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ZS/334John Walker, Cartmel,Shoemaker, assignment of stock etcetera.1807Barrow
BDX 190/2'Division 1'File containing papers relating to the schemes of divisional administration; annual reports; minutes of the Divisional Executive; correspondence; notes on schools.1972-15 February 1974Barrow
BDX 249/1Sales poster of coppice woodPrinted by J. Atkinson, Ulverston.1880Barrow
WDB 35/1/219Grange-over-Sands, Cartmel, Lancashire.Building land in Cartmel? and Grange-over-Sands. With plans.
Owner not named. Freehold.
12 Jul 1865Kendal
WDB 35/1/218The High, Cartmel, Lancashire.The High farm and land. Plans loose.
Joint owner George Cockerton. Freehold.
8 Aug 1865.Kendal
WDB 35/1/232Hazelwood Hypdropathic, Grange-over-Sands, Cartmel, LancashirePart of Hazelwood Hydropathic and companies land. Plan only.9 Apr 1888Kendal
WDB 35/1/234Yew Tree Farm, Allithwaite, Cartmel, Lancashire.Yew Tree Farm - Allithwaite. House, building land, and twelve separate fields. With plans.
Owner not named. Freehold.
31 Oct 1899Kendal
ZS/338Cartmel, Theatre Bills,"Berth-day".1811Barrow
ZS/815Cark Hall, Cartmel, to let.On microfilm.UndatedBarrow
ZS/330Cartmel Association,reward notice re thefts.1810Barrow
ZS/825Winders Hall, Cartmel, to let.On microfilm.1823Barrow
ZS/337Cartmel, Theatre Bills,"Macbeth".1811Barrow
ZS/332Cartmel, Speel Bank Estate,Bill re letting.1810Barrow
ZS/335Cartmel, Windermoor Embankment,men wanted.1807Barrow
ZS/328Cartmel, Beck Side Farm,Sale bill.1811Barrow
ZS/336Cartmel, Theatre Bills,"Adrian and Orsila".1811Barrow
ZS/333Cartmel, Swallowmire: Thomas Pattinson's "Matchem", stud advert.1808Barrow
ZS/327Cartmel, Backbarrow,Sale bill for cotton works, Brow Edge Farm etcetera.1807Barrow
ZS/977Cartmel, Towers, saddlemaker. Handbill.On microfilm.UndatedBarrow
ZS/841Newton (Cartmel). Assignment of Thomas Redhead to Jonathan Caddy.On microfilm.1825Barrow
ZS/705Ulverston, Oavey's assigment.On microfilm.1826Barrow
ZS/828Cartmel, Birkby, farm to let.On microfilm.UndatedBarrow
ZS/842Newton (Cartmel). Assignment of Thomas Redhead to Jonathan Caddy.On microfilm.1825Barrow
ZS/883Cartmel. Sale of horses, corn, hay and Azmeone.On microfilm.1826Barrow
ZS/878Cartmel. Sale of silks, mercery goods etcetera.On microfilm.1826Barrow
DBT/13/40Stray deeds relating to Cartmel, Lancashire1810, 1818Whitehaven
DDHJ/4/2/1/11Cartmel Priory, [1860s-1872]Stockdale's research papers relating to the Priory, including a copy of King John's confirmation of the grant of Henry I to the Priors of Cartmel.[1860s-1872]Barrow
DDHJ/4/2/1/3Cartmel, [1860-1872]James Stockdale's notes on the history of Cartmel.[1860-1872]Barrow
DDHJ/4/2/1/4Cartmel: Letters from J Finlayson, 1860-1865Letters to James Stockdale from J Finlayson, Mechanics' Institute, Manchester on antiquarian topics, particularly the history of Cartmel.1860-1865Barrow
DDHJ/4/2/1/7Cartmel Church register, [1860s-1872]Stockdale's notes on the Cartmel parish register, including lists and acts of the sidesmen; extracts from Cartmel parish register of baptisms, marriages and deaths 1559-1718 taken by H F Rigge in 1868; extracts from Cartmel parish register of Fletcher family baptisms, marriages and deaths taken by Mr Richard Fell.[1860s-1872]Barrow
DDHJ/4/2/1/1Bigland family, 1685-1869 Pedigree of the Bigland family of Bigland Hall up to 1831, and will of George Bigland 18 May 1685.1685-1869Barrow
BDSO 104/12Gleaston CastleArchaeological report : Feasibility study for consolidation work. May 1998Barrow
BDSO 104/13Kimberly Clark, Barrow Mill, Barrow-in-FurnessResults of an archaeological evaluation assessment. Dec 1999Barrow
BDSO 104/14Bennett Bank Landfill Site, Dalton-in-FurnessArchaeological report containing: Bound and loose copy of a desk based assessment, project summary and design, correspondence, maps and electronic media. Oct 2003Barrow
YDX 7/11Title deeds relating to the Barwick family of Cartmel,including marriage settlements, mortgages, quit claims, bonds.1617-1804Whitehaven
BDSO 104/11A595 Dalton bypass to Askam-in-Furness ImprovementArchaeological evaluation report.Mar 1996Barrow
BDY 12Photocopy of names of assessors and subcollectors for aid of 2s and 12d in the pound which makes 3s for one year with the several constablewicks in Furness and Cartmel 14 and 27 February 1689. Cumbria Record Office, Kendal, ref. WD/Ry box 32.1689Barrow
WDB 35/1/238Blawith, Grange, Cartmel, Lancashire.Building land, Blawith, Grange.undatedKendal
BDHJ/398/2/6Bond1) William Taylor of Rodger Ridding, Furness Fells, Lancaster, Yeoman (bounden)

2) William Crosfield of Ayside, Cartmel, Low Lancaster, Yeoman

Bond referring to a covenant of an indenture of demise and release
BDHJ/398/2/28Bond[22 Jan, 19 Elizabeth I]

William Leese of Cartmel

Edward Kellet of Bouth
BDSO 104/182-3 Union Lane, UlverstonArchaeological watching brief.Oct 2004Barrow
BDHJ/396/3/41Mortgage by conveyance1) Peter Nicholson of Sunbrick, Aldingham, Lancaster, Gentleman
2) Robert Myers of Cartmel, Lancaster, Gentleman
3) John Scotson of Ulverston, Lancaster, Yeoman
Consideration: £600 charged with interest at the rate of £4, 5s for £100 for a year
Premises: Mansion house called The Old Hall, near Bouth, Furness Fells, Lancaster including a barn, cow house, orchards and gardens
Term: 1000 years
Signature and seals: Robert Myers and Peter Nicholson
Witnesses: William Toll & William Hart
Endorsement: Receipt for the £600, signed by Peter Nicholson ; and the signature of 2 witnesses; William Toll and William Hart
14 Feb 1764Barrow
BDHJ/396/3/37Surrender of term 1) Robert Myers of Cartmel, Lancaster, Gentleman
2) John Scotson of Old Hall, Lancaster, Yeoman
Premises:Mansion house called The Old Hall, near Bouth, Furness Fells, Lancaster including a barn, cow house, orchards and gardens
Consideration: £700
Term: 1000 years
Signature and seal: Robert Myers
Witnesses: Thomas Petty and Henry Law
13 Feb 1766Barrow
WDB 35/1/226Abbot Hall Estate, Grange-over-Sands, Cartmel, Lancashire.Abbot Hall Estate (auction).1879Kendal
BDHJ/145Estate papers of John and Eleanor Rawlinson of CartmelEleanor Rawlinson of Oaklands, : trust accounts, 1930s; appointment of trustees, 1930s-1940s. Death certificate of John Joseph Burneside Rose, 1949, a trustee. Sale of Bridge House and Riverside Cottage, Cartmel, 1947.1930-1949Barrow
BDX 342/8Church Guide Books and HistoriesIncludes Holy Trinity, Ulverston, Ulverston Congregational Church, St. Paul, Rusland, Grange-over-Sands parish church, Furness Abbey, Conishead Priory, parish of Cartmel.1902-1980Barrow
WDB 35/1/217Cartmel, Lancashire.Seatle House (Bought by Mrs. Harrison owner of adjoining land). Ayside House and six lots of land adjoining. Two pairs of pews in Broughton Church. With plans.
Owned by Mr. W. Birkett. Freehold.
31 Jul 1855Kendal
WDB 35/1/227Grange-over-Sands, Cartmel, Lancashire.Residences, houses, shops, farms,. Accommodation and building land. Other business premises, laundry, etc.. Plans loose.
Owner not named. Freehold.
1 Oct 1879Kendal
WDB 135/1/615Cartmel: Kent's Ford HouseKent's Ford House, freehold messuage or mansion house, Kent's Bank, in the parish of Cartmel, county of Lancaster. Comprises house and ground includong stable, coach house, harness room, Coacjman's cottage and wash house.

Owner/occupier: Mr. J. W. Sutcliffe-Witham.

No plans. Includes photographs.

ZS/930Low-wood Gunpowder Works, Cartmel. Sale of thrashing machine.On microfilm.1824Barrow
ZS/14Robert Charnock, Cartmelsurgeon etcetera1806Barrow
ZS/15Hulland Three Stag's Heads, CartmelBillheadc1807Barrow
WDB 35/1/230The Grange Hotel, Grange-over-Sands, Cartmel, Lancashire.The Grange Hotel previously sold 1884. With plans and photographs. Three letters enclosed.
Owned by Thomas Rigg. Freehold. Sold, exclusive of furniture etc. to Mr. R. Bradshaw.
15 Aug 1912Kendal
WDB 35/1/214High Lees Estate, Crook, Mill Stile House, Bolton-le-Sands, Barrows Green, Natland, Bell Hill Estate, Cartmel.Crook High Lees Estate, Crook. No plans.
Owned by Thomas Webster and James Bramwell; freehold tenure.

Bolton-le-Sands - LancashireMill Stile House and building land, three named meadows.
Owner not named, freehold not known.

Natland Three fields at Barrows Green No plans.
Owned by Thomas Webster and James Bramwell. Freehold.

Cartmel - Lancashire Bell Hill Estate estate at Lindale. No plans.
Owned by Thomas Webster and James Bramwell. Freehold.
WDB 35/1/228Blawith Estate, Grange-over-Sands, Cartmel, Lancashire.Blawith Estate, Blawith Cottage, The Slack - house, building land and farmland. With plans. Two letters enclosed.
Owner not named, tenure not defined.
23 Jun 1884Kendal
WDB 35/1/224Brown Robin Estate, Cartmel, Lancashire.Brown Robin Estate, and large new mansion with farm, Grange-over-Sands. With plans, including building land 1875; conditions enclosed.
Owner not named. Architect of Mansion Eli Cox. Freehold.
18 Sep 1879Kendal
WDB 35/1/229Grange Hotel, Grange-over-Sands, Cartmel, Lancashire.The Grange Hotel. With plans. Tracings enclosed.
Owned by Grange Hotel Co., Ltd.. Freehold.
Architects of Hotel built in 1864: Messrs. Paley & Austin, Lancaster.
23 Jun 1884Kendal
WDB 35/1/235Ashmount Road, Grange-over-Sands, Cartme, LancashireAshmount Road Estate building land. With plan.
Owner not named. Freehold.
18 Jun 1914Kendal
WDB 35/1/237Yewbarrow, Gange-over-Sands, Cartmel, Lancashire.Yewbarrow Lodge and seven shops with dwellings known as 1-7 Yewbarrow Terrace or Main Street. With plans and photographs.
Owner Mrs. M. E. Williams, Freehold.
11 Jul 1919Kendal
WDB 35/1/220Blawith Estate, Grange-over-Sands, Cartmel, Lancashire.Grange, Blawith Estate. Plans only.1869Kendal
BDX 441/1/2/1Report to the Board of GuardiansBy the Ulverston Union School Attendance Committee. Includes figures for Broughton, Cartmel, Colton, Dalton, Hawkshead and Ulverston districts.17 April 1890Barrow
BDSO 104/16Land to the rear of former Bugle Horn, Soutergate, UlverstonArchaeological report containing: Bundle 1- desk based assessment and evaluation report. Bundle 2 - project summary sheet, project brief and design, maps and extensive urban survey, plans and sections, trench records, photographic record of colour slides, monochrome negatives and contact prints.May 2004Barrow
BDHJ/241/16Accounts for the estate of Robert Nicholas Pearson of The Police Station, Plumpton, Penrith1938Barrow
WDB 35/1/221Yewbarrow Estate, Grange-over-Sands, Cartmel, Lancashire.Yewbarrow Estate, Yewbarrow Lodge - house, park etc. Yewbarrow House, Yewbarrow Cottage, Handy Field - villa, 50 acres of ground. With loose plans.

Title in the names of Benjamin Hall and the brothers Chandler from 1873. Tenure not defined.
7 Aug 1874Kendal
WDB 35/1/225Grange-over-Sands, Cartmel, Lancashire.Abbot Hall mansion at Kent's Bank, with pew in Cartmel Prioey. Lane Side Farm with Kirkhead headland (Kirkhead Hill) and prospect tower. Accommodation land containing many building sites - comprising 158a. 3r. 11p. in all. With plans (mutilated).
Owner: James Simpson Young, deceased. Freehold. For sale by private treaty.
Jun 1879Kendal
WDB 35/1/231Yew Tree Cottage, Grange-over-Sands, Cartmel; Silverdale, Lancashire.Grange-over-Sands, Cartmel, LancashireYew Tree Cottage and plots of land adjacent, and building land on Kents Bank Road. With plans.
Owner not named. Tenure not defined.

Silverdale, Lancashire Building lots, with plan.
Owner not named, tenure not defined.
12 Apr 1887Kendal
WDB 35/1/223Brown Robin Estate, Grange-over-Sands, Cartmel, Lancashire.Building land on Brown Robin Estate. Plans only with manuscript notes on land prices. 2 sets, different editions.1875Kendal
WDB 35/1/236Eller How, Grange-over-Sands, Cartmel, LancashireEller How - mansion and two staff cottages. Eller How Farm. Hunter Fold Farm and land. Six inclosures of land. With plans and photographs.
Owner not named. Freehold.
29 Sep 1916Kendal
WDB 35/1/233Cark, Cartmel, Lancashire.Cark Villa. Two houses, joiner's shop and land at Clogger Bank. Inclosures at Grange Fell With plans. Includes photograph; proof plans enclosed.
Owner not named. Tenure not defined.
25 May 1893Kendal
WDB 35/1/222Brown Robin Estate, Grange-over-Sands, Cartmel, Lancashire.Building land on Brown Robin Estate. Plans only with manuscript notes on land prices. 2 sets, different editions.1875Kendal
WQ/RDP/32Deposited Plans: Grange & CartmelGrange and Cartmel District Gas and Water Works 1865-6.30 Nov 1865Kendal
BDFELL/8Title deeds for land and property in Ulverston1604-1864Barrow
ZS/690Birkby Hall, Cartmel, to let and Fell Gate, Grange.On microfilm.1822Barrow
ZS/704Cartmel and Ulverston, farms to let,Ayside, Barber Green. On microfilm.1822Barrow
ZS/843Trundle Brow, Cartmel. Assignment of William Barrow to Allen Backhouse.On microfilm.UndatedBarrow
ZS/889Low Newton, Cartmel. Sale of farm stock for John Harrison.On microfilm.UndatedBarrow
BDHJ/366Rating assessment appeals, probate papers and balance sheetsWilliam Roper d.1927 papers regarding Wilson and I B Evans, 1924, Sowden v Fell 1937, Nicholson William d. probate papers, R Ireland d. 1933 probate papers handed to B.H.J. 27.3.41., I Rawlinson; Cartmel, probate papers, Thompson and Company Limited papers regarding Burton House, licence, L Ray d. 1935, probate papers, Ireland R. d. probate papers 1935, Hutton and Company v Atkinson 1937 regarding toffee; Mrs M E Morris papers 1936; Mrs A H Tyson 1933 probate papers, Walter Carter d. 1933, probate papers, Grange Gas Company regarding Osborne, J W Johnson County Court 1934, W P Blyth Police Court Summons, Hartleys Limited slum clearance order regarding stable at Kendal, Income Tax 1931 return of land values; Anne Aspen 1929; papers regarding Martin and Atkinson; ; R B Jackson sundry papers from his room 1935.1911-1937Barrow
BDSO 104/10Cark House, CarkArchaeological report containing: Bundle 1 - project summary sheet, desk based assessment and building investigation, building and standing structures risk assessment and correspondence. Bundle 2 - room description record, survey data, photographic record of colour slides, monochrome negatives and contact prints.Oct 2002Barrow
BDSO 104/15Dowdales School, Dalton-in-FurnessArchaeological report containing: Bundle 1 - bound and loose copies of a desk based assessment and rapid identification survey and evaluation. Bundle 2 - project summary and project design sheet, maps and historical background, site notes, trench records, plans and sections, photographic record of colour slides, monochrome negatives and contact prints.Dec 2003 - Mar 2004Barrow
BDSO 104/17Land adjacent to Park Garth, Little Urswick. Archaeological report containing: Bundle 1 - bound copy of archaeological desk based assessment and watching brief. Bundle 2 - project summary sheet, project design and brief, maps, watching brief record, context record, daily journal, photographic record of colour slides, monochrome negatives and contact prints.May - Jul 2004Barrow
BDX 83/3Feoffment, 5 September 1696Feoffment 5 September 1696.
1. Phillip Towers of Nethercark in Cartmell, county of Lancaster, husbandman.
2. John Braithwaite of Flookburgh in Cartmell, yeoman.
Premises: all that messuage or dwellinghouse and structure or building the fulling milne at Carke and also all that close, dalr or parcell of ground called the Tentergarth alias Tenterparrock with appurtenances, of yearly rent of 6s 8d, late belonging to Robert Barbon deceased, and since purchased by (1) from Agnes Simpson and Thomas Simpson sic her son.
Consideration: £12 2s. Eleven guinnys.
Winesses: James Barwick, Thomas Casson, John Braithwaitt, Tho. Barrow.
Endorsement: livery of seisin.
BDHJ/271/31In Memorium card for James Field of Cartmel18 Jan 1877Barrow
BDX 176/1/36Assignment of Atkinson's tenement (as in BDX 176/32-35)Assignment of Atkinson's tenement by William Robinson which had been mortgaged by John Atkinson formerly of Staveley to William Whinfield of Hawkshead, merchant and Edward Kilner of Newton in Cartmell, yeoman on 6 March 1729 for 600 years, which term is assigned to James Machell of Hollow Oak, esquire in trust for John Robinson of Newby Bridge, gent, and heirs for £1000, 11 October 32 George II.1758Barrow
WDSO 219Cartmel Agricultural SocietyMinute books, administrative and financial records, show catalogues, prize lists. Minute books (13) 1895-1979, letter book 1911-1920, account books (2) 1934-1972, Catering Sub-Committee, Marquee, Gates, carparks etc. cash and account books (9) 1923-1982, entries books (11) 1969-1982, hound trail entries book 1972-1986, annual show catalogues (64) 1946-1994, prize lists (45) 1952-1994, etc.1895-1994Kendal
BDX 342/9Guide Books to Furness Towns and EskdaleIncludes Cark-in-Cartmel, Flookburgh, Holker, Ulverston, the sands of Morecambe Bay and Eskdale in Cumberland.1895-1930Barrow
BDHJ/323George Patrickson of Scales; Legal case papers; sales particulars; Pier at Piel Harbour George Patrickson of Scales, gentleman, in probate 1915 1834-1915Barrow
BDHJ/344Estate papers, sales particulars, title deeds and willsFell family of Cartmel papers: Correspondence regarding 'Fell Association' 1885; Wills of Eleanor Fell, 1878, Nancy Fell 1872, John Fell 1870 and Anne Fell, 1905 (of Middlesex); Sales particulars of Fairfield, Cartmel and for property in Allithwaite 1906. Title deeds to Michelland at Undermillbeck 1617-18thC. Draft conveyances 1922. Title deeds of T J Johnson of Lightburn Road, Ulverston 1930s. Wills of J Teasdale of Trinkelt (with estate papers) 1912; John Stable of Millom 1809; John Molyneux of Ulverston 1922; Mary E Miles of Greenodd 1922; Marion C Jarvis of Ulverston 1922; Violet N C Johnston of Grange 1922; Thomas Kellett of Finsthwaite 1922.1617-1939Barrow
BDHJ/362Investments, case papers, title deeds, sales particulars and willsLieutenant Colonel Walter Francis Ainslie Wadham: investments 1752-1938 etc. Case papers regarding R Frazer, bankrupt, 1874; Richard Park v Bartholomew McHugh, 1836; Ainslie v Pool 1889; Police v William Irving (cruelty to pigs) 1938. Title deeds to property in Cartmel 1752-19th century.; house in Ainsworth Street, Ulverston 1927-1936; miscellaneous properties 1870s-1890s. Sales particulars of King's Arms Inn, Flookburgh 1865; Croftlands, Lane House Farm and Groffa Cragg Farm, Ulverston 1934. Estate papers of Eleanor Webster, died 1867. Papers regarding Ulverston Rectory and Conishead Priory including copy tithe award for Ulverston 1846 and copy certified rent charge award for Torver 1847. Wills of William Fairhurst of Torver 1906; Alice Braithwaite of Flookburgh 1866; Alice Shaw and William Shaw, 1810. Papers regarding Thomas Orr and John Orr and Thomas Peddar.1752-1938Barrow
BDHJ/370Probate papers and letters of administrationBrown paper bundle 221, mainly probate papers: Isabella Burrow of Royal Oak, Spark Bridge, d1937, probate 1938; William George Ainslie Kennedy of Greystoke, Penrith, captain in Royal Navy d. 1938, probate 1938; Mrs Alice Annie Telfer of Kilner's Park, Ulverston, deceased 1937, probate papers 1938; Mrs Elizabeth Jane Sharp, widow, of Wellhead Cottage, Little Urswick, died and probate 1939; Aaron Hadwin of The Fold, Cark-in-Cartmel, deceased and probate, 1939; Mary Shaw of 12 Soutergate, Ulverston, died 1939, adminstration 9 May 1939; Mrs Margaret Tromans of Foldgate Bungalow, Cartmel, died 12 December 1938, probate 2 February 1939; Deborah Dodgson of 68 Chapel Street, Dalton-in-Furness, died 11 August 1938, administration; deceased, William Walker of Barber Green Cottage, Grange-over-Sands, died 15 March 1918, probate, and of Margaret Walker also of Barber Green Cottage, died 4 April 1937, administration; Mrs Mary Ann Stables of Beckside, Kirkby-in-Furness, died 24 November 1938, administration 15 December 1938; Barbara Dickinson of Old Bank House and of Mill House, Cark-in-Cartmel, died 3 Apr 1939, probate; Swarthmoor and Ulverston Co-operative Society, instructions to Counsel 1938; Todd v Todd, claim regarding funeral expenses, 1930-1935.1930sBarrow
BDHJ/377Probate, police court, title deeds and other papersContents of brown paper bundle 218. Elizabeth Coward of Pepper House, Satterthwaite, died 10 July 1926, probate 1926; Richard Coward of Pepper House, died 17 March 1938, probate. A H Postlethwaite old papers regarding The Oaks, Millom sale 1935. William Taffs, junior. of Cragg Farm, Egton, farmer, died 25 August 1926 and William Taffs, senior of Sales View, Lowick Green, basket maker, died 30 September 1933, probate papers. Thomas Gravestone of Light Hall, Rusland, farmer, died 1922: probate papers. Birtles v Holland Writ 1935. Spence and Fenton 1932. Mrs. Mary Coooke Young of 37 Hindle Street, Darwen, Lancashire, died 4 January 1937, probate papers. Keith v Chilton 1930. Downward and Mackereth v Tanner and Addison v Bright Press Limited 1930. Mrs. Elizabeth Agnes Jordan of The Elms, North Lonsdale Road, Ulverston, died 15 October 1936, probate papers. Police v Robinson case 1937. Thexton v Peace County Court papers 1937. R G Hodgson papers regarding Road Licence 1937. Servacar Limited Articles of Association, 1931. Cark Auction Mart regarding Sale 1930. Emily Briscoe widow of Thomas Briscoe of 9 London Road, Lindal and of 12 Union Street, Dalton, died 1938: administration papers. Redmen v Hoggarth case, 1935.1910s-1930sBarrow
BDHJ/391Estate and probate papers, title deeds and business papers1644-1949Barrow
BDHJ/392Business, estate and other papers1903-1934Barrow
WDX 1913Holme family of Cartmel1853-1879Kendal
WSHBCCartmel Highway BoardMinutes, accounts1877-1899Kendal
WSHBC/1/1Minute book1877-1890Kendal
WSHBC/1/2Minute book1890-1897Kendal
WSHBC/1/3Minute book1898-1899Kendal
WSHBC/2Financial RecordsKendal
WSHBC/2/3Parochial Ledger1878-1894Kendal
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