Place codePAX140
Full place name entryKirkby Stephen/Kirkby Stephen/East Ward/Westmorland
Place NameKirkby Stephen
Area2Kirkby Stephen
Area3East Ward
Grid RefNY7708

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WDB 135/1/113Nateby, Kirkby Stephen: Ridding House FarmRidding House Farm, Nateby, comprising welling House, farm buildings and land. Includes grazing rights on Nateby Fell.

Tenant: Mr. William Alderson

Field Names: High and Low Intack, near Blue Grass, Mallerstang.

No plans.
WDB 135/1/362Kirkby Stephen: Trainriggs FarmTrainriggs Farm, Kirkby Stephen, comprising dwellinghouse, buildings and land. Sale includes fishing rights in River Eden

Tenant: Mr. W. I. Sowerby

No plans

Cultivation specified.
WDB 135/1/498Kirkby Stephen: Enterber FarmEnterber Farm, Kirkby Stephen, comprising dwelling house, outbuildings and land. Freehold and customary tenure.

Occupier: Mr. Charles Graham.

Field Names: Thawath, and land on south side of Soulby Road.

No plans.
ZS/818Haybess Farm, Kirkby Stephen, to let.On microfilm.1824Barrow
WDBS/3/1Ordnance Survey books of reference.Askham, Bampton, Barton, Beetham, Brough, Cliburn, Crosby Ravensworth, Kirkby Stephen, Kirkby Thore, Ormside, Orton, Shap.1859-1861Kendal
WDX 1290Map of North Westmorland ManorsMap showing boundaries of manors of Appleby, Brampton, Brough, Dufton, Great Ormside, Kirkby Stephen, Little Asby, Milburn & Milburn Grange, Manor of Forest of Oglebird and Lordship of Mallerstang.undatedKendal
WDB 135/1/676Kirkby Stephen and RavenstonedaleTwo Small estates, Kirkby Stephen and Ravenstonedale. Comprising farms, land and 6 stints in Murthwaite Park and fell rights.

Farm Names: Waitby Farm, Waitby. Murthwaite Farm, Ravenstonedale.

Tenant names: Mr. F. Aimes. Mr. William Hunter. Mr. G. F. Onslow

Properties: The Pack Horse Temperance Hotel, Kirkby Stephen. Shop and Warehouses, Kirkby Stephen.

Field names and Locations: near Haber House, Burblet, near Railway Bridge. Sandriggs Field.

With plans.
WDB 135/1/574Warcop and Kirkby Stephen: Tarn Moor Farm.Tarn Moor Farm, Bleat Tarn, Warcop, freehold and part copyhold. Comprising dwellig house, out builidngs and land. Also an enclosure of Pasture Land known as "Sandwath", on the Soulby Road near Kirkby Stephen, and a freehold allotment on Kirkby Stephen Common.

Occupiers: Mr. John Clark. Mrs. Murray

No plans.
WDB 135/1/749Soulby: Crossbar View FarmCrossbar View Farm, Soulby, near Kirkby Stephen. res Mrs. Hannah Jackson deceased. Comprises dwelling house, farm buildings and land. Freehold tenure.
Purchaser: Jonathan Tarn, Birkdale, Middleton-in-Lonsdale.
Tenant: Allan Jackson.
Field Names: Bull Copy, Great Middlegills, Middlegills, Hallcroft Ends, Short Middlegills, Washber Hill and Bottom, Sessfield, Tothman, Wybergh Lands, Sandriggs, Sandriggs Mask, Gibson's Mask, Bainbridge Mask.
No plans.
WDB 135/1/572Ravenstonedale and Kirkby Stephen: estatesValuable estates in Ravenstonedale and Kirkby Stephen Parishes, including farms and other properties.

Farm Names: Waitby Farm, Town Head Farm, Ravenstonedale Town Head Farm, Midtown Farm, Ashfield Farm, Ashfell Farm, Bowber Head Farm, Bleaflatt Farm, Lockholme Foot Farm (Piper Hole), Studfold Farm with stint in Murthwaite Park, Lockholme Hall Farm, Gars Hill Farm, Town Head Farm, Trainriggs Farm,

Property Names: Gars Hill Cottage,

Field Names: Garth, Josey Field, Pasture Hill, Low Field, Hold Garth, Josey Pasture, Seed Field, New Field, Limekiln Allotment, Wisber, Hobson Close, Quarry Close, Low Field, Back Pasture, Great Gunnerside, Little Gunnerside, High Intack Allotment, Common Allotment, Fallow Field, Town Head Garth, Floody Bottom, Fir Plantations &c., Fir Close, Middle Close, High Close, Middle Field, High Pasture, Wye Garth Field, Wye Garth Pasture, Tailor Willie, Big Croft, Little Croft, Far Croft, Tolmains, Parrock, Thornthwaite, Calf Parrock, Little Field, Brunt Hill, Egg Field, Cow Pasture, Dent Field, Roger Bottom, Islands, Hugh Close, Clay Lands, Back Field, Keld Syke Pasture, Keld Syke, Back Field, Rabbit Pasture, Danby Pasture, Danby Field, Out Rake, Calf Garth, Weatherpot Garth, Middle Flat, Great Field, Long Bottom, Keld Sykes, High Bell, Wet Hill, Jonathan Hill, Challage Close, Near Scar, Top Scar, Low Scar, Undergate, Undergate Pasture, Common Scandal Ing, Bottom Field, Bottoms Pasture, Water Keld, Scandal Ing, Cleaning Close, High Burn Hills, Low Burn Hills, Horse Pasture, Common Hall, Flass Field, Wet Bottom, Scar, Stays Brow, Old Field, Buck Pasture, Bull Copy, Water Keld, Sarah Close, Middle Field, High Field, Low Stintings, High Stintings, Far Field, Crooklands Pasture, Hoydle Bottom, Burn Hills, Doubles Close, High Pasture, Front Pasture, Quarry Field, Shed Close, Limekiln Field, Narrow Pasture, Little Pasture, Piper Hole Field, Great Bottom, Little Bottom, High Meadow, Little Meadow, Rough Pasture, Bell Field, Cow Close, Big Parrock, Ings, Harter Fell Pasture, Home Field, The Hill, Long Intake, Middle Pasture, Far Field, Kiln Field, Chamberlains Bottom, Bent Hill, Green Pasture, Green Field, Birks Close, Tarn Holme, Chamberlains Earth, Chamberlains Bank, Chamberlains Pasture, Brunt Hills, Back Side, Sandriggs Field, Greystone Field,

Road names: Old Coach Road, Occupation Road,

Owner,tenant,occupier,purchaser names: Mr. John Clarke. Mr. James Metcalfe. Mr. Robert Todd, Crosby Lodge, Crosby Ravensworth. Mr. James Akrigg Bainbridge. Mr. John William Moore. John Fawcett, Croft House, Ravenstonedale. Mr. Frederick Whitfield. The late Mr. J. Metcalfe's Representatives. Mr. Michael Akrigg. Thos. H. Pratt, Rookby Scarth, Kirkby Stephen. Mr. J. W. Handley. Messrs. Holmes & Henry Handley. Mr. William Bousfield. Mr. William Longstaff Wharton. Mr. John Henry Bennett. Mr. Joseph Capstick. J. W. Fothergill. Mr. Airey. Mr. Metcalfe Gibson. J. Brunskill. Mr. George Slinger. Mr Fothergill High Sheriff of Westmorland. Mr. J. A. Leach. Mr. Joseph Jackson, Senr.. T. W. Jackson, Stockton on Tees. Messrs. A. Bell & Sons. Richard Wharton, Wharton. Mrs. Murray. Mr. Murray, North Road, Kirkby Stephen. Mr. R. A. Brunskill. W. Rees, Solicitor. the Misses Hutchinson. Mr. Gibson Warwick.

With plans.
WDS 61Kirkby Stephen [National] Primary SchoolThe National elementary school for boys opened in Kirkby Stephen in 1868. Girls were admitted in 1870. Under the terms of the 1870 Education Act a School Board for Kirkby Stephen and Hartley was formed in 1874 which assumed responsibility for elementary education in the area. The Board erected new school premises which opened in 1877. The Board's responsibility passed to the County Council after the passing of the Balfour's Education Act in 1902.
Log book, 1868-1932 (5); Admission register, 1877-1967 (8); Summary register, 1944-1956 (3); Managers' minute book, 1917-1931; Box of Time Project, 1999-2000
WDB 35/1/12Edengrove Estate, Appleby; Kirkby Stephen, Kirkby ThoreEdengrove, mansion, grounds and farm; Northend Farm, house and buildings;Peatgates Farm, Bolton; Enclosure land and cottage.
Owner not named, tenure not defined.
Also Kirkby Stephen Line-Holmes Farm, Rookby Scarth Farm. With plans.
Owner not named. Tenure not defined.
Also: Kirkby Thore Enclosures - part of Spread Eagle Farm. With plans.
Owner not named, tenure not defined.
18 Dec 1872Kendal
WDB 35/1/129Ravenstonedale and Kirkby StephenRavenstonedale Stouphillgate Farm, Sandwath Farm with Windross pasture, Station Pasture, Weasdale farm, Gars Fields, Townhead Farm, Greenhead Farm. With plans (loose at end).
Owned by late G. M. Beck. Freehold.

Kirkby Stephen Smardale Hall Farm, Smardale Mill, accommodation land, Overbrow Wood. With plans.
Owner late G. M. Beck. Freehold.
24 Jun 1961Kendal
WDX 882Westmorland post cardsPost cards and photographs of Westmorland including 4 albums relating to the Kirkby Stephen and surrounding area, Crosby Garret, Kirkby Stephen, Appleby in Westmorland and Penrith area, Warcop area, the Lake District and the Furness Area.

Includes postcards and photographs of Mardale and Haweswater Reservoir under construction.

Photographs: staff and pupils of Crosby Garrett School 1924-1941, many including evacuees are named

Photocopy of list of gravestone inscriptions in St. Andrew's Churchyard, Crosby Garrett, compiled with index
19th century-20th CenturyKendal
ZS/691Rounthwaite Farm to let; Haybess, Kirkby Stephen to let.On microfilm.1825Barrow
WDB 135/1/182Kirkby Stephen: Wharton Hall EstateWharton Hall Estate, Kirkby Stephen, comprising historical Mansion, gatehouse, 2 field houses and land. Includes timber, and Fell Rights on part of Birkett Common, and Wharton Fell and Nateby Fell, flock of 400 Swaledale Ewes and 150 hoggs

Field Names: Low Park, Pump Hill, Pasture Bottom, Pasture Brow, Mire Close, Corn Close, Sleighgate Hill, Wood Bottom, Laundry Bottom, Bull Copy, Crow Garth, Nettle Garth, Wood Bottom, Thring Hill, Nateby Park, Thring Hill Park, Hedswood, High Park, High Park Severence.

Cultivation specified.

Owner Occupier: W. M. Williamson, Esq.


No plans.
WDB 135/1/558Great Musgrave, Soulby, Little Musgrave, Beatarn, Hartley, Kirkby Stephen: Freehold Estates and valuable Manors.Freehold Estates and manors. Kirkby Stephen District.
Musgrave and Soulby: Little Musgrave Farm,Hall Garth,Blandswath Farm,Rudd Hills Farm,Soulby Fold Farm,Soulby Mill,Manors of Great Musgrave,Soulby,Little Musgrave,Bleatarn.
Hartley and Nateby:Hartley Fold Farm and Mill,Hartley Castle,Lockthwaite Farm,Manors of Hartley,Kirkby Stephen

Field Names:MusgraveField House Close,Far or High New Ing,Near or Low New Ing,Town Gate,Wheat Close,Home Pasture,Little Town End Garth,Great Town End Garth,Croft Hill,Sodds,Long Close,Hill,Little Hill,Brow Side,Eller's End,Elliot's End,Intake Hill Allotment,Occupation Road,Scaw and Lead Banks,Swindale Beck,New Close,Cow Pasture,Hoghouse Field,High Nursery Wood,High Bottoms,Horse Close Wood,Little Heaning Croft,Horse Close,Leases,Part of Middle Hill,Heaning Moor,Part of Heaning Wood,Lofterns Hill, Loughtern Wood,Winton Hill,Winton Hill Wood,Winton Hill Bottom,
Haining Wood,Belah Holme,Pate Hagg, Low Nursery Wood,Bottoms,Rowbars,Flatts,Wood near Church,Swillands or Swillings,Sandy Holme,Meadow Holme,Pasture Holme,Little Holme,Calf Garth,Sunny Brow,Little Nook,Long Close,Far Blands,Side Lands,Whinney,Holme Pasture,Thistley Hill,Far Field, Longholme, Field Holme,Middleholme,Horse Close,Highholme,New Close,Low Calf Garth,High Calf Garth,Little Wheat Field,Byrestead Hill,Great Byresteads,Nettle PotStrutforth Side Allotment,High Mires,Middle Mires,Low Mires, Haber Pool,Taylor's Allotment,Mask Allotment,Tewfill Hill Allotment

Field Names:WintonFar Wintin Hill Bottom

Field Names:Soulby Crossbers,Back Crossbers,West Ings,Low Wheat Field,Low West Ings,Cow Close Allotment,Blind Beck Bottom,Blind Beck Hill,Three Nook Field,Low Broad or Blady Gills,Field House Close, Far Whinney Hill,Near and Middle Whinney Hills,Back of Hill,Calf Close,Great Water Furrs Close,Low Cale,Back Crossbers,Low Bottom,Willows,Mill End Close,Beckside,Calvert Croft,Wyber Hill,Beckfoot Lane,Little Totheman adjoining Sikeside Lane,Croddale,Great Totheman,Waitlands,High Crake Foot,Crake Foot, Codgy Bank Allotment,Strutforth Hill Allotment,Tebay's Mask Allotment,Soulby Mask,Little Allotment

Field Names:Hartley:Gramscar,Pod Gill,Great and Little Banks,Mistress Garth,Bull Copy,Occupation Road,Merry Gill,Low Out Wood,Out Wood End,Park and Great Hills,Hartley Park,Park Green,Pod Gill Wood,Low Moses,High Moses,Ewebank Scar,Little Out Wood Field,High Outwood,Dent's Bottom,,Dent's Brow,High Out Wood,Hog Close,Out Wood Meadow,Low Out Wood Head,Flosh,Middle Bottom,Riggs,Ladthwaite Bottom,Yeamy Close,Middle Duckerdale Pasture,High Duckerdale Pasture.
Hartley Croft:Hartley High Mill and Garth,Mill Garth.

Field Names:Nateby:Wheat Close,Great Ridding,Little Ridding,The Wood,Hesket,Kingston,Millflatts,Little Artlebar,Robinson's Field,Great Artlebar,Calf Paddock,Holme Close,The Wood,Nateby Cow Close,Lockthwaite Croft

Properties with Tithe Rent Charges:
MusgraveSoulby Glebe Land,Hull Bank Farm,farm and land in Little Musgrave,land nearMusgrave Bridge,Ploughlands Farm,Low Hall Farm,Smithfield Farm,Grassgill Farm,Tewfill Hill Farm,Wood House.

HartleyEden Mount,Ivy Cottage,Collingwood, Hartley,New Bridge,Sandlands,Kirkbanks,Tweddle,Myrtle Cottage,Eden Place,Beckwarden,Croft King,Slap Gap,Whingill,Winton,West End.

Names of owners, occupiers, tenants and purchasers:
Mr.Henry Coward.Messrs.T.&J.Lancaster.Mr.J.W. Harrison.Mr.Robt.Watson.Messrs. W. & T. Balmer.Mr.Hugh Carrick.J.W.Gregson.John Edward Spence.Mr.Nelson, Bousfield.Mr.Michael Robinson.

Rev.J.W.Ashton.Wm.Hodgson.Mr.Fothergill.Edward Hall.Mrs. Fothergill.Mrs.P.Rudd.G.E.Thompson.Mrs.Owen.Wm Bird.M.Shadwick.North Eastern Rly.Co..G.Awde.Mrs.Mason.Col.H.P.Farraday.Miss Irving.W.Harker.Jas.Fawcett.M.D.Kilburn.Mrs.Burrell.Mrs.Cleaseby.Wm.Longrigg.Mrs.Horsfield.Mrs.Robertson.H.Elsom.Wm Davis.John Yare.Robt. Harker.W Harker.James White.T. Campbell.F.Thompson.T.Davis.Dr.Walker.J.R.Sowerby.Thomas Dalton. P.Savage

Mr. Bainbridge.Rodger Bell.R.Dent.Geo. Metcalfe.John Ellwood.Toppin Hall.John Longstaff.Mrs. Bellas.J.Lowis.J.Hastwell.R.Bousfield.M.Bousfield.R.Mason.J.W.Braithwaite.Mrs Allan.R.Burrell.Wm Broderick.J.T.Graham.Coward Bros..Wm Rees.Mrs Faulkner.Johnson,-.Harker&Morland.C.Harker.Miss Illingworth.J.Marston.John Hastwell.Col.H.P.Mason,Eden Place.E.Murray.Wm Richardson.Walter Hanson

Mr. Miles Bateman,How Hill, Greystoke,(late ofMains House,Pooley).Dr.Grainger,Durham.Mr.J.Udale,Ormside Hall. Mr.W.Rees,Solicitor,Kirkby Stephen.Mr.Marmaduke Kilburn,Soulby.Mr.Isaac Bainbridge.Mr.H.Soulby.Mr.R.B.Thompson.Stobars Hall.Mr.G.Alderson,Soulby.Mr.M.Kilburn,Soulby.Mr.H.ParkSoulby.Mr.G.J.Beaumont,Coggeshall,Essex.,Mr.G.M.Beck,The LaneRavenstonedale.Mr.A.MacDonald,Irving/Iring,Hertfordshire.Mr.J.Dent.Mr.Abraham ChapmanAsby.Mr.R.G.Waine,Soulby.Includes plans and photographs.
WDB 135/1/682Kirkby Stephen and RavenstonedaleKirkby Stephen and Ravenstonedale

Farms:Furrow Green Farm.Croup House Farm. Low House Farm. Bullgill Farm. Wharton Dykes Farm. The Easgill Head Farm. High and Low Flass Farms.

Field Names: Charley Brow. Charley Field. High Pasture, Little Pasture. Greenlaw. Benty. Low Pasture. Little Field. Well Close, Yordigill. Little Yordigill. Far Pasture, Middle Pasture, Fore Croup, Back Croup, Little Croup. Moor Bank, Kelsey Croft, The Acre, Home Croft, Low Parrock, Nook Pasture, Yordy Gill, Near Plough Field, Far Plough Field, Salt Pie Barn, Ashflint, High Pasture Plantation. Calf Garth. Plough Field, Calf Parrock. Hamilton. Moss Field, Pump Hill, Bullgill, Low Pasture, Garth, Nineberg, First Field, Second Field, Third Field, High Barn Field. Home Croft. Yarber Bottom, Hugginson Pasture, High Meadow, Three Nooked Field, Old Field. Roamber. High Intake Plantation. High Intake. Luckiln. Josey Field, Pasture Hill, Low Field, Hold Garth. Josey Pasture, Seed Field, New Field, Lime-kiln Allotment. Wisber. Hobson Close, Quarry Close, Peel House. Back Pasture. Pasture Hill. Great Gunnerside, Little Gunnerside. High Intack Allotment, Common Allotment. Little Close. Home Pasture, Bank. Well Field. Nether Field, Far Crooks, Near Crooks. Wood House, Fell Garth. Ralph Field. Poor Field, Shop Close. Hollow Close, Horse Pasture. Long Field. Far Field. Middle Dale.

Tenants: Mr. T. Morphet. Mr. William Morphet. Mr. Robert Wharton. Mr. Benn Akrigg. Mr, James Metcalfe. Mr. William Fothergill. Mr. J. W. Handley

Purchasers: Mr. W. Morphet. Mrs. R Horsfield, Wharton. Mr. Muckelt, Wharton. Mr. A. Metcalfe-Gibson, Ravenstonedale. Mr. Winder, Ravenstonedale.With plans.
WDX 1790Photographs of Kirkby Stephen and surrounding area; postcards of Kendal and Maulds Meaburncirca 1900Kendal
WDX 1824Thomas Nicholson, general trader, of Kirkby StephenAccount book1856-1877Kendal
WDSO 382Rotary Club of Upper EdenJubilee Cairn Time Capsule Archive including papers and photographs of the construction of the Cairn, the official unveling of the Cairn, September 2013, contents of the time capsule and Kirkby Stephen outline plan 2012. Plans of viewpoints from tte Cairn and Nine Standards Rigg.2012-2013Kendal
WDX 1846F W Parrot papers relating to OBE Certificate, photograph and newspaper cuttings relating to Frank Parrot's OBE. Frank Parrot was head teacher of Kirkby Stephen County School and Grammar School from 1925 to 1963.1965Kendal
WDX 1848Handbills from Westmorland Inns and Thomas Greenwood, flour merchant of Kendal and Pennington and Middleton, ironmongers of Windermere.Inns include Kings Head Inn, Appleby, Kings Arms, Kirkby Stephen, White Swan, Brough, Salutation Inn, Ambleside, Ferry Inn, Windermere, Kings Arms, Shap and Kings Arms, Patterdale.1826-1868Kendal
WDSO 185/5Waitby: project archive for water main, Waitby/Kirkby Stephen intakes: archaeological watching brief1996Kendal
WDX 1137Fawcett Family Papers1833-[1969]Kendal
WDX 1137/1Thomas Fawcett's sketch book of Kirkby StephenSketches, scenes and poems made by Thomas Fawcett in 1876, aged 70 years, are made from his memory of the town and depict Kirkby Stephen as it was in the early 19th Century [c.1817]. Each sketch has accompanying poem depicting the scene.
With at front a ground plan of Kirkby Stephen town.
WDEC 17/1/7N. Craddock United Charities for The Cresent, Kirkby Stephen Account Book1973-1975Kendal
WDSO 185/15Excavation and survey archive reportsButtermere pipeline (L8180) - transferred to CRO Whitehaven (ref: YDSO 39/18)1999-2002Kendal
WDEC 17Kirkby Stephen United Charities 1721-1978Kendal
WDASAnne and Alec Swailes papersSketches and portraits of family and friends, buildings and landscape in and around Kirkby Stephen
Located H/42/13/20 (1 box Kirkby Stephen drawings) and h/42/26/32
20th CenturyKendal
WDS 10Kirkby Stephen Grammar School1582-1987Kendal
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