Place codePAX122
Full place name entryAmbleside/Ambleside/Windermere/Kendal Ward/Westmorland
Place NameAmbleside
Area3Kendal Ward
Grid RefNY3704

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ReferenceTitleDescriptionDateArchive centre
ZS/2William Ross, AmblesideMidwife1804-1805Barrow
ZS/3Richard Walker, AmblesidePainter and glazier1803Barrow
WDB 133/2/186Windemere: Boot's storePlans and elevations; specifications; plans of four floors1933Kendal
WDB 133/2/42Bowness-on-Windermere: Chemist's and Grocer's ShopsPlans etc. re. Shops at Bowness-on-Windermere, for Charles Birkett, Chemist and C. Birkett, Grocer. Architect: Jos. Pattinson1891Kendal
WDB 133/2/284Windermere: Goodly DaleVarious plans and elevations for proposed cottages at Goodly Dale for Messrs Pattinsons.1929-1931Kendal
WDB 133/2/67Windermere: Langdale ChasePlans etc., re. various buildings at Langdale Chase, Windermere, for Mrs Howarth. Architects Ball & Elee, Manchester, and Joseph Pattinson1889-1891Kendal
WDB 133/2/147Windermere: Birthwaite and CornbirthwaitePlans etc, re. properties at Birthwaite and Cornbirthwaite, Windermere19th century-20th centuryKendal
WDB 133/2/91MiscellaneousPlans etc. re. building work at miscellaneous properties19th century-20th centuryKendal
ZS/910/1-2Ambleside, sale of books and prints for Mr Stalker (2).On microfilm.1826Barrow
ZS/912Ambleside. Sale of books etcetera for Mr Stalker.On microfilm.1825Barrow
WDB 133/2/270Bowness-on-Windermere: Thornbarrow MeadowElevations and plans for pair of semi detached houses, door and window details.1902Kendal
WDB 133/2/268Storrs: Storrs EstateAbstract of title portion of tithe map re: Storrs Estate1842-1890Kendal
WDB 133/2/233Windermere:Low Spring WoodPlans and site plan, 3 storey premises, plans and elevations re: Low Spring Wood for R B Higham esq.1969Kendal
WDB 133/2/302Keswick HotelPlans of existing buildings re: Keswick Hotel1949Kendal
WDB 133/2/285Applethwaite: Grove EstateTraced map of Grove Farm inclosures. (includes field names).1888Kendal
ZS/1R Bamford, Amblesidesaddler and harness makerc1805Barrow
WQ/AH/17Highway Diversions: Ambleside to Great Langdale Road (Langdale) Diversion of highway, Ambleside to Great Langdale Road, Langdale (for Elterwater Gunpowder Company):

Certificate of 2 Justices, 3 June 1861;

Order, 5 July 1861.
WDB 133/2/184Windemere water pumping station, Annisgarth SchoolPlans and elevations of pulverising plant and site plan; correspondence, estimate and specification; sections for access road; map of Annisgarth School and surrounding properties.1955-1969Kendal
WDY 655Kelsick School Ambleside: Mr Hedley Walker's collection20th centuryKendal
WDB 133/2/281Kendal: The Ghyll or HylandsSite plan for proposed residence, specifications and agreement for erection of house, various sketches and drawings of internal details re: The Ghyll (or Hylands), Brigsteer Road, Kendal. For Client Abraham Pattinson esq. Architect: J. Pattinson.1910-1911Kendal
WDB 133/2/283Bowness-on Windermere: Rayrigg RoadDrydock to be built over existing slipway and blueprint of Bramley stone saw for the Langdale Green Slate Co.. Amplification: adjacent to Sand Wharf.
Site plan re: Rayrigg Road Bowness for the Windermere sand and Gravel Co.. Amplification: adjacent to Sand Wharf.
WDB 133/2/226Graythwaite: Sandys Estate CunseyDrive entrance at Hazelseat, plans and elevations of lodge, detail of window and wall, elevations for stable complex, dining room fireplace, sketch of southern elevations of Graythwaite Hall, specification for alterations to lodge re: Sandys Estate: Graythwaite for Col. T M Sandys.
Plans and elevations for cottages re: Cunsey.
WDB 133/2/279Lancaster, various plans, Higher GreavesDetails of doors, porch, gate, eaves, windows, elevations and site plan for corner terrace houses.
Elevations and plans for stylish terrace houses at Higher Greaves, Lancaster for E J Thompson.
WDB 133/2/93Bowness-on-Windermere: Cockshot PointPlans etc. re Waterfront workshops at Cockshot Point, Bowness-on-Windermere19th century-20th centuryKendal
WDB 133/2/95Windermere: Cannon Crag CottagePlans etc. re building work on Cannon Crag Cottage, Windermere[19th Century-20th Century]Kendal
WDB 133/2/28Bowness-on-Windermere: Crag Brow and Ash StreetPlans etc. re. shops and garages, on Crag Brow and Ash Street, Bowness-on-Windermere, for Pattinsons1924-1939Kendal
WDB 133/2/19Bowness-on-Windermere: Old England HotelPlans etc. re. various work at Old England Hotel, Bowness-on-Windermere. Where architects are named they are: Thomas Blackburn, Nelson Foley for Trust Houses, Thomas Graveson and Geo. Butlerc.1963-1966Kendal
WDB 133/2/25Windermere: St. John's ChurchPlans etc.,re. St. John's Church, Lake Road, Windermere1882Kendal
WDB 133/2/36Windermere: Cannon Crag, StorrsPlans etc. re. bungalow at Cannon Crag, Storrs, for Mrs. E. J. Tyrer. House known as "West Wing".
Architect: Gordon Stables
WDB 133/2/101Bowness-on-Windermere: Ferry ViewPlans etc. re. building work at Ferry View, Bowness-on-Windermere.19th century-20th centuryKendal
WDB 133/2/87Windermere: Rayrigg EstatePlans etc., re. building work at Rayrigg Estate, Windermere.19th century-20th centuryKendal
WDB 133/2/119Windermere: Storrs and Troutbeck BridgePlans etc. re. Storrs and Troutbeck Bridge, Windermere19th century-20th centuryKendal
WDB 133/2/63Bowness-on-Windermere: Crag Brow and Windermere: Crescent Road- Plans etc. re:
- Shop on Crag Brow, Bowness-on-Windermere, for Messrs Boow. Architect A. N. W. Hodgson, Windermere
- Shops on Crag Brow for Messrs Pattinson and Pattinsons Ltd. Architect Joseph Pattinson
- Shops on Crescent Road, for W. Carruthers
- Small theatre on Crag Brow, Bowness-on Windermere
WDB 133/2/35Windermere: Nab Wood, Rayrigg and Longlands- Plans etc. re:
- House on Longlands Road, for R. M. Birley
- House, on Longlands for G.H.P. Surveyor: Charles E. Hines
- House at Birklands, Longlands, for Mrs Grierson
- Map estates at Rayrigg Road, Longlands, Elim Grove, Craig, Thornbarrow, St, John's, 1919. Surveyor: Charles E. Hines
- House, Rayrigg Estate, and plaque in memory of George Outhwaite, and certificate from Windermere U.D.C. with consent to build house at Nab Wood, for Mrs Outhwaite
WDB 133/2/53Bowness-on-Windermere and Troutbeck Bridge- Plans etc. re.
- House opposite Ferney Green and beside Knott End at High Biggins, Bowness-on Windermere, for Miss Dobson. Architects Pattinsons?
- Cottages at Troutbeck Bridge, for Kendal & District Housing Association. Architects: Walker, Carter & Walker
WDB 133/2/145Ambleside: Hill Top and Calgarth EstatePlans etc. re. Hill Top and Calgarth Estate, Ambleside19th century-20th centuryKendal
WDB 133/2/141Windermere: Ferry ViewPlans etc. re Ferry View, Longtail Hill, Windermere19th century-20th centuryKendal
WDB 133/2/262Bowness: Elementary Schools; Windemere: New Grammar SchoolPlan of girls elementary school, plan of infants school re: Bowness Elementary Schools.
Site plan, plans for Headmaster's house, elevations for Headmaster's house and various sketches of proposed additions re: New Windemere Grammar School, Queens Drive.
WDB 133/2/289Bowness-on-Windermere: Storrs Estate, Belfield FarmSmall site plan at Storrs Holme and plans and elevations for boathouse re: Storrs Estate Bowness. Client: B H Gosling.
Plan of agricultural buildings and perspective drawing of agricultural buildings re: Belfield Farm top road to Newby Bridge.
WDB 133/2/278Lancaster: Southfield, Skerton, Laurel BankBuilding land, Plans, elevations and sections for various houses at Southfield, Lancaster for Mr. E. Threllfall.
Plans for house at Skerton, Lancaster.
Plans and elevations for 2 semi detached houses at Laurel Bank Lancaster.
WDB 133/2/47Windermere: Langdale Chase HotelPlans etc., re. work at the Langdale Chase Hotel, for Mrs. Dalzell, George Howarth, Mrs Howarth. Architects Walker, Carter & Walker, Joseph Pattinson, William Ball, 3 Mount St. Manchester, Ball & Lee.1889-1935Kendal
WDB 133/2/21Windermere: St. Catherine's, Patterdale RoadPlans proposed bungalow at St Catherine's, Patterdale Road, for E. C. Ferreira Esq.. Architect: Jennings B. Gill.1953-1958Kendal
WDB 133/2/61Bowness-on-Wndermere: Burnside, Kendal RoadPlans etc. re: lodge, semi-detached houses and villas at Burnside, Kendal Road, Bowness-on-Windermere. Architect Joseph Pattinson.1899-1904Kendal
WDB 133/2/137Details not yet received.19th century-20th centuryKendal
WDB 133/2/189CleabarrowSpecification for house; map of High Cleabarrow; plans and elevations of house; site plan1925Kendal
WDB 133/2/113Bowness-on-Windermere: Rifleman's Arms, Old BownessPlans etc. re. building work at Old Bowness, Bowness-on-Windermere .1907Kendal
WDB 133/2/57Windermere: Pinfold, Lake RoadPlans etc. re. conveniences at Pinfold, off Lake Road, Windermere. F. E. W. Fanstone, surveyor.1923-1924Kendal
WDB 133/2/154Ambleside: Midland BankPlans etc. re. building work on Midland Bank, Ambleside19th century-20th centuryKendal
WDB 133/2/108Beaufell HousePlans etc. re work at Beaufell House19th century-20th centuryKendal
WDB 133/2/132Unspecified DamPlans etc. of a dam, no location given [Sow How, Cartmel Fell?]19th century-20th centuryKendal
WDB 133/2/39Windermere: Interlaken, Cornbirthwaite RoadPlans etc. re. villa, Interlaken, Cornbirthwaite Road for T. Barnett. Architect F. H. Walker, Windermere1950-1953Kendal
WDB 133/2/97Windermere: St. John's ChurchPlans etc. re. building work on St. John's Church, Windermere19th century-20th centuryKendal
WDB 133/2/149Bowness-on-Windermere: Ferry ViewPlans etc. re. building work at Ferry View, Bowness-on-Windermere1937Kendal
WDB 133/2/55Windermere: Brantholme, Heathwaite.- Plans etc. re:
- Alterations to house at Brantholme. Heathwaite.Architect W. L. Dolman
- House at Brantholme, Heathwaite, for Dr. C. A. Rayne. Architect: Stephen Shaw
WDB 133/2/102Ambleside: Calgarth Park EstatePlans etc. for building work at Calgarth Park Estate, Ambleside19th century-20th centuryKendal
WDB 133/2/75Windermere: Dove Cottage, Storrs.Plans, etc. re. garage at Dove Cottage, Storrs, Windermere, for P. Thompson, Esq.. Architect W. L. Dolman1931Kendal
WDB 133/2/105Windermere: Oldfield EstatePlans etc. for building work on Oldfield Estate, Windermere19th century-20th centuryKendal
WDB 133/2/100AmblesidePlans etc re. building work on properties in Ambleside18th century-19th centuryKendal
WDB 133/2/161Windermere: Windermere Park, and Ellerthwaite EstatePlans etc. for building work at Windermere Park and Ellerthwaite Estate, Windermere1900Kendal
WDB 133/2/130Windermere: Ghyll HeadPlans etc. re. Ghyll Head, Windermere19th century-20th centuryKendal
WDB 133/2/134Bowness-on-Windermere: Midland BankPlans etc. re Midland Bank, Bowness-on-Windermere19th century-20th centuryKendal
WDB 133/2/73Windermere: Highfield, Cooks Corner, and Main Road- Plans etc. re the following properties at Windermere:-
- Alterations at Highfield, for H. Broadrick, Esq
- Cottage at Cooks Corner, Windermere, for Miss Baldry
- Stybarrow, Cooks Corner
- Conversion of workshop on Main Road, for the executors of Mr. H. Kellett. architects Walker, Carter & Walker.
WDB 133/2/159Bowness-on-Windermere: Brantfell VillaPlans etc. re. building work on Brantfell Villa, Brantfell Road, Bowness-on-Windermere1884Kendal
WDB 133/2/156Windermere: Witchingham, Rayrigg EstatePlans etc. re building work at Witchingham, Longlands Road, Rayrigg Estate, Windermere1937Kendal
ZS/991Thomas Troughton, Ambleside, soaps, perfume etcetera for sale.On microfilm.UndatedBarrow
WDB 133/2/246Ullswater HotelCorrespondence and estimates, plan of hotel and alterations. Amplification - bathrooms.1933-1934Kendal
WDB 133/2/252Staveley: The Abbey, Staveley fire stationPlans for alterations to The Abbey old people's home.
Specification and plans for a new fire station: Staveley.
WDB 133/2/276Coniston: Highman; Kendal: Hayclose LaneRelay station for the BBC at Highman Coniston and Hayclose Lane, Kendal. Amplification: Envelope of specifications and correspondence.1971-1975Kendal
WDB 133/2/217Bowness-on-Winderemre: North TerracePlans and elevations and specifications re: Working Men's Club North Terrace Bowness.
Alterations to premises off North Terrace for H. Nicholson.
Site plan for public hall re: Craig Walk.
Plans and elevations, alterations to windows re: Bowness Institute, North Terrace
WDB 133/2/244Broughton in Furness: Princes Street ; Ambleside: Compston RoadSite plan for house and shop, plans and elevations of house and shop, plans and elevations of shoeing shop and store re: Princes Street, Broughton in Furness.
Plan and detail drawings for Assembly Room re: Compston Road, Ambleside.
WDX 1901Bridge House, Ambleside, photographSepia photograph mounted on cardundated [early 20th century]Kendal
WDB 133/2/201Bowness-on-Windemere: Crag BrowPlans and elevations for stable; small plans and elevations for dwelling; plans and elevations for cottages; plans and elevations for garages;site plan for shops for Mr Frank Robinson
-section drawing; 3 rough plans for bay-fronted building; elevation and plans for houses for Joseph Cross - site plan of Albert Hotel and cottages for C.P.Banks
WDB 3Horrax of Ambleside, Bobbin MakersAdministrative and Financial Records 1839-1940Kendal
WDB 133/1G H Pattinson Limited: Financial recordsLedgers, wages books, account books, contract books, rent ledgers, stock book, cash books 1867-1984Kendal
WDX 317/2Postcard of St Mary's church, Amblesideundated [circa 1900]Kendal
WDB 133/2/2Satterthwaite: Hilltop, Cunsey; Windermere: Ghyll Head; Windermere: Nab Wood and unidentified bungalow- Plans etc re.:-
- Alterations to Hill Top, Cunsey, for W. I. A. Atkinson. Architect: Walker, Carter & Walker. 1933
- Conversion of Barn and outbuildings at Ghyll Head, Windermere for E. G. Poole. 1936
- New bungalow, Windermere
- Chauffeur's Cottage at Nab Wood, Ferry Road, Windemere, for George Outhwaite
WDB 133/2/17Bowness-on-Windermere: Old England Hotel- Plans etc. re. building work at:
- the Old England Hotel, Bowness-on-Windermere, for Roger Bownass. Architect: Jon. Stables, Bank Chambers, Ambleside. Also named as J. Stables
- Belle Howe, Manager's Quarters, Old England Hotel
WDB 133/2/9Bowness-on-Windermere: Lindeth Howe Lodge, Storrs.- Plans etc, re:
- retiling and new entrance lodge at Lindeth Howe Lodge, Storrs, Bowness-on-Windermere, for Mrs. Potter. Architect: Wm. T. R. Milburn
WDB 133/2/38Bowness-on-Windermere: Crag Brow ShopPlans etc., re Crag Brow Shop, Bowness-on-Windermere, for Messrs Boow. Architect: A. N. W. Hodgson1930Kendal
WDB 133/2/66Windermere and Bowness-on-Windermere- Plans etc. re:
- Detached house, for Pattinsons Ltd, location not specified
- Dock and workshops at Nab Wood, Ferry Road, Bowness-on-Windermere, for G. H. P. and Mr. Buckley
- Detached house, location not specified. Architect T. C. Pattinson
- Proposed house on Rayrigg Estate, Windermere, for Pattinsons Ltd
- Entrance at Storrs Park for Lady Riddell. Architect Joseph Pattinson
WDB 133/2/49Bowness-on-Windermere :Old England HotelPlans etc., re. Old England Hotel, Bowness-on-Windermere. Architects Smith Walker, and D. G. Millett.1946-1950Kendal
WDB 133/2/163Windermere: St. John's ChurchPlans etc. re building work at St. John's Church, Windermere1971Kendal
WDB 133/2/109Windermere: Storrs Park EstatePlans etc. re. building work at Storrs Park Estate, Windermere19th century-20th centuryKendal
WDB 133/2/110Ambleside: Calgarth Park; other miscellaneous propertiesPlans etc. re. building work at Calgarth Park, Ambleside and other miscellaneous properties19th century-20th centuryKendal
WDB 133/2/247Grasmere: How Top Farm, Little Parrock, The Hollens; Hawkshead: The HolmePlans and elevations for additional farm buildings, section and plan of cow shed at How Top Farm, Grasmere.
Plans and elevations and site plan for extension re: Little Parrock, Grasmere. Sketch of drains re: The Holme, Hawkshead.
Site plan and detail of lavatory re: The Hollens, Grasmere.
WDB 133/2/296Ambleside Church; RWYC clubhouse; Troutbeck Bridge: The Windemere Clubs LimitedLettering for stone July 1892 at Ambleside (church)? Client Revd D. Sellon. Amplification: Laid by Bishop of Hexham and Newcastle.
- Plans and elevations for new clubhouse and site plan for new clubhouse at Windemere. Client: The Windemere Clubs Ltd. Amplification: Between boathouse and Ferry Nab Road.
- Drawing of proposed drinking fountain at Troutbeck Bridge.
WDB 133/2/235Ambleside: Conservative Club Clappersgate, Kirkstone Pass Inn, Waterhead, Willowsmere Esplanade, Pullwoods, BrathayFolder of specifications and plans, plans and elevations for roof over yard; for Ambleside Conservative Club.
Plans and elevations for studio flat at Ellers, Ambleside.
Plans and elevations of house, 3 levels, plans of ground floor and first floor for Mr Z Ward of Clappersgate Ambleside. Amplification: house with bays and pointed turret.
Elevations for Kirkstone Pass Inn.
Detail of stone bay for Waterhead
Plans and elevations and site plan for additions; plans and elevations of sun parlour and plans and elevations for additions at Willowsmere Esplanade, Ambleside.
Alterations to building for estate worker: re Pullwoods, Brathay.
WDB 133/2/166Bowness-on-Windermere: Rylesmere, Storrs ParkPlans etc. re buildingwork at Rylesmere, Storrs Park, Bowness-on-Windermere1934Kendal
WDB 133/2/269Storrs: Storrs EstateAffidavits in the High Court, Chancery Division, correspondence relating to court case. Amplification: John Poole Vs Benjamin Townson & G H Pattinson.
Correspondence relating to Dick Intake, Broad Leys.
Storrs accounts 1892-1895.
Conditions of sale of building plots, plan of water services to estate.
Conveyance of pasture John Poole to James Birkett.
Miscellaneous correspondence 1892-1904.
Correspondence and particulars relating to Storrs Estate, roads,water and rateable values.
WDB 133/2/290Carnforth: Hagg Estate, Hest Bank. LowlandsMap of estate and foreshore re: Hagg Estate, Carnforth.
Sketch of site, plans and elevations for 2 houses, sketch plan of 2 houses, detail of screen in house re: Hest Bank, Carnforth. Client G H Pattinson. Amplification - timbered effect.
Small plan of water main under railway line at Hest Bank.
Site plan and plans and elevations for pair of semi-detached houses at Lowlands Hest Bank, Carnforth. Amplification: on foreshore, timbered gables. Client G H Pattinson.
WDB 133/2/305Skelwith Fold: new farm at Skelwith FoldBowness Bay improvements
- sketch of shelters, plan of new steamer pier, elevations of new steamer pier, large plan of proposed new layout of Bowness Bay.
Plans and elevations, site plan and various details of house and farm buildings re: new farm at Skelwith Fold. Client: Mrs Marshall. Architect: John Banks.
WDX 317/3Postcard of Miller Bridge, Amblesideundated [circa 1900]Kendal
WDB 35/1/8Belleview, AmblesideBelleview, house and building land.
Owner: unknown; tenure: unknown.
WDB 35/1/9Greenbank or Scale How, AmblesideGreenbank or Scale How, mansion and grounds, with shrubbery for building land, five cottages and close of accommodation land.
Owner: unknown; tenure: unknown.
WDB 35/1/6Ambleside and Stock GhyllBuilding sites for dwelling houses and shops at Ambleside and Stock Ghyll.
Owner and tenure unknown.
WDB 35/1/5Salutation Hotel, AmblesideSalutation Hotel and building sites, plans only.
Owner: unknown; tenure: unknown.
WQ/RDP/1Deposited Plans: AmblesideAmbleside Local Board Gas and Water 189528 Nov 1894Kendal
WQ/RDP/2Deposited Plans: Ambleside Ambleside Railway 188730 Nov 1886Kendal
WDB 133/2G H Pattinson Limited: Building recordsRecords of each property designed and built by G H Pattinson Limited. Excel spreadsheet of list of box contents on CDc.1867-1984Kendal
WDB 133/2/50Hawkshead: Pullwoods, OutgatePlans etc., re. Pullwoods, Outgate, Hawkshead, for W. J. Crossley. Architects R. H. Holliday & Co., Royal Horticultural Works, Middleton, Manchester, and Faulkner Armitage, Altrincham. 1902-1903Kendal
WQ/RPE/3/2Poll book : AmblesideAmbleside no. 1.1832Kendal
WDX 1848Handbills from Westmorland Inns and Thomas Greenwood, flour merchant of Kendal and Pennington and Middleton, ironmongers of Windermere.Inns include Kings Head Inn, Appleby, Kings Arms, Kirkby Stephen, White Swan, Brough, Salutation Inn, Ambleside, Ferry Inn, Windermere, Kings Arms, Shap and Kings Arms, Patterdale.1826-1868Kendal
WDB 133/2/34Bowness-on-Windermere: The Garth, Storrs; Windermere: Beresford Road- Plans etc. re:
-The Garth, Middle Entrance, Storrs, Bowness-on-Windermere, for J. S. Wilmer
- House on Beresford Road, Windermere
WDB 133/2/118Windermere: The Garth, StorrsPlans of building work at The Garth, Storrs, Windermere19th century-20th centuryKendal
WDEC 19/1/26Conveyance of pieces of land formerly part of Shaw Wife close with Mill and Buildings, AmblesidePurchased 25 Aug 19281928-1949Kendal
WDFCM 4 Ambleside and Windermere Methodist Circuit Bowness on Windermere Methodist Chapel: Papers (incl. plans and accounts) of erection of new chapel at Bowness 1882-1898, minute books (2) of Trustees meetings 1899-1974, minute book of leaders' meetings 1946-1973, minute books (2) of Church Council 1977-1994, minute book of Women's Fellowship 1978-1992, Collection journals (7) 1907-1991, church notices (5 vols) 1980-1995, misc. loose papers re Bowness Chapel, incl plans of alterations 1932, etc.1882-1994Kendal
WDB 133/2/165Bowness-on-Windermere: Storrs ParkPlans etc. re building work at Storrs Park, Bowness-on-Windermere1926Kendal
WDB 133/2/180Windemere: Beech Hill HotelCorrespondence for modernisations and extension1960Kendal
WDSO 185/8Excavation and survey archive reports1987-1998Kendal
WDB 133/2/40Windermere and Bowness-on-WindermerePlans etc. re:
- Villas at Storrs Park, Windermere, for B. Townson. Architect Joseph Pattinson
- Shop in Windermere, for J. T. Robinson. Architect Joseph Pattinson
- Shop in Windermere
- The Windermere Bank, Bowness-on-Windermere, and a site on Biscay Howe for Frank Robinson
WDB 133/2/222Bowness-on-Windermere: BurnsideElevations for two houses; details of windows, entrance, stair, gatefoot, drive and side gate, gable brackets for T D Lingard of Burnside, Bowness.
Joinery specification for a cottage re: Burnside, Bowness for Mrs Aufrere.
WDB 133/2/196Windermere depot: Chestnut RoadPlans and elevations of refrigerator installation; section through building; switchgear; plans and elevations and site plan for T. Wall and Sons. undated Kendal
WDB 133/2/210Windermere: Oakburn, Princes RoadElevations of large house; detailed elevations of houses; stair and door details; sketch plans and gate detail re: Oakburn, Princes Road, Windemere.1894Kendal
WDB 133/2/140Windermere: St. John's ChurchPlans etc. re. St. John's Church, Windermere1883Kendal
WDB 133G H Pattinson Limited, Builders of WindermereLedgers, wages books, account books, contract books, rent ledgers, stock book,cash books, etc. Boxes relating to properties built by G H Pattinson Limited1867-1984Kendal
WDX 1250WindermerePencil drawings of (1) View of Windermere, August 1855, and (2) On the Ambleside road from Bowness to the Lake 7 September 1855.1855Kendal
WDX 885Ambleside photographsLake District photographs, mainly of the Ambleside area, taken by Herbert Bell and the Walmsley Brothers of Ambleside, 1920s-1930s1920-1939Kendal
WDX 317/4Postcard of Stock Ghyll Falls, Amblesideundated [circa 1900]Kendal
WDX 1240The Bryson Collection of Business Archives and EphemeraNotice to quit issued to Mrs Dawson of Ambleside by J. H. Taylor, Trustee of G. L. Newton, deceased.1872Kendal
WDBHBenson-Harrison FamilyThe collection consists mostly of bundles of title deeds (including wills and marriage settlements) for property owned by the Benson-Harrison family at Green Bank in Ambleside, Baysbrown in Langdale, Newland, the Arklid Estate, Hawkshead, Nibthwaite. Included are some estate maps.1610-1940Kendal
WDRC/8/285Ambleside above Stock tithe map and apportionment30 Dec 1843Kendal
WDB 133/2/265Windermere: Queen's DriveElevations and plans for 3-bed detached house re: No. 1 Queens Drive.
Elevations and plans for 4-bed detached house re: No. 3 Queens Drive.
Site plan for 4 detached houses at Queens Drive; Windemere.
Elevations and plans for 3-bed detached house at No. 2 Queens Drive.
Site plan for 4x detached houses at Nos 1 and 2 Queens Drive.
Elevations and plans for for 4-bedroom detached house at No. 4 Queens Drive.
Detail drawing of box bay window at Queens Drive for Dr Clegg
WDB 133/2/77Details not yet received undated Kendal
WQ/RDP/4Deposited Plans: Ambleside Ambleside District Gas and Water 189428 Nov 1893Kendal
WDB 133/2/212Bowness-on-Windermere: Grove HouseSpecifications, memorandums of agreement, detail drawings for stair, door, windows, chimney, newel post, verandah, detail of vestibule screen and heating plan re: Grove House, Bowness for Mr. J T Bownass.1881-1882Kendal
WDB 133/2/200Bowness-on-Windermere: Holly Hill; Crag BrowSite plan of Holly Hill: Bowness
- Roof plan and rear elevations; small site plan; front elevation of shops; shop window; block plan for three houses; plans and elevations for three houses; plan and specification for shops re: Crag Brow
WDB 133/2/172Sawrey:detached housePlans and elevations; site plan1905Kendal
WDB 133/2/115Hawkshead: Borwick HousePlans for building work at Borwick House, Hawkshead[1900s]Kendal
WDB 133/2/286Bowness-on Windermere: Glebe Road, Cockshot PointGarage and workshop, elevations and plans for car showroom, motor garage and workshop. Site plan for "hangar" on waterfront re: Glebe Road Bowness. Client: Windermere Engineering Co.
Plan and elevation for boathouse re: Glebe Road Bowness for Dr Walter Whitehead.
Proposed pier and additional garaging at Cockshot Point for Windemere Engineering Co. Plan and elevation for single garage at Ferry Road Bowness.
WDB 133/2/308Windermere: Cloverlan, Birthwaite RoadVarious detail drawings for residence in Birthwaite, mullion and door details, small site plan, plan for house, specifications and correspondence, plans and elevations of terrace for Thomas Dean.1929-1930Kendal
WDB 133/2/307Bowness-on-Windermere: Lattimers, Grove HouseVarious detail drawings for construction of house, plans and elevations of additions, alterations to house and plans and elevations for additions to residence re: Lattimers of Bowness.
Grove House, Bowness - nursery additions, 4x floor plans for two new residences for J T Bownass.
WDB 133/2/304Storrs Hall Hotel, Storrs Hall EstateHe Garth, Fayrer Holme Site plan, additional bathrooms, plan of 2nd floor, five elevations, cellar plan, roof plan. Architect Jos Pattinson, Gerald E. Main.
Sale particulars for building plots, plans for cottages at Storrs Hall Estate.
Storrs Estate? He Garth, Fayrer Holme - alternative plans and elevations for substantial house
WDB 133/2/299Bowness CemeteryDetail for pulpit, plan and elevations for chapel, detail of coping stones for chapel at Bowness Cemetery.1884Kendal
WDB 133/2/282Satterthwaite ChurchDetail of nave roof of Satterthwaite Church. Detail of 2-light Gothic window, detail of entrance porch, elevations and plans of Church for alterations, details of gate furniture, details of various arches, stone work etc.1914Kendal
WDB 133/2/295Keswick: Derwent Island HousePlan of pantry extension, small window detail, plan of GF and basement, plan of 1st and 2nd floors, N and W elevations re: Derwent Island House. Amplification: blueprint.1935-1936Kendal
WDB 133/2/277Windermere Police StationVarious plans and elevations for Windemere Police Station and courthouse. Client: Standing Joint Committee. Architect: Jos Pattinson.
Specification for 2 lock up shops for Joseph Cross JP
WDB 133/2/272Bowness-on Windermere, Craig WalkCorrespondence for alterations to house, plans of alterations to roof, garage and stable re: house in Bowness. Client: Major J. Harrison.
Plans and elevations for 3 terraced houses re: Craig Walk
WDB 133/2/288Windermere: Southrigg; Bowness: The PortholeElevations for alterations, stair plans, window details etc. re: Southrigg Windermere for Mrs G. Gibson.
Elevations re: The Porthole, Bowness-on Windermere.
WDB 133/2/280Lancaster: Higher Greave, Commercial HotelRoof plan and elevations for end of terrace house and various internal details. Client: W. Corless Esq.
Site plan for stable yard re: Commercial Hotel, Lancaster
WDB 133/2/259Heathwaite, Heathwaite Lodge.Weather vane, gate latch, site plan for detached house, small lean-to shelter, various coving and mullion details, stair detail re: Heathwaite for Revd. W G Bridges.1899-1902Kendal
WDB 133/2/263Bowness-on-Windermere: Beech Hill HotelRevised bedroom layout 1st floor re: Beech Hill Hotel, Newby Bridge Road, Bowness-on-Windermere.1967Kendal
WDB 133/2/257Ghyll Head water filter houseMiscellaneous detail drawings, plan of catch water ditch , large plan of Gill Head Tarn extension re: Ghyll Head water filter house for Windemere & District Gas & Water Co.1925Kendal
WDB 133/2/309EccleriggElevations of house, stair and window details, plans for conversion into 3 houses for John Dodd. Amplification: includes site plan.1956Kendal
WDB 133/2/274Ambleside: H W Herd, ChemistVarious plans, elevations, excavations and sketches re: H W Herd, Chemist shop Ambleside.1881-1884Kendal
WDB 133/2/260Storrs: EltonVarious detailed drawings,external elevation and section through stairs, 4X elevations of house and proposed garage, plans for cottage (lodge?), site plan (lake shore) re: Elton Storrs.1899-1935Kendal
WDB 133/2/292Ambleside: Wanlass Howe, Waterhead.Specifications and correspondence re: Wanlass Howe, Waterhead for client, Edward S. MacIver esq.1930Kendal
WDB 133/2/255Windermere: Beech Hill HotelVarious plans providing floor details showing mains water and drainage, heating and hot water and electrical installation. Architect: Gordon Stables.1967Kendal
WDB 133/2/250Windermere: Cloverlands, Birthwaite RoadVarious plans and elevations for house, garage and sun porch re: Cloverlands; Birthwaite Road.1929-1963Kendal
WDB 133/2/228Witchingham: Longlands RoadPlans and elevations of house, detail of stair, loft opening, metal picture rail, bookcases, bathroom re: Witchingham, Longlands Road for Mr le Neve Foster1937Kendal
WDB 133/2/239Bowness-On-Windermere: Holly Hill, Bank TerraceSale particulars, alterations and site plan for Holly Hill Bowness. Amplification: house and 4 cottages.
Detail plans for alterations to meeting room at Bank Terrace Bowness.
WDB 133/2/237Graythwaite: Hawkrigg FarmPlans and elevations of cowshed, elevations of farmhouse and date stone, specifications and estimate for Sandys Estate at Hawkrigg Farm, Graythwaite.1911Kendal
WDB 133/2/238Merlewood - Windermere Post Office, Troutbeck BridgePlans for conversion to maisonette for Merlewood (Windermere Post Office).
Plan of electricity relay station for NW Electricity Board, elevations and specifications for door and window in relay station at Troutbeck Bridge.
WDB 133/2/231Windermere: Crescent RoadSpecifications and plans and elevations of premises, gable detail, plans for conversion of cottages to stable, correspondence and estimate for scullery, elevations of 3-storey premises re: Crescent Road, Windemere.1909-1911Kendal
WDB 133/2/234Bowness Police StationPlans for alterations to Court Room, plans and elevations re: Bowness Police Station1893-1896Kendal
WDB 133/2/251Windermere: Cleabarrow, Parrock CrossVarious plans and specifications and elevations and correspondence re:Parrock Cross, Cleabarrow1934-1935Kendal
WDB 133/2/301Windermere: Beech Hill HotelCorrespondence and estimates re: Beech Hill Hotel Windemere.1968Kendal
WDB 133/2/253Bowness-on-Windermere: Storrs EstateCorrespondence and specification for new bungalow, arts of agreement for new bungalow, plans and elevations for bungalow re: Storrs Estate.1921-1923Kendal
WDB 133/2/229Troutbeck Bridge: Fells Engineering WorksSpecifications for conversion of canteen to offices, plans and elevations and site plan, plans and elevations for extension to office re: Fells Engineering Works at Troutbeck Bridge1945-1956Kendal
WDB 133/2/215Bowness: Grove HouseDetails for apex, dormer, balcony, barge board, doors, windows, verandah and porch vestibule, screen, stair, date stone re: Grove House, Bowness for J T Bownass.1883Kendal
WDB 133/2/202Windermere: St John's Church Masonry detail; chancel seats; fronts for chancel seats; detail of nave seats; detail of screen; pulpit base; cross for transcept gable; detail of north door; porch detail; section through nave; interior rearrangement; altar1884-1970Kendal
WDB 133/2/232Windermere: Droomer EstateSite plan, plans and elevations and specification for Police House re: Droomer estate Windermere.1969Kendal
WDB 133/2/199Ghyll HeadSeat in window; plans and elevations of house; plans and elevations of extension; stable detail for Mrs. Briggs1901-1911Kendal
WDB 133/2/183Bowness: George Gatey; SolicitorsPlans and windows for George Gatey Solicitors; Bowness. Architect: Jos Pattinson1904Kendal
WDB 133/2/176Sunny Lawn, Sunny Bank RoadSpecifications and correspondence; gate detail; plans and elevations of garage; site plan; small map of site; detail of door, stairs and windows.1928-1931Kendal
WDB 133/2/266LancasterSite plan, housing estate off Main Road to Scotforth1889Kendal
WDB 133/2/175Bowness:LonglandsPlans and elevations of detached house; specifications and estimates; site plan for garage; colour painting of detached house1925-1953Kendal
WDB 133/2/218A craneTender, specifications and blueprints re: a crane1935Kendal
WDB 133/2/174Claughton ManorPlans of shed; plans and elevations of tension gear; site plan; railway plan of site; grinding wheel; plans and elevations of machinery buildingundatedKendal
WDB 133/2/297Memorial stonesAssorted memorial stonesundatedKendal
WDB 133/2/254Ambleside: Wanlass HoweDetail for various alterations, verandah, cellar, entrance doors, stairs, oak panelling and small site plan re: Wanlass Howe at Ambleside.undatedKendal
WDB 133/2/168Ambleside: Fairhaven; Windermere: othersPlans etc. re. Fairhaven, Lower Gale, Ambleside. Also properties in Windermere1920Kendal
WDB 133/2/162Bowness-on-Windermere: Old England HotelPlans etc. re. building work at the Old England Hotel, Bowness-on-Windermere1965Kendal
WDB 133/2/170Ambleside: Holbeck Ghyll CottagePlans etc. re building work at Holbeck Ghyll Cottage, Ambleside1920Kendal
WDB 133/2/169Windermere: St. John's ChurchPlans etc. re building work at St. John's Church, Windermere1881Kendal
WDB 133/2/160Windermere: District BankPlans etc. re. building work at District Bank, Windermere1932Kendal
WDB 133/2/158Windermere?: St. Martin's StudioPlans etc. for building work on a house called St. Martin's Studio, Windermere?, for L. Herbert, photographer1930Kendal
WDB 133/2/155Windermere: The HelmPlans etc. re building work at The Helm, Langdale Crescent, Windermere1955Kendal
WDB 133/2/152Ambleside: Midland BankPlans etc. for building work on Midland Bank, Ambleside1921Kendal
WDB 133/2/143Bowness-on-Windermere: Ferney GreenPlans etc. re. Ferney Green, Bowness-on-Windermere1888Kendal
WDB 133/2/167Mission RoomsPlans etc, re. Mission Rooms, location not specified1907Kendal
WDB 133/2/129Windermere: Post OfficePlans etc. re Post Office, Windermere.1967Kendal
WDB 133/2/127Windermere: Craig EstatePlans etc. re Craig Estate, Windermere1901Kendal
WDB 133/2/136Unspecified Sewerage Works.Plans etc. for sewerage works, location not given1885Kendal
WDB 133/2/128Windermere: Windermere Grammar SchoolPlans etc. re Windermere Grammar School, Windermere1938Kendal
WDB 133/2/122Windermere: Ferry House HotelPlans etc. re. the Ferry House Hotel, Windermere1878-1948Kendal
WDB 133/2/135Windermere: District BankPlans etc. re District Bank, High St., Windermere1932Kendal
WDB 133/2/126Windermere.Plans etc. re house at Windermere19th century-20th centuryKendal
WDB 133/2/123Hawkshead: Hawkshead HallPlans etc. re. Hawkshead Hall, Hawkshead[1900s]Kendal
WDB 133/2/121Coniston (?): Crown HotelPlans etc. re. the Crown Hotel, Coniston?1900Kendal
WDB 133/2/153Ambleside: Midland BankPlans etc. re. building work at the Midland Bank, Ambleside1920Kendal
WDB 133/2/120Windermere: Beech HillPlans etc., re Beech Hill, Windermere.1952Kendal
WDB 133/2/124Windermere: Queens DrivePlans etc. re. building work on Queens Drive, Windermere1899Kendal
WDB 133/2/139Windermere: St. John's ChurchPlans etc, re St. John's Church, Windermere1929Kendal
WDB 133/2/148Burn HowePlans etc. re building work at Burn Howe, exact location unknown18th century-20th centuryKendal
WDB 133/2/131Windermere: Longtail HillPlans etc. re Longtail Hill, Windermere19th century-20th centuryKendal
WDB 133/2/117Windermere: Knotts End, AnnesdalePlans for building work at Knotts End, Annesdale, Windermere19th century-20th centuryKendal
WDB 133/2/111Ambleside: Police StationPlans etc. re. building work on the Police Station, Ambleside19th century-20th centuryKendal
WDB 133/2/114Windermere: VillaPlans of villa residence at Windermere for J. T. Bownass.1882Kendal
WDB 133/2/107GaragesPlans etc re garages. Location not specified19th century-20th centuryKendal
WDB 133/2/99Various estates, hotels and shopsSale plans for various estates, hotels & shops19th century-20th centuryKendal
WDB 133/2/90Windermere: Ghyll HeadPlans etc. re. building work at Ghyll Head, Windermere1930Kendal
WDB 133/2/94Ambleside: Corsley Cottage and Gale BankPlans etc. re. building work on Corsley Cottage and Gale Bank, Ambleside19th century-20th centuryKendal
WDB 133/2/83Windermere: GillthwaitePlans etc. re. work at Gillthwaite, Windermere1938Kendal
WDB 133/2/138Windermere: St. John's ChurchPlans etc. re St. John's Church, Windermere1883Kendal
WDB 133/2/88Windermere: St. John's ChurchPlans etc. re. building work on St. John's Church, Windermere19th century-20th centuryKendal
WDB 133/2/82MiscellaneousMiscellaneous building plansnot dated (19th-20th Cents)Kendal
WDB 133/2/84Bowness-on-Windermere: TremloPlans etc. re. building work at Tremlo, Bowness-on-Windermere1921Kendal
WDB 133/2/89Windermere: High LonglandsPlans etc. re. building work at High Longlands, Longlands Road, Windermere19th century-20th centuryKendal
WDB 133/2/112Windermere: Lickbarrow FarmPlans for building work at Lickbarrow Farm, Windermere1899-1918Kendal
WDB 133/2/74Windermere: Craig EstatePlans etc., re. building at Craig, Craig Walk, Craig Foot, and Craig Estate, Winderemere, for J. W. Fisher, Estate Agent, Windermere Urban District Council, (B. Rigg, Esq.). Architects J. Bintley and Joseph Pattinson1895-c.1925Kendal
WDB 133/2/65Windermere: Craig WalkPlans etc. re. houses and shop on Craig Walk, Windermere, for E. J. Frank and Pattinsons Ltd. Architect Joseph Pattinson.1879-1902Kendal
WDB 133/2/59Windermere- Plans etc. re:
- Warehouse between Church Stree and High Street, Windermere, for Brockbank, Braithwaite and Walton. Architect Joseph Pattinson
- House on corner of Crescent Road and Oak Street, Windermere, for J. H. Walton. Architect Joseph Pattinson
- Shops, houses and offices at Windermere, for J. Brockbank. Architect Mawson & Gibson
- Land on Main Road and College Gardens, Windermere, for G. Brockbank. Architect Joseph Pattinson
WDB 133/2/64Bowness-on-Windermere: Craig Walk Preparatory SchoolPlans etc. re. additions to Craig Walk Preparatory School, Bowness-on-Windermere, for Pattinsons Ltd.1931-1936Kendal
WDB 133/2/56Windermere: Cannon Crag Cottage- Paperwork re. dwelling house, Cannon Crag Cottage, Windermere, for Miss E. J. Tyrer, Birks Wood, Newby Bridge Road, Ghyll Head. Architect: Walker, Carter & Walker.1968-1970Kendal
WDB 133/2/43Miscellaneous Villa and Houses.Plans etc. re. various Villas and houses. For G.H.P. Architect Joseph Pattinson.1877-1927Kendal
WDB 133/2/46Winster: Birkett HousesPlans etc., re. proposed house at Birkett Houses, Winster, for M. Higgin Birkett Esq. and Myles Cave-Brown-Cave. Architect Dan Gibson.c.1898-1907Kendal
WDB 133/2/32Skelwith: Olivers Close, ClappersgatePlans etc. relating to properties at Olivers Close, Clappersgate, Skelwith. G.H.P. named once as client1911-1915Kendal
WDB 133/2/177Storrs: Elton, Storrs Haven, Windemere Gas WorksSpecification and correspondence for booster house; plans and elevations for booster house; plans and elevations of machinery; plans and elevations of boiler house; plan and foundations of boiler house; plan of booster arrangement; plans and elevations of detached house; specifications for detached house; specifications for Station Engineers Office (Windemere Gas Works)1952-1957Kendal
WDB 133/2/191Windermere: Langdale Chase HotelEast elevations of house; north elevations of house; west elevation of house; plans of GF and cellar; east and south elevations of scullery; specifications and detail drawings; small elevation of boathouse; plans and elevations of terrace; bill of quantities; site plan; plans and elevations for earlier design.1889-1890Kendal
WDB 133/2/171Craig Walk, Gossel Ridding, Biskey Howe, Craig Estate and Helm Estate, Craig Park Terrace, WindermerePlans and elevations, site plans, specification and estimates, small map and correspondence for E J Frank1900-1953Kendal
WDB 133/2/179Rydal:Fox GhyllPlans and elevations of alterations and additions; correspondence; plans and elevations of lean-to-vinery; site plan; plans of whole house; specifications for alterations and additions1939Kendal
WDB 133/2/178Burnside: BownessElevations for house; plans for house; site plan for house; gate for house1900Kendal
WDB 133/2/20Windermere: Broad StreetPlans etc. re. terraced cottages, stables and various jobs on Broad Street, for GHP. Architect: Jos. Pattinson1885-1887Kendal
WDB 133/2/10Windermere, St. John's Church.- Plans etc. of St. John's Church, Windermere. including plan of nave seats, architect Joseph Pattinson, and proposed wall, architect Janet. B. Gnosspelius, Wooltonc.1884-1968Kendal
WDB 35/1/2Rothay Bank, AmblesideRothay Bank house and land. No Plan.
Owner: unknown; tenure: unknown.
WDB 35/1/4Redbank, AmblesideRedbank and named fields and inclosures.
Owner and tenure unknown.
WDB 133/2/303Bowness-on-Windermere: Bowness Bay improvements, RayriggSketch of shelters, plan of new steamer pier, elevations of new steamer pier. New layout of Bowness Bay.
Bowness: Rayrigg OS 6" map 1900-1910. Revision of sewage arrangements.
WDB 133/2/293Windermere: Browhead, Hodge HoweElevations of stable block for E. Cohen Esq. at Browhead, Windermere.
- Plans and elevations for garden tea room at Browhead, Windermere. Amplification; circular plan.
- Hockey pitch for St Anne's School, Browhead , Windermere.
- Improvement to lodge re: Browhead and Hodge Howe, Windermere.
- Plan of drains at main house. Amplification: footprint only.
- Window, door and stair details at Browhead, Windermere. Amplification : residence at Windermere.
WDB 133/2/33Bowness-on-Windermere: Moor Crag, Gillhead, StorrsPlans etc., re. Moor Crag, Gillhead, Storrs, Bowness-on-Windermere, for James William Buckley, Singleton Brook House, Manchester. Architect C. F. A. Voysey, 6 Carlton Hill, St. John's Wood. Builder and Joiner: John Edmondsonc.1900Kendal
WDB 133/2/51Hawkshead: Huyton Hill & Pullwoods, OutgatePlans etc. re:
- Cottage at Huyton Hill, Outgate, for Mrs. K. Pickavance, architect J. Wilson, Causeway End, Levens
- Alterations and conversions of flats, boat house, stables, dairy, workshop, at Huyton Hill, Outgate, for H. D. Butler, Esq., Architects, Francis Bennett Assoc., E. Donald Haigh, Kendal
- Pullwoods, Outgate, for W. J. Crossley?.
WDB 133/2/76Details not yet received undated Kendal
WDB 133/2/310Bowness-on-Windermere: Bay Villa, Windermere Park, Lake Road, The Craig, Biskey Howe.Sale particulars for Bay Villa, Bowness.
- Windermere Park - Site plan of plots on Queens Drive for client: Thos Pattinson.
- Lake Road, Bowness - plans and elevations for houses and shops for client: Thos Pattinson.
- 5 shops at Bowness - stair details for Thos Pattinson.
- Bowness - Plans and elevations for houses and shops for Thos Pattinson. Amplification: near Weslyan Chapel.
The Craig - Site plan near The Craig.
Corner of Lake Road and Biskey Howe Road, site plan for conveyance for client: J T Bownass to Charles Birkett.
- Bowness - Plans and elevations for extension to shop 3 for Thos. Pattinson. Amplification : near Weslyan Chapel.
- Biskey Howe Bowness: Plans and elevations for 4 cottages and for detached house for client: GHP?
- near Bay Villa, Bowness, plans and elevations for shops and photo studio for GHP.
WDB 133/2/48Windermere, Kendal and Bowness-on-WindermerePlans etc., re:-
- House conversion at The Grange, Windermere
- Brook Road, Windermere, for Pattinsons Ltd
- Lane Head Houses, Windermere
- Extension to Limethwaite Road, Windermere
- Semi-detached houses for Pattinsons Limited
- Houses on Brook Road, for J. Airey, 1915
- Proposed pier at Cockshot, Bowness-on-Windermere, and garage & workshop, for Windermere Engineering Co., Architects Walker, Carter & Walker
- Additions and extensions to The Box, Storrs Park, Bowness-on-Windermere, for J. H. Lahone and Mrs. Nuttall. Architect E. Donald Haigh, Kendal
- Proposed golf course, Rayrigg Park Estate, Windermere
- Map of part of Kendal for A. S. Glover, 1933
- Coniston Hall Farm, Consiton, for Mason & Freeman
- Abbey Home, Staveley
- Gas & water mains at Low Wood Hotel. Architect Joseph Pattinson
- House on Old Hall Road, Calgarth Estate, for Pattinsons Ltd. Architects Walker, Carter & Walker
- House at Storrs Park for Mr. Meadowcroft, 1936
- Houses at Dallas Corner, and Worsley, Birkett Hill for Pattisons Ltd
WDB 133/2/213Windermere: Waterloo House and Gardens, Bowness: Glebe Road, The LarchesPlans and elevations, bedroom plan and sketches of elevations re: Waterloo House and Gardens.
Elevations of outbuildings and barns re: Harrow Slack for H F Curwen.
Details of entrance and stair for house re: Glebe Road, Bowness and grave detail for Miss Curwen.
Small extension, site plan and elevations of house for conservatory re: The Larches for Mr. H J Bellassis.
WDB 133/2/291Preston: Claughton Hall, nr Brock. Claughton Old Farm. The Willows Ashton.Plan and elevations of house re: Claughton Hall nr Brock, Preston.
Sketch of bay window, pantry detail, small roof detail, contract condition, plans and elevations of house, detail of porch re: Claughton Old Farm nr Brock, Preston for J. Allen Parkinson.
Plans and elevations of house re: The Willows, Ashton, Preston.
WDB 133/2/273Craig Walk, Craig Estate. AmblesidePlans and elevations for 4 terraced houses, plans and elevations for pair of semi-detached houses.
Plan of building sites on Craig Estate.
Window and chimney detail for shops, window and parapet detail of shop for H W Herd.
Door and cornice detail for new shop/post office, various other detail drawings re: shop in Ambleside for client John Edmondson.
WDB 133/2/261Windermere Grammar School, Queens Drive; New Windemere Grammar School; Bowness: Elementary SchoolsSketch of school building re: Windermere Grammar School.
Site plan and elevations, elevations and plans for grammar school additions.
Site plan and elevations and elevations for 3 storey school re: New Windermere Grammar School.
Site plan for boys and girls schools, elevations and plans of girls elementary school, site plan of girls and boys elementary school re: Elementary Schools, Bowness.
WDB 133/2/248Shap various properties; Kirkby Stephen Police Station; Abbott HallShap - Plan of village, small building plot, 22 building plots, 2 building plots, map of 4 enclosures of land, small map of sites, map and 22 building plots.
Site plan for workhouse - amplification West Ward Union Workhouse
Plans and elevations of store and house for the Co-operative Society.
Various plans for building sites in Shap.
Kirkby Stephen - elevations for Police Station.
Kendal - hand sketch of map of Abbott Hall
WDB 133/2/221Windermere: various plansSite plan for house and garden; plans and elevations for 5 bedroom house; plans and elevations for lodge and garage; site sections; blueprints of heating and plans; details of RSJ, coving, door frames, entrance, windows, bay and logia, stair for R le Neve Foster of Windemere.1936Kendal
WDB 133/2/223Keswick Derwent IslandSpecifications for demolition of tower and alterations re: Keswick
Correspondence and specifications; plans and elevations of house for alterations (2 floors), heating plan re: property on Derwent Island for Denis Marshall Esq.
WDB 133/2/216Bowness-on-Windermere: Institute Auction Room North Terrace, Bowness Public HallPlans and elevations for additions and reading room re: Institute Auction Room, North Terrace Bowness.
Plans and elevations and small plan re: new public hall at Bowness and clubrooms.
WDB 133/2/209Windermere: Helm Farm, HeathwaiteSitting room fireplace, plans and elevations of new wing, bedroom fireplace, site plan, map of Helm and Hermitage re: Helm Farm.
Bay window at cottages, detail of arch and jamb, washhouse addition re: Heathwaite.
WDB 133/2/287Ambleside: Salutation HotelCorrespondence file, counter detail, plans and elevations of Hotel, cellar and attic plans, stair details re: Salutation Hotel Ambleside for the Colin Croft Brewery Company1948-1950Kendal
WDB 133/2/306Satterthwaite Church2-light gothic window for nave, roof details for nave, detail of Narthex arcade, small plan of church, detail of porch, nave and vestry doors. Correspondence and specification for alterations. Architect: Walker Carter & Walker.1914Kendal
WDB 133/2/236Windermere: Main RoadSite plan, elevations, specifications, detail drawings of steel work, doors and windows for Wooleys Garage, Main Road, Windemere. Architect, Walker Carter and Walker.1920Kendal
WDB 133/2/151Windermere: Witchingham, Rayrigg EstatePlans etc. for building work at Witchingham, Longlands Road, Rayrigg Estate, Windermere1937Kendal
WDB 133/2/164Windermere: St. John's ChurchPlans etc. re building work at St. John's Church, Windermere19th century-20th centuryKendal
WDB 133/2/133Ambleside: Midland Bank; Windermere: Wooley's GaragePlans etc. re Midland Bank, Ambleside and Wooley's Garage, Windermere19th century-20th centuryKendal
WDB 133/2/68Bowness-on-Windermere- Plans etc. re:
- Proposed alterations to Lake View Villas, for George Holland
- Bank House Flats, Hazeldene, Bowness-on-Windermere, for J. Brockbank, and Mrs Hayton
- Two lots on the main road from Windermere to Bowness-on-Windermere
- 5 lots at Windermere Bank, Lake Road, Bowness-on-Windermere, for Dr. Dobson. Architect Joseph Pattinson
- Alteration at Langdale View, Bowness-on-Windermere, for George Hodgson. Architect Joseph Pattinson
- Lots and 3 cottages at Biskey Howe. Architect Webster & Banks
- Site plan of Bank Terrace, nd
- Plans and elevations of flat at Bowfell Cottage, for Miss Knox and Miss Brett, July 1939, architects Walker, Carter & Walker
WDB 133/2/54Bowness-on-Windermere, Windermere and Grisedale- Plans etc. re:
- Alterations to Brantrigg, Bowness-on-Windermere, for Prof. J. Hay, M.D.. Architects Curwen & Caldwell, Kendal
- Two houses, Beresford Road, Bowness-on-Windermere
- House opposite Linthwaite Lodge, off Main Road, Windermere, for Mrs Crossland. Architects: Walker, Carter & Walker
- Office/shop extension at Hammerbank, Windermere, for Lancashire Association of Boys Clubs
- Cottage windows at Grisedale
- Bus shelter, Ellerthwaite Square, Windermere, for Windermere Urban District Council. Architect F.E.G.Gray of Windermere Urban District Council
- Specifications for conversion at Keldwith, Ambleside, October 1957
- Plans, elevations and specifications for Rothay Lodge Cottage, White Bridge, Grasmere, September 1958. Architects, Walker, Carter & Walker
- Alterations and designs for the Assembly Rooms, Windermere, for the Windermere Rooms Co. Ltd.March 1931 and February 1939. Architects Walker, Carter & Walker
- Site map of Annisgarth School, Windermere. August 1955
WDB 133/2/72Windermere: Heathwaite and Oak Bank; Bowness-on-Windermere: Riflemans Arms- Plans etc. re:
- Properties at Heathwaite, Windermere, for Miss Cox and Mr. R. Elleray. Architect Joseph Pattinson
- (no.14?) Oak Bank, Windermere, for Miss Holmes
- The Riflemans Arms, Bowness-on-Windermere. Architect: Joseph Pattinson
WDB 133/2/29Hawkshead: Outgate and Colt House, Croft Foot.- Plans etc., re following properties at Hawkshead
- Property at Outgate for Hodgson
- Cottage at Outgate for J. F. Haslam, Esq.. Architect A. N. W. Hodgson
- Croft Foot, Colt House, for A. Morton Ltd. Architect F. H. Walker
WDB 133/2/24Windermere: Beresford Road- Plans etc., re following properties on Beresford Road, Windermere:-
- G. H. Pattinson's shop, for G. H. P.. Architect: Jos. Pattinson
- Hewertson's Shop and Hewertson's Motor Works
- Workshop, Craig Estate
- Gas showroom and garage washhouse, store and WC at Gas and Water manager's house
WDB 133/2/6Windermere: Heathwaite; Lickbarrow; Thornton Road; Mawson's Corner; Victoria RoadPlans etc, re the following properties in Windermere:-
- Shop and Estate at Heathwaite Architect: Joseph Pattinson
- Site at Heathwaite, for R. F. Barrow. Architect: Joseph Pattinson
- Proposed raod from Thornbarrow Road to St. John's Vicarage, for G. H. Pattinson and J. Braithwaite
- Sketch plan of levels at Little Lickbarrow. undated
- Site plan, corner of Thornton Road, for G. H. Pattinson & J. Braithwaite. nd
- Sketch of site, Mawson's Corner. undated
- Sketch of site, building plot adjoining Mawson's Cottages. undated
- Levels, Victoria Road, undated
- Plan of land, Heaththwaite (House?), for R. J. Burrow, undated
WDB 133/2/13Milnthorpe: Cottage Homes; Windermere Crescent Road.- Plans etc., re:-
- Cottage Homes, Milnthorpe, (possibly a nursing home?)
- Proposed shop, Crescent Road, Windermere, for Mr. Latham
WDB 133/2/3Bowness-on-Windermere: Burnside; Greenodd: Thurstonville; unknown property.- Plans etc re:
- Burnside, Kendal Road, Bowness-on-Windermere, 1938
- Thurstonvill, Greenodd, for George Outhwaite. 1938. Architect: Walker, Carter & Walker
- An Esse cooker. 1937
WDB 133/2/8Windermere: Knotts Farm, Browhead and Hodge HowPlans etc, re the follwing at Windermere:-
- Proposed new farm buildings at Knotts Farm, Knotts, Browhead, for Edward Cohen Esq., nd
- Knott End?
- Hodge How
- Bungalow and small jobs at Hodge How Cottages
- Bungalow, water tank and lodge, double bungalows and The Lodge at Hodge How Wood, for A. H. E. Wood. Architect: Fryers & Penman, Glentana, Aboyne
- Proposed greenhouse, Browhead, for Mr. Wood
- Entrance lodge & stables, list of faults, Browhead, for Edward Cohen Esq
WDB 133/2/23Levens: Green Gate, Beathwaite Green- Plans etc. re. extension to house and various cottages at Green Gate, Beathwaite Green, Levens, for W. Ellison, 19301930Kendal
WDB 133/2/37Bowness-on-Windermere: Hotels- Plans etc. re:
- The Old England Hotel, Bowness-on-Windermere
- The Ullswater Hotel, Bowness-on-Windermere. Architect: A. N. W. Hodgson
- The Royal Hotel, Bowness-on-Windermere, for Roger Bownass. Architect: A. N. W. Hodgson
WDB 133/2/197Windermere: Ferry Hotel Bowness-On-Windemere: LonglandsSale particulars, estimate for work re: Ferry Hotel including map of ferry.
Plan of alterations, plans and elevations of boathouse of the Ferry Hotel: Clients: Freshwater Biological Assoc. Longlands: Bowness; Plans and elevations of house and specifications for house.
WDB 133/2/52Troutbeck Bridge and WindermerePlans etc. re:
- Camping buildings at Troutbeck Bridge, for Windermere Branch of TOC-H. Architects Walker, Carter & Walker
- Alterations and new shop front, for T. Dockray. Architects Walker, Carter & Walker
- Temporary hut and conversion of old courtroom and cells, on Craig Walk, between Main Road and Crescent Road, Windermere, for Jim Titterington.
WDB 133/2/58Windermere and Bowness-on-Windermere- Plans etc. re:
- Shops on Crescent Road, Windermere, for Joseph Clark. Architect Joseph Pattinson
- Studio for Mr. Dawes at Crag Brow, Bowness-on-Windermere. Architect Joseph Pattinson
- House and shop fronts at Crag Brow, Bowness-on-Windermere, for Mr John Holland. Architect Joseph Pattinson
- Lodge house at Cleator Lodge, Windermere, for Miss Holme
- Shops on Birch Street, Windermere. Architect Joseph Pattinson
- House in Windermere for Mrs G. H. Pattinson
- Yew Barrow, Windermere
WDB 133/2/71Windermere: Storrs Lodge and Braithwaite Fold- Plans etc. re:
- Properties at Storrs, Windermere, for Mr. Dobson. Names given Wm. Holmes, John Edmondson, Thos. Russell. Architect Joseph Pattinson
- Braithwaite Fold, for Mrs Dobson and Dr. Dobson, Garnett & Son, Chester. Architect Joseph Pattinson
- Cottage/lodge at Braithwaite Fold, for Mrs Johnson
WDB 133/2/188Storrs: site beside Cannon CragSite plan; plans and elevations; plan of house; elevations of house; detail of corner bay1905-1908Kendal
WDB 133/2/190High BorransElevations for garage and powerhouse; plans for garage and powerhouse; blueprints of generator set; small dam to runner behind garage; fireplace for room over garage; detail of garage doors; specifications; map and site plan.1923Kendal
WDB 133/2/185Windemere: Beech Hill HotelSurvey plan; electrical installation; cold water installation and drainage; hot water installation; heating layout; GF plan; details of reception area; details of entrance canopy1966-1967Kendal
WDB 133/2/214Bowness-on-Windermere: Lakeside Hotel, Lakeside Park Estate, Bowness: Hydropathic HotelPlan for sewerage re: Lakeside Hotel.
Site plan re: Lakeside Park Estate.
Alterations re: Hydropathic Hotel, Bowness.
WDB 133/2/181Windemere: depot Chestnut RoadPlans and elevations; Plans and elevations of refrigerator installation; section through building1959Kendal
WDB 133/2/195Windermere Booking OfficeSite plan, specifications and correspondence. Amplification - single storey timber building for Ribble Motors1958Kendal
WDB 133/2/182Windemere: Sheffield HouseSpecifications for new Lending Library for W.H. Smith at Sheffield House, Crescent Road, Windemere Plans and elevations of "lantern" window in roof.1931-1952Kendal
WDB 133/2/249Windermere: Orrest Head HouseCorrespondence and estimates for alterations, plan of house - amplification: blue print.1930-1936Kendal
WDB 133/2/208Bowness-on-Winderemre: Burnside, AttachbagPlans and elevations for 4-bed detached house and detail of bay construction re: Burnside.
Alterations to house, washhouse and kitchen for T.D Lingard re: Attachbag, Bowness.
WDB 133/2/203Bowness-on-Windermere: Craig Walk Preparatory SchoolClassroom extension for prep. school; sketch plan for prep. school; GF plan of prep. school re: Craig Walk Preparatory School, Bowness-On-Windermere. Plan for 13 terraced houses re: Craig Estate1900-1940Kendal
WDB 133/2/224Windermere: Rayrigg Ground, Birthwaite RoadSpecifications for extension to house, plans and elevations for extension to house, roof plan and elevation section, bundle of superseded plans and elevations, patio layout, site plan re: Rayrigg Ground, Birthwaite Road. Amplification: corner of Beemire. Client: J D Morgan.1941-1988Kendal
WDB 133/2/211Grizedale Valley; Braesteds Farm CottagePlans (11 drawings) and specifications for alterations re: Braesteds Farm Cottage, Grizedale Valley for Matson Ground Estate Co.1953Kendal
WDB 133/2/227Bowness on Windermere: St Martin's ChurchCopings for vestry, elevations of vestry, details for vestry door, buttress roof re: St Martins Church Bowness1911Kendal
WDB 133/2/220Thornbarrow Meadow, Troutbeck BridgePlans and elevations for pair of SD houses re: Thornbarrow Meadow.
Site plan, 4 blocks and porch detail re: Troutbeck Bridge.
WDB 133/2/225Blakeholme WraySouth elevation, specification for work, plans and elevation of ground floor, west elevation, plan of 1st floor, plan of terrace, elevations of maids extension re: Blakeholm Wray1936-1938Kendal
WDB 133/2/243Ferry NabPlans and elevations for additions to house, plans and elevations and specification for small bungalow re: Ferry Nab.1909-1915Kendal
WDB 133/2/219Burneside Village, WaterheadSite plan, plans and elevations for memorial cottages and site plan behind the Croppers pub for Croppers in Burneside Village.
Plans and elevations for studio at Waterhead. Amplification: barn conversion.
WDB 133/2/240Bowness-on-Windermere: StoneleighSpecifications for house, plans and elevations for 4 bedroom bungalow, leaflet for leaded lights for Mrs Tannahill re: Stoneleigh, Bowness. Amplification: house at Burnside.1938Kendal
WDB 133/2/241Bowness: Beresford Road, Troutbeck BridgePlans and elevations for pair of semi-detached houses, site plan for pair of semi-detached houses, plans and elevations for different pair of semi-detached houses, detail of gate, sewer plan, bay window, re: Beresford Road, Bowness near builders yard. Client: Geo H Pattinson.
Correspondence with Electricity Co. re: Troutbeck Bridge
WDB 133/2/256Ambleside: St Mary's ChurchSandstone detail for 2 light windows, letter and photographs of failure test on section of wall, plans and elevations of alterations to vestry re: St Mary's Church Ambleside.1952-1967Kendal
WDB 133/2/258Oldfield Estate, Heathwaite.Small site plan, 2 plots and bill of quantities for housing scheme re: Park Road, Oldfield Estate.
Plans and elevations of proposed additions for Oldfield Cottage.
Plans and elevations for 2 semi detached houses re: Heathwaite.
Sections through cottages and plans and elevations of two cottages re:Heathwaite.
Small plans and elevations of alterations to May Cottage Park Road, Heathwaite.
WDB 133/2/267Lancaster: Higher GreavesElevations and plans for two large terraced houses and plans for 3 large terraced houses. Sectioned elevations for 2 large terraced houses re: Higher Greaves, Lancaster. Client: Messrs.Wolfenden & Co.1889Kendal
WDB 133/2/271Goodly Dale, Rayrigg Park EstateElevations and plans for row of Memorial Cottage Homes at Goodly Dale.
Plans of 3 bed detached house re: Cherry Tree, Cornbirthwaite Road? Windemere.
Map of Rayrigg Park Estate.
Site plan for suggested Civic Centre at Goodly Dale for Windemere UDC.
WDB 133/2/300Bowness: Rayrigg wood, Cockshott, new sewage plant.Site plan of land for sewage purification re: Rayrigg wood.
Plan of new sewage tanks, plan and elevation of new sewage plant, large map (25"?) of site for sewage plant at Windemere. Amplification: west of Forwood's boathouse.
WDB 133/2/298Bowness CemeteryPlan of new cemetery on Glebe land, levels for cemetery extension, plan of cemetery extension, drawing of metal turnstile gate to cemetery, plan of lairs, drawing of double gates, conditions for drains. Re: Bowness Cemetery. Extension to be built east of the chapel.1854-1884Kendal
WDB 133/2/294Storrs: Beaufell, Storrs Holme, Storrs HouseCorrespondence on wet dock re: Storrs House for A P Aspland.
- Outline plan of drains, bill of quantities for new residence, detail of dining room bay, attic plan and E. elevation, sash window details, roof plan and elevations, window details re: Beaufell, Storrs for client A.P. Aspland.
- Sections of house, plans and elevations of residence re: Storrs Holme.
WDB 133/2/205Bowness-on-Windermere: Mylne Garth, Bowness Cemetery Lake Road, The HelmPlans for conversion into dwelling re: Mylne Garth for Mr. Burrows of New Road.
Plans and elevations for extension to dispensary for Dr. Dobson.
Plans for Memorial stone for Dr. Newman to daughter Edith Mary.
Plans for altar gravestone for Bowness cemetery.
Plans and elevations for house on Lake Road required by Mrs Burrows.
Plans and elevations for lodge and pencil sketch of elevations re: The Helm for Revd. J M Moss.
WDB 133/2/96Bowness-on-Windermere: Helm Road and Hydro EstatePlans etc. re. building work at Helm Road and Hydro Estate, Bowness-on-Windermere19th century-20th centuryKendal
WDB 133/2/27Windermere: CinemaPlans etc. for Cinema at Windermere for The Windermere Rooms Co.. Architects: Walter MacFarlane, Saracen Foundry, Glasgow, and Walker, Carter & Walker, Windermere1938-1939Kendal
WDB 35/1/7Loughrigg Holme Estate, AmblesideLoughrigg Holme Estate, Ambleside.
Owner: unknown; tenure: unknown.
WDB 133/2/116Bowness-on-Windermere: Meadow Croft, Ferney Green & miscellaneous.Plans for building work at Meadow Croft and Ferney Green, Bowness-on-Windermere, and other miscellaneous properties.19th century-20th centuryKendal
WDB 35/1/244Grasmere, Ambleside, Windermere, Troutbeck and Hawkshead (Lancashire)Ambleside Unnamed buildings, part of Elterwater and Grasmere Village.
Owner: unknown; tenure: unknown.

Grasmere Elterwater, Low Park Estate, Underhelm Estate, Undelancrigg Estate, named meadow lands and inclosures, buildings at Skelwith Bridge, Kilbrow, Ambleside and Longmire Yeat Troutbeck. With plans.
Part freehold. Owner not named.

Troutbeck, Windermere Low Park Estate, at Longmire Yeat, Troutbeck. With plans.
Owner not named. Tenure not defined.

Hawkshead, Lancashire Elterwater, Low Park.
WDB 133/2/78Details not yet received undated Kendal
WDB 133/2/264Windermere: Beech Hill HotelVarious plans for internal alterations; amplification roof, bar, staircase, porch etc. re: Beech Hill Hotel.1967Kendal
WDB 133/2/31Bowness-on-Windermere: Sunny Bank and Ferry Nab; Windermere: Matsons.Plans etc., re:-
- Campbell's house on Sunny Bank Parade and shop at foot of Crag Brow, and store room for boats at Ferry Nab, Bowness-on-Windermere, for John Campbell, architect Jos. Pattinson
- Matsons, Windermere
WDB 133/2/41Ambleside: Gale Howe; Windermere: End HowePlans etc., re:
- Gale Howe, Ambleside, for Mr. & Mrs. J. B. Potter, and G. H. P. Architect E. Donald Haigh, surveyor: L. Burbidge.
- Garage conversion at End Howe, The Helm, Windermere, for Miss E. M. Pritchard
WDB 133/2/44Windermere and Cockermouth- Plans for shelves at Court Buildings, Cockermouth for Thomas Rook, Fish Hatchery, Troutbeck Bridge. 1927
- Plans, elevations, site plan, correspondence re. conversion of house to shop on Crescent Road, Windermere, for H Kellet
- Plans and elevations for 2 semi-detached houses on Park Road, Windermere (oposite Thornton Terrace). Architect: Joseph Pattinson
- Plans and elevations for alterations to May Cottage, Park Road, Windermere. Architect: Joseph Pattinson
- Text for a plaque to memory of Nancy Palmer, wife of John Palmer
WDB 133/2/7Bowness-on-Windermere: Ferry Nab, Cockshot Point, Parsonage Wyke, Glebe; Windermere: Rayrigg.- Plans etc, re:
- Ferry Nab, Bowness-on-Windermere, showing Borwick's Sheds & jetties
- Cockshot Point to Parsonage Wyke, Bowness on Windermere
- Glebe Farm Estate, and propsed new road, Glebe Farm, Glebe, Bowness-on-Windermere
- New sewer, Rayrigg Estate, Windermere, showing The Abbey and Birthwaite Golf Links and Amwell House. For Mrs Roe
- Wet dock for 3 boats at Cockshot Point, Bowness-on-Windermere, for Pattinsons
WDB 133/2/30Bowness-on-Windermere: Old England Hotel- Plans etc., re. motor garage, foundations, steel work, mens' room and petrol tanks at Old England Hotel, Bowness, for Roger Bownass. Architect A. N. W. Hodgson and Glasgow Steel Roofing Company1923-1924Kendal
WDB 133/2/11Windermere: St. John's Church- Plans etc., of St. John's Church, Windermere. Architect J. Pattinson/Joseph Pattinsonc.1881-1882Kendal
WDB 133/2/16Bowness-on-Windermere: Old England Hotel.- Plans etc., re. Old England Hotel, Bowness-on-Windermere. Architects: D. G. Millet, Trust Houses Ltd., Shorts Gardens, WC2; J. Hopwood; James Gibbons, Wolverhampton.1946-1958Kendal
WDB 133/2/22Hawkshead: High Wray- Plans etc., re:-
- Greenhouse, toilet extension & cottages at Oak Hill, High Wray, for John F. Knott esq., 1902. Architect: Jos. Pattinson
WDB 133/2/18Bowness-on-Windermere: Old England HotelPlans etc. re. various work at the Old England Hotel, Bowness-on-Windermere.1965Kendal
WDB 133/2/62Windermere: Langdale Chase; Bowness-on-Windermere- Plans etc., re:
- The Lodge, Low Wood, and lodge, residence and stables at Langdale Chase, Windermere, for Mrs Howarth. Architects: Joseph Pattinson and Ball & Elee, Manchester
- Shops at Bowness-on-Windermere (?).
WDB 133/2/80Windermere: Broad Street and Woodland Road- Plans etc., re. houses and laundry on Broad Street and Woodland Road, Windermere, including plan from R. M. Somervell to Miss Mary Ward, for Mr. James Stalker, and Miss Ward, architects Jos. Pattinson and W. Fleming & Son1892-1902Kendal
WDB 133/2/86Bowness-on-Windermere: LonglandsPlans etc. re. building work at Longlands, Bowness-on-Windermere19th century-20th centuryKendal
WDB 133/2/92Bowness-on-Windermere: Dick Intake, Storrs ParkPlans of building work at Dick Intake, Storrs Park, Bowness-on-Windermere19th century-20th centuryKendal
WDB 133/2/85Voysey Letters19th century-20th centuryKendal
WDB 133/2/98Windermere: Hill Crest, Ghyll Head, Tower WoodPlans for building work at Hill Crest, Ghyll Head and Tower Wood, Windermere19th century-20th centuryKendal
WDB 133/2/104Ambleside:Calgarth Park Estate; Windermere Old Hall RoadPlans for building work at Calgarth Park Estate, Ambleside and Old Hall Road, Windermere19th century-20th centuryKendal
WDB 133/2/144Windermere: Rayrigg EstatePlans etc. re. Rayrigg Estate, Windermere19th century-20th centuryKendal
WDB 133/2/125Windermere: Storrs and Dick IntakePlans etc., re. Storrs and Dick Intake, Windermere19th century-20th centuryKendal
WDB 133/2/142Bowness-on-Windermere: LonglandsPlans etc. re. Longlands, Bowness-on-Windermere19th century-20th centuryKendal
WDB 133/2/173Oliver's Close, Clappersgate Hullet syke, Clappersgate Brathay Fell EstateSite plan for water scheme; plans and elevations; stair plans;site map; gate detail; garden plan1906?Kendal
WDB 133/2/150Windermere: High Street, Victoria StreetPlans etc. of building work on High Street and Victoria Street, Windermere, for the Lancashire Association of Collieries19th century-20th centuryKendal
WDB 133/2/157Windermere: Witchingham, Rayrigg EstatePlans etc. re building work at Witchingham, Longlands Road, Rayrigg Estate, Windermere1937Kendal
WDB 133/2/192Troutbeck: CringlemireGate details; plan for alterations to house; plan of house and garden; plans and elevations of house; plan of garage; plan for bungalow; plan of terrace1893-1964Kendal
WDB 133/2/193Bowness-on-Windemere: Chestnut Tree Cafe Crag BrowPlans and specifications; site plan; for Chestnut Tree Cafe, Bowness. Plan of 3 floor building and site plan;13 photographs; plans and elevations of yard and toilets; front and back elevations; correspondence for Crag Brow; Bowness1947-1959Kendal
WDB 133/2/194Windermere: Birkett's Chemist Shop, Bowness: Waterside Cottage Storrs: Canon CragDetail drawings of chimney and stairs, shop front and elevations for Birkett's Chemist shop. Elevations for grocers shop. Single storey building for W. Martin. Alterations to back at store. Additions to Waterside Cottage, Bowness. Boat house for Canon Crag: Storrs1891-1909Kendal
WDB 133/2/198Lindeth: The Oaks Lodge at Lindeth. Oaks Lodge, Lindeth House, LyndhoweSketch maps; detail of stairs window; plans and elevations for billiard room re: The Oaks, Lindeth.
- Plans and elevations re: Oaks Lodge Lindeth
- Plans and elevations of house near The Oaks Lindeth.
- Plans and elevations re: Lyndhowe at Lindeth House at Lindeth
- Map re: Linthwaite
- Map re: Ling Howe
- Verandah detail re: Lindeth
WDB 133/2/204Bowness-on-Winderemere: Bowness Endowed School (girls)Plans and elevations of additions; miscellaneous railings and arches; details for cupboard panelling and doors and newel posts; roof trusses; detail of window and masonery; small plan of entrance re: Bowness Endowed School for girls.
Correspondence from to Revd. EP Stock Education Dept.
Architect: Jos Pattinson
WDB 133/2/206Bowness-on-Windermere: Lake Road; Queen's Drive: Langrigge Hydropathic Hotel. Windemere: Hazel StreetDetail of decor on bay and porch; sectioned elevations, 3 floors and cellar re: Lake Road/Queen's Drive Bowness. Amplification: 2xSD houses.
Plans for pair of detached 3-bed houses; plans and elevations for 2 blocks of SD houses and small site map re: Langrigge, Bowness.
Plans and elevations for conversion of joiners shop to SD cottages re: Hazel Street, Windemere.
Large Plan of Hydropathic Hotel Bowness. Architect: J W Anderson, Blackpool
WDB 133/2/207Bowness-on-Windermere: various plans for cottages and shops, Windemere Booking Office, Lake RoadPlans and elevations of pair of SD cottages and shop front and verandah re: Bowness for T D Hayton. Amplification: very elegant.
Elevations for alterations to house (4 floors) re: Windemere Booking Office.
Sketches for bakehouse re: Bowness?
Alterations to shop and plans on four floors; plans and elevations for cottages; plans and elevations for pair of SD cottages; detail of front doors for 2 cottages re: Lake Road. Architect Jos Pattinson.
Plans for alterations to workshop for T D Hayton.
WDB 133/2/230Ambleside: Rothay Holme, Kelsick Grammar School, Wraysholme, Millans Park Road, Loughrigg Avenue, Ambleside C of E Infants School, Ambleside temporary Post OfficeElevations and roof plan, roof and attic plan re: Rothay Holme Ambleside for LUDC.
Plans re: Kelsick Grammar School Ambleside for Westmorland CC.
Correspondence and specifications for conversion to dwellings, plan and site plan, re: Wraysholme, Millans Park Road Ambleside for Revd. C E Moore. Specifications for house and garage, plans and elevations for house and garage re: Loughrigg Ave Ambleside for Frank Boland.
Plans and elevations for lavatory including site plan re: Ambleside C of E Infants School
Specifications and plans re: Ambleside temporary Post Office.
Tender and specifications for 3 storey house re: Fisherbeck Ambleside.
Plans and elevations re: Willowsmere, Esplanade Ambleside.
Plans and elevations for bungalow and letters and specifications for bungalow re: Thornbarrow Road, Windemere.
Specifications for conversion to two dwellings re: Low Borrans
Aluminium windows re:Low Borrans.
WDB 133/2/242Belmont, Steele House, Reullura. Bowness: Lake Road, Windemere: Woodland Road, Lakeside, Bowness: Rayrigg Road, Bowness:near Ferney Green, Kendal RoadDetail of latch for 2-way gate, gate detail for carriage drive, pair of gates, plans and elevations for end of terrace house re: Belmont.
Porch at Steele House.
Pantry alterations re: Reullura.
Plans and elevations of shop and detail of steel work (for shop?) re: Lake Road Bowness.
Plans and elevations of bungalow, revised site plan for bungalow re: Woodland Road Windemere.
Plan of bungalow re: Lakeside.
Plan of cottages re: Rayrigg Road Bowness.
Plans and elevations and site plan for small house near Ferney Green Kendal Road, Bowness.
Plans and elevations for 5-bed house at No 2 Longtail Hill, Bowness.
WDB 133/2/245Ambleside: Waterhead, Waterhead Estate, Wansfell, Willowsmere, Esplanade, Heatherley House, Waterhead Pier, Waterhead RangeMemorial drawings and inscriptions re: Waterhead.
Waterhead Estate - Sale particulars, map of lots around head of lake, map of building plots at Waterhead, 2nd and 3rd floor plans for house at Waterhead. Plans and elevations for large house at Waterhead - amplification 4 floors and a cellar.
"Wansfell" Ambleside, elevations for conversion of Wansfell to convalescent home; client RAF Association.
Willowsmere, Esplanade, Ambleside - Plans and elevations for 4 floors.
Heatherley House, Esplanade, Ambleside - plans four floors and cellar.
Waterhead Pier - book stall plan for WH Smith.
Waterhead Range - plans and elevations for bathroom extension.
WDB 133/2/4Windermere: Heathwaite; Oakthwaite Road; Oakthwaite; Thornton Terrace; Limethwaite Road;Park Road; Park Avenue.- Plans etc re:-
- Cottages at Heathwaite for G. H Pattinson. Builder: G H. Pattinson
- Cottages, Oakthwaite Road, for G. H. Pattinson. Builder: G. H. Pattinson
- 36 Oakthwaite for G. H. Pattinson. Architect: Haigh, Kendal. Builder: G H Pattinson
- Houses and cottages off Limethwaite Road. For G H Pattinson. Builder: G H Pattinson
- Cottages, Thornton Terrace. For G H Pattinson. Builder: G H Pattinson
- Houses on Park Road and Park Avenue. For G H Pattinson. Builder: G H Pattinson
WDB 133/2/5Windermere: Heathwaite, Thornton Terrace, Park Road, Park Ave, Linethwaite Road, Thornthwaite, Lane Heads, Hazel Bank, Queens Park.- Plans etc, re following properties in Windermere:-
- Cottages and houses at Heathwaite (some on corner of Thornton Terrace) and including Ellerays Cottages, for G. H. Pattinson
- Houses on Park Road for G. H. Pattinson, including site plans of building estate and Mawson Houses. Architect: Joseph Pattinson
- Houses on Park Avenue. For G H Pattinson
- Mission, Limethwaite Road
- Limethwaite and Thornthwaite
- Lane Heads
- Hazel Bank. For the late Mrs Longmire
- Site plan, Park Road. For Mr R Elleray
- Site plan for 4 houses and 2 shops, Thornton Terrace.
- Site plan of 2 pairs of houses, overlooking Queens Park
WDB 133/2/15Windermere: Brook Road, Holly Road, Woodlands Road, South Crescent, West Crescent, Princes Road; Hawkshead: Sawrey.- Plans etc. re:-
- Houses on Brook Road, Windermere for Mr F. R. Hargreaves, G. H. P. and Messrs Hargreaves & Pattinson, Mr. Airey, R. G. Pattinson. Architects name where given S. Cooper Pattinson
- Detached house, Brook Road, for G. H. P.. nd. (Note: on waxed paper, torn)
- Unspecified property. undated
- House no.5 on proposed new road South Crescent, Rayrigg Estate, Windermere, for Messrs. Pattinson. Architects: Walker, Carter & Walker
- Holly Road and Woodland Road, Windermere, including proposed stables, for J. A. Pattinson. Architect where named is Jos. Pattinson
- House larder and Coals house, West Crescent, Windermere, for R. C. Sharp
- Houses on Princes Road, Windermere, for G. H. P.. Architect Jos. Pattinson. (Note, waxed paper. Fragile)
- Proposed store, Sowler's Tower, Sawrey, Hawkshead, for G. H. P.. Architects Walker, Carter & Walker
WDB 35/1/3Red Bottom, AmblesideBuilding sites at Red Bottom, plans only.
Owner: unknown; tenure: unknown.
WDB 133/2/69Details not yet receivedKendal
WDB 133/2/187Storrs: Cannon CragElevations of house; plan of gateway; details of cornices, ceilings, arches, stairs, doors, spout irons, leaded window.1904Kendal
WDB 35/1/48Ambleside, Grasmere, Langdales, WindermereBridge Holme, Bird House, Royal Oak Inn, cottage.
Owner: unknown; tenure: unknown.

Stool End House, Middle Fell Place, Blea Tarn, Royal Oak Inn, cottages and barns inclosures and allotments. With plans.
Owner not known; tenure not known

Langdales Stool End Estate farm house, land and stock. Middle Fell Place, house, buildings and land. Blea Tarn with house buildings land and lake. Bird House inclosure and meadow. With plans.
Owner not named. Freehold.

Windermere Several cottages and barns adjacent, Honey Pot Allotment. Bishop's Plantation allotment and another in Applethwaite. With plans.
Owner not named. Part customaryhold. Part Freehold.
24 Aug 1875Kendal
WDB 35/1/1Ambleside and GrasmereFields, meadow and closes, Ambleside.
Owner not known; tenure not known.
Also: Grasmere Blind Tarn Gill Farm, Gill Side Farm, High Barn - building green - close with building nine parcels of land close - "Paddock" or "Brow" Lily Pot. With plans
Property in Chancery. Customary in margins fee to the manor of Grasmere.
17 Jul 1860Kendal
WDB 133/2/26Skelwith: Huyton Hill, Pullwoods, Brathay- Plans etc., re:
- Huyton Hill, Pullwoods, Brathay, for W J Crossley, Esq., and A M Sing, Esq.. Architects named: G. F. Armitage, Stamford, Altrincham and Dan Gibson, Windermere. Includes building contract between W J Crossley and G. H. Pattinson.
- Insurance policy, London Assurance, between GH Pattinson of Elim Grove and WJ Crossley of Glenfield, Altrincham.
WDB 35/1/11Grove Estate, AmblesideThe Grove Estate, houses and Styriggs, The Rookery between Salutation Hotel and Stock Bank also building lots, grazing and stockland and grazing runs.
Owner :not known; tenure: not known.
WDX 1643File of miscellaneous letters sent to Westmorland and other addresses concerning legal mattersAlso includes a number of other miscellaneous letters sent to address in Saint Austell, Nantwich, Worcester, Yorkshire, Derby, London and Dublin1818-1856Kendal
WDB 35/1/10AmblesideLand and building sites at The Roods, Rothay Bridge, Clappersgate, Seat How Meadow, Low Moss Close, Pull Field, Cowperthwaite Intake.
Owener: unknown; tenure: unknown.
WDS 7Ambleside Kelsick Endowed and National Schools1872-1953Kendal
WDB 133/2/106Windermere: Storrs ParkPlans etc. re. building work at Storrs Park, Windermere including house for Lady Riddell [now known as Storrs Hill]19th century-20th centuryKendal
WDB 133/2/14Windermere: Cannon Crag and Storrs- Plans etc. re:-
- Proposed wash-house at Canon Crag, Storrs, for Mr. A. Stephenson. Architect: Geo. Pattinson
- Cannon Crag, Storrs. nd
- House at Storrs, 1903. Architects: Jos. Pattinson and Scott Pattinson
- Potting shed & greenhouse at house at Storrs. Architect: Jos. Pattinson
- House and land at Storrs
WQ/RLT/Kendal/1Kendal Ward: AmblesideAmbleside; 1773; 1809, 1823, 1830, 1831.1773-1831Kendal
WDB 133/2/81Bowness-on-Windermere: Beech Hill HotelPlans etc., re. building work at the Beech Hill Hotel, Newby Bridge Road, Bowness-on-Windermereundated (19th century-20th Century)Kendal
WDB 133/2/12Windermere: Langdale Chase HotelPlans etc. re The Langdale Chase Hotel, for Mrs. Dalzell. Architects given names are Bannatyne Lewis, 17 Chepstow Crescent, London; Walker, Carter & Walker; Malcom G. Shaw, 45 Highgate, Kendal1930-1935Kendal
WDB 133/2/45Bowness-on-Windermere, Windermere and Hawkshead- Site plan of 5 lots at Bowness-on-Windermere, near Bowness School. nd
- Plans & elevations for a drill hall at Windermere, nd, Architect W. L. Mason
- Details for floors at Linthwaite (Keswick or Kendal). For G. H. P..nd
- Proposed 3 bedroom detached cottage called Rayrigg Meadow Cottage, Miller Ground, Bowness/Windermere
- Note from Windermere Urban District Council to GHP
- Property in Hawkshead area. Architect: Raymond Jay
- Belsfield Hotel. Architect: James A Roberts, Rotunda, Birmingham
- Meter and Recorder House for Dubbs Reservoir
- Urinal in Pavillion at Queens Park, Windermere. Architect: F Carlisle, Needham
- Detached house at Cunsey. For Mrs Gill. Architect: Joseph Pattinson
- Conversion of office workshop into dwelling on New Road, Windermere. For Stanley Davies. Architect: Donald Haigh, Kendal
- Cottage on the Oldfield Estate, Windermere. Architect: W L Mason
- Bungalow situated on the junction with Newby Bridge Road, Storrs Park, Bowness. For John Whitehead. Architect: R Dobson
WDB 133/2/275Sizergh Castle; Bowness - Glebe Road Car parkSpecification and bill of quantities for south lodge; Sizergh Castle Client: H. Hornyold-Strickland .
Specification for conveniences at Glebe Road Car park, Bowness. Client: WUDC.
WDX 317/5Postcard of Old Mill, Amblesideundated [circa 1900]Kendal
WDRC/8/289Ambleside below Stock tithe map and apportionmentApportionment stored separately (k/1/2/9)7 Dec 1838Kendal
WDRC/6/1/1Ambleside bishops' transcripts1795-1806Kendal
WDRC/6/1/2Ambleside bishops' transcripts1806-1812Kendal
WDRC/6/1/3Ambleside bishops' transcripts1813-1820Kendal
WDRC/6/1/4Ambleside bishops' transcripts1821-1825Kendal
WDRC/6/1/5Ambleside bishops' transcripts1826-1830Kendal
WDRC/6/1/6Ambleside bishops' transcripts1831-1835Kendal
WDRC/6/1/7Ambleside bishops' transcripts1836-1840Kendal
WDRC/6/1/8Ambleside bishops' transcripts1841-1845Kendal
WDRC/6/1/9Ambleside bishops' transcripts1846-1850Kendal
WDRC/6/1/10Ambleside bishops' transcripts1851-1854Kendal
WDRC/6/1/11Ambleside bishops' transcripts1856-1860Kendal
WDRC/6/1/12Ambleside bishops' transcripts1861-1870Kendal
WDRC/6/1/13Ambleside bishops' transcripts1871-1876Kendal
WQ/AB/40Bond in £2321. Robert Clark, John Clark, Thomas Jackson all of Grasmere, wallers, John Mackereth of Ambleside, yeoman, John Danson of Pickhow in Bloth, Ulverston, Lancashire, farmer.

2. Richard Shepherd Stephenson, gent., Clerk of Peace for Westmorland.

- for maintenance of bridge over Stock, which divides parishes of Windermere and Grasmere, at Ambleside, (built for £116) for 7 years.
29 Aug 1833Kendal
WQ/AH/30Highway Diversions: Church Street & Rothay Bridge (Ambleside)Diversion of highway, Church Street and Rothay Bridge, Ambleside:

Plans by John Fleming, surveyor, of Ambleside (scales 100 links/1 chain to 2 inches), October 1877 (2 copies);

Letter from J. Fleming to Surveyor of Highways, 11 October 1877;

Notice of vestry meeting, 13 October 1877;

Minutes of vestry meeting, 18 October 1877 (2 copies);

Consent of Godfrey Rhodes of Rothay Holme, landowner (with sketch map attached) 3 November 1877;

Notice, 3 November 1877;

Deposition of witnesses, 4 December 1877;

Certificate of 2 Justices, 4 December 1877;

Accompanying solicitors' letter, 4 December 1877;

Order, 4 January 1878;

Certificate of 2 Justices on completion, 23 March 1878.
WQ/RI/8Inclosure Award: AmblesideBird House Common Field, Ambleside. Act: 18361853Kendal
WQ/RTT/1Turnpike Trusts: Ambleside accounts1846, 1859Kendal
WDX 468/5List of lands bought from George Fisher by George Browne, both of Ambleside, in public sale 29 Jan 1744Land: Chapel Close for £100 5s; High Holmes for £60 7s 6d; Demidal, Great High Parrock and Little High Parrock for £89 5s; Snikey Close and Snikey Moss Lane for £73 8s. Total £323 5s 6d.1744Kendal
WDX 468/3Mortgage in fee1. George Fisher of Fisher Beck, Ambleside, tanner
William Fisher of Ambleside, yeoman
2. Agnes Boadle of Whitehaven, Cumberland, widow
Premises: all those closes of arable, meadow, pasture, and wood called High Holmes, Hoghouse Close, Great High Parrocks, Little High Parrocks, Dimmadels, Steel Close, Flesh Craggs, Pinch Craggs, Snikey Mosse Land, 10 Grasses on the fell with appurtenances, in Ambleside, of Richmond Fee.
Yearly rent of 13s 4d with accustomed services; deed to be void upon payment of £270 16s 8d by 1. to 2. by February next.
Consideration: £260.
Witnesses: Edward Newby, James Walker, George Ellis.
Endorsement: 3 May 1744 of receipt from George Brown and Robert Partridge, both of Ambleside, yeoman, of £260 with interest in return for which 2. relinquishes to them all rights to premises and promises to execute assignment of mortgage deed when required.
Witnesses: Lancelot Dobsonm George Ellis, William Fisher.
14 Aug 1741Kendal
WDX 468/2Conveyance1. Thomas Dummer of the Inner Temple, London, esquire
2. William Fisher of Fisherbeck, Ambleside, yeoman
Premises: all those closes of arable, meadow, wood and pasture comprising closes called Old Helmes, Chapel Close, High Holmes, Demedal, Little High Parrock, Great High Parrock, Steel Close, Flesh Craggs, Pinch Craggs, and all land called Snikey Mosse Land and 11 Fell Grasses, with appurtenances, all in Ambleside, Grasmere, parcel of Richmond Fee and part of pews belonging to Thomas Dummer in parochial chapel of Ambleside in proportion to salary of 12s 7 1/2d payable to minister, but reserving for himself the two front pews near communion table for which Thomas Dummer is to pay 8s salary yearly to minister.
Annual payments to be made: customary rent of £1 7s 6 1/2d; free rent of 2s 4 1/2d; 6s 9d being part of prescription money; all other prescriptions due to parson of Grasmere; salary of 12s 7 1/2d to minister of parochial chapel of Ambleside; all accustomed duties to be incurred from 15 April next.
Consideration: £448.
Witnesses: Benjamin Browne, William Rowlandson, Christopher Browne.
Endorsement: 10 July 1728 - allwoed at court baron, Alan Chambre, steward.
28 Dec 1727Kendal
WDX 468/1Conveyance1. William Brathwait of Lanefoot, Ambleside, tailor
2. James Fisher of Fisherbeck, Ambleside, yeoman
Premises: all those two closes of arable, meadow, waste, wood and depasturing ground called Skelgill and the little wood close called Skelgill Head with adjoining grounds containing approximately three acres in Skelgill and adjoining the west side of one close belonging to James Fisher called Jenkin Close and parcel of Richmond Fee and parcel of tenement of James Fisher at Lanefoot, the whole tenement having an annual rent of 6s 8d previously in possession of Edward Brathwait, late father of William, of Ambleside, now in possession of James Fisher or undertenants: annual rent of 10d; 1 1/2d to incumbent of Windermere towards field tithe; accustomed services.
Covenant: any further assurance upon reasonable request during next seven years.
Consideration: £13 2s 6d.
Witnesses: William Jackson, George Satterstyn, Christopher Birkett.
Endorsement: 27 September 1676 - seen and allowed, Richard Rowlendson, deputy steward.
20 May 1676Kendal
WDX 468/4Conveyance1. George Fisher of Fisher Beck, Ambleside, tanner
2. George Browne of Ambleside, yeoman
Premises: all those closes of arable, meadow, wood, and pasture called Chapel Close, High Holmes, Demedal, Little High Parrock, Great High Parrock, and Steel Close, Snikey Moss Lane, 4 Fell Grasses and three seats in chapel of Ambleside comprising one mans seat adjoining pew belonging to Rydal Hall on the west and two womens seats behind south east door with appurtenances, in Ambleside, parcel of Richmond Fee.
Annual payments to be made: customary rent of 14s 1/4d; free rent of 1s 2 1/4d; 3s 4 3/4d being part of prescription money; all other prescriptions due to parson of Grasmere; salary of 5s 10 1/2d to minister of parochial chapel of Ambleside; all accustomed duties to be incurred from 15 April next.
Consideration: £323 5s 6d.
Witnesses: Michael Knott, Lancelot Dobson.
Endorsement: 15 June 1747, that deed was presented at manor court of Ambleside, W Armitage, steward.
29 Mar 1744Kendal
WDX 468/6Conveyance1. George Mackereth of Ambleside, yeoman
2. Arthur Mackereth junior of Ambleside, yeoman
Premises: all that messuage and tenement with appurtenances which George Mackereth purchased from George Arey of Ambleside, yeoman, in Ambleside, parcel of Richmond Fee, with yearly rent of 6s 6d and all those closes, dales, and parcels of arable, meadow, wood, and waste comprising closes called Yew Knolls, Yew Greens which George Mackereth purchased from Edward Parres of Ambleside, yeoman, Hollow Ash, Plant Grass, Rigg Yale, all parcels of land which George Mackereth purchased from David Arey, deceased, in Seathwaite and Low Stield, except for half a rood of meadow called Little Bowthwaite, all rights in Skandall Close, Skandall Loan and Three Fell Grasses and all houses which George Mackereth purchased from David Arey with orchards, gardens, waste ground and appurtenances, all in Ambleside, of Richmond Fee.
Yearly rent of 3s 4d, with accustomed services.
Covenant: any further assurance upon reasonable request during next seven years.
Consideration: £220.
Witnesses: William Sawrey, Thomas Mackereth, Michael Mackereth, George Cumpston, Thomas Knott.
30 Aug 1706Kendal
WDX 468/7Conveyance1. Margaret Mackereth of Ambleside above Stock, Grasmere, widow
2. John Mackereth of Ambleside above Stock, Grasmere, son of Margaret
Premises: all those closes of arable and pasture called High Close, Hogghouse Close (arable and woody ground) with house and Rough Sides (pasture), One Fell Grass, one parcel of meadow in Low Field containing approximately one rood and parcel of ground nearby called Hemp Rigg, with appurtenances in Ambleside, parcel of Richmond Fee.
Annual payments to be made: customary rent of 3s 1 1/2d; 1s 6 3/4d chapel salary; free rent of 1 1/4d; field tithe of 3 3/4d; all accustomed duties.
Covenent: any further assurance upon reasonable request during next seven years.
Consideration: £72 13s.
Witnesses: Anthony Mackereth, John Bateman, Robert Newton.
Endorsement: 15 June 1747, that deed was presented at manor court of Ambleside, W Armitage, steward.
Endorsement: premises described as 'Partridge and Gawen Braithwaites lands'.
19 Oct 1744Kendal
WDX 468/8Conveyance1. Anthony Mackereth of Ambleside below Stock, innkeeper
2. Thomas Jackson, son of William Jackson, of Waterhead
Premises: all those two closes of arable and pasture called Boathowses with appurtenances on Wansfellside below Stock, Ambleside, parcel of Richmond Fee, and woodmere
Annual payments to be made: customary rent of 1s 6d; salary of 5d to minister of parochial chapel of Ambleside; field tithe of 2 1/2d at accustomed times; all accustomed duties to be incurred from 15 April next.
Covenant: any further assurance upon reasonable request.
Consideration: £90 5s.
Witnesses: John Mackereth, Henry How, Robert Newton.
Endorsement: woodmere described as being in Kitty Scarr, dated 1732
13 Feb 1761Kendal
WDX 468/9Conveyance1. William Mackereth of Ambleside, gentleman
2. Arthur Mackereth of Ambleside, nephew of William, gentleman
Premises: all that messuage or tenement or buildings in Ambleside with appurtenances, parcel of Richmond Fee.
Payments to be made: yearly customary rent of 6s 7 1/4d; prescription of 7 3/4d in lieu of field tithe; salary of 2s 10 1/4d to minister of Ambleside.
Covenant: any further assurance upon reasonable request.
Consideration: £200.
Witnesses: Thomas Ellis, James Benson.
Endorsement: memorandum May 1844 recording sale of Newfield and Out-brow to Mr Coombs in return for apportioned rent of 1s for former and 3d for latter.
19 Dec 1795Kendal
WDX 947/107Photograph of Rowan Foot, AmblesideTaken by Rupert Potter25 Aug 1913Kendal
WDX 317/1Postcard of Ambleside from Loughriggundated [circa 1900]Kendal
WDX 317/6Postcard of The Knoll, Amblesideundated [circa 1900]Kendal
WDX 317/8Postcard of Fox Ghyll, Amblesideundated [circa 1900]Kendal
WDTEBrowne Family of Townend, TroutbeckPapers of several generations of the family. Some papers are of an official nature, eg High Constable's papers. Other papers relate to the administration of the estate, farming, household accounts, etc.
Ambleside, Great and Little Langdale, Kendal, Staveley (W), Troutbeck (W) and Windermere; estate and family papers including Birkett of Troutbeck (18-19th cents.), Barony of Kendal (1675-1747), Troutbeck parish records (1695-1887); 1534-1942.
[Note: the bound manuscripts are mainly 17th and 18th cent. with a few 16th and 19th cent. See: Historical Manuscripts Commission Tenth Report, Appendix, Part IV (1885)].
16th-19th centuryKendal
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