854-1889 12. Finance Committee, Report books 1839 - 1889 21. Poor rate returns, assessments and correspondence 1777-1837 22. Rates, assessment or valuation books 1783-1848 23. County rate books 1810- 1850 24. County rates committee books 1848-1929 25. County rates committee, various papers 1826-1863 31. Miscellaneous papers 1808-1836 CQG/ Grand Jury 1771-1933 CQJ/ Justices of the Peace 1. Commissions of the Peace, 1710-1872 2. Correspondence relating to commissions, 1820-1875 3. Certificates of writs, 1798, 1803 4. Justices' property qualifications, 1760-1906 5. Justices' oaths of allegiance and oaths to execute justice, 1761-1971 CQL/ Licensing of ale houses 1753-1932 CQP/ Petty Sessions Records Cumberland 1856-1915 Allerdale Below Derwent/Whitehaven 1858-1952 Alston 1896-1957 Carlisle See Ca/PS Cockermouth See D/WM Keswick 1889-1967 Workington (with CQPL) 1910-1968 CQR/ Enrolment, Registration and Deposit RC/Crime, poverty and philanthropy 1 Crime, poverty - deputations to gamekeepers 1729, 1748, 1775 RD/Deeds enrolled 1690 -1859 RE/Enclosure awards 1 Enclosure awards - Awards and plans [See separate list] 2 Enclosure awards - Interim awards of the Commissioners 1799-1804 3 Enclosure awards - Agreements for enclosures 1802 4 Enclosure awards - Enclosure Commissioners' minute books 1806-1815 5 Enclosure Awards - Printed copies of Enclosure Acts 1806-1841 11 Enclosure Awards - Copies of awards 1781-1945 RJ/Jurors 1 Jurors - Jury returns 1714-1869 2 Jurors - Freeholders books 1720-1822 RO/Appointments of Officers ROC Appointments of Officers - Coroners 19th C. ROL Appointments of Officers - Deputy Lieutenants and Militia Officers 1758-1883 ROM Appointments of Officers - Miscellaneous officers 1772-1796 ROS Appointments of Officers - Sheriffs 1834-1947 RP/Parliamentary elections 1 Parliamentary elections - Land tax assessments 1764-1829 2 Parliamentary elections - Registers of electors 1834-1914 3 Parliamentary elections - Appointments, various and poll books 1774-1915 RR/Religion 1 Religion - Articles of religion 1691, 1779 2 Religion - Sacrament certificates 1784, 1820 3 Religion - Declarations 1796-1812 4-5 Religion - Oaths of allegiance and supremacy 1696-1858 6 Religion - Declarations books 1828-1895 11 Religion - Warrants and returns 1696-1744 12 Religion - Papists' estates 1716-1723 13 Religion - Registers of Papists' deeds 1727-1780 14 Religion - Powers of Attorney 1717-1723 15 Religion - Dissenters 1853 RS/Printers' Registrations, Freemasson circa 1890-1901, 1942 Banks + Building Societies 1799 - 1860 RT/Taxation 1 Taxation - Gamekeepers' certificates 1794 - 1804 2 Taxation - Game certificate accounts 1793 - 1805 11 Taxation - Hair powder 1795 RX/Commutation Awards 1831 RZ/Deposited Plans 1 Railways 1825-1963 2 Roads 1806-1968 3 Towns, Harbours, Docks, Tramways 1806-1968 4 Water, Gas, Electricity 1815-1961 QS/251 Appeals and Commitals for sentence 1943-1954. List of subscribers to the presentation of a chair, made to Superintendent William Thwaite, upon his retirement, undated, [late 1930s]. Ratepayers and business registers (loose pages); Parliamentary County of Cumberland, Northern Division; 1946-1948
Invoice to the County Gaol, Carlisle for coir mats, 1856
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