Place codePAX55
Full place name entryWarcop/Warcop/East Ward/Westmorland
Place NameWarcop
Area3East Ward
Grid RefNY7415

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ReferenceTitleDescriptionDateArchive centre
WDX 1347Warcop Parish material1724-1892Kendal
WTBR/1/22Warcop passenger station1962Kendal
WDX 434Lupton, Hutton Roof, Warcop1689-1870Kendal
WDB 135/1/408Warcop: Eden GateEden Gate, Warcop, comprising residence and grounds including kitchen gardens and fruit trees.

Freehold Tenure.

No plans.
WDB 135/1/581Warcop: The Mill HouseA detched country property known as The Mill House, in Warcop Village, with grounds and a field, out offices and garage.

No plans.
nd (c.1930s)Kendal
WDX 333WarcopPlans, sections and elevations of proposed restoration of St Cuthbert's Church, Warcop, by C Hodgson Fowler, F.S.A., architect of Durham City1865Kendal
WDY 19/2Photocopy of Article on the Inghamite chapel near Warcop known as "Birks" by F. W. Parrott - from the "Cumberland and Westmorland Herald", 24 November 1956.1956Kendal
WQ/AB/3Articles of agreement1. John Wilkinson and James Scott.
2. John Robinson, gent., Clerk of Peace for Westmorland.
- for work on Warcop bridge for £7 12 0, with speicification included.
7 Oct 1755Kendal
WQ/AB/54Bond in £5901. Thomas Harrison sen., William Harrison, John Harrison and Thomas Harrison jun., all of Kirkby Stephen, stonemasons, and Edmund Thornborrow of Walk Mill, Warcop, sawyer.

2. John Bell Esq., Clerk of Peace for Westmorland.

- for erecting Broadwath bridge over the Haber in Warcop, and maintaining it for 7 years.
9 Nov 1844Kendal
WDS 154Warcop Church of England SchoolLog book 1905-1983 (with loose reports by HM Inspectors 1953 and 1959); Managers' minute book 1903-1954 (with loose papers 1954-1958); admission register 1909-1975; punishment book 1901-1910; correspondence 1990-1992; Information for the Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) bird and tree day; photocopies of correspondence and papers relating to brass aeroplane propeller plaque found by Mr J Hayhurst on his land at Langford, Appleby, in 1978 and investigations by Warcop School, 19901901-1991Kendal
WQ/AH/22Highway Diversions: Station Ground (Warcop) Diversion of highways, Station Ground, Warcop (for Eden Valley Railway Company): Certificate of 2 Justices, 28 March 1868. Plan attached (scale 3 chains to 1 inch);
Certificate of 2 Justices, 28 March 1868, (with additional details to the above). Plan attached (scale 3 chains to 1 inch).
WQ/AB/2Articles of agreement1. Robert Bowness, High Constable [East Ward].
2. John Wilkinson.
- for raising and making good road at west end of Warcop bridge for £10.
16 Feb 1753Kendal
WQ/AB/53Plan and specification for Broadwath Bridge at Warcop1844Kendal
WDX 414Warcop1968Kendal
WDX 415Candle Duties"Instructions for officers concerned in ascertaining duties on candles in the country"1749Kendal
WTDV/2/18Valuation book ("Domesday book"): North WestmorlandWarcop6th December 1910Kendal
WDX 72Orton family of WarcopDeeds for family property in Warcop (1693-1799)
Draft conveyance of a messuage in Orton (1864)
WDX 424Asby Winderwath and Warcop1720-1886Kendal
WDB 99J Longstaffe and Son, builders and joiners of Warcop1845-1920Kendal
WDX 63/2Surdas Field in WarcopAdmittance of George Park (27 July 1843);
Undertaking by George Park (21 December 1853);
Conveyance between George Park and Jonathan Robinson (21 December 1853);
Admittance of Jonathan Robinson (6 July 1854);
Admittance of John Kendall Robinson (20 May 1898);
Admittance of John Kendall Robinson (17 October 1902).
27 Jul 1843-17 Oct 1902Kendal
WDX 63/6Requisitions on title1920-1940Kendal
WPC 14Warcop Parish Council1773-1933Kendal
WQ/AB/10Articles of agreement by John Wilkinsonfor works on Warcop bridge for £2 10 0, with specification included.27 Jun 1762Kendal
WDB 135/1/574Warcop and Kirkby Stephen: Tarn Moor Farm.Tarn Moor Farm, Bleat Tarn, Warcop, freehold and part copyhold. Comprising dwellig house, out builidngs and land. Also an enclosure of Pasture Land known as "Sandwath", on the Soulby Road near Kirkby Stephen, and a freehold allotment on Kirkby Stephen Common.

Occupiers: Mr. John Clark. Mrs. Murray

No plans.
WDB 135/1/657Sandford, Warcop and Appleby: Sandford Estate.Sandford Estate, Warcop and Appleby, comprising Homestead garden and cottage. Closes of land. Dwelling house now used as a shop and temperance hotel at No. 30 Clifford Street, Appleby. Two dwelling houses or cottages at Nos. 32 and 34 Clifford Street,Appleby. Plot of building land in Belle Vue Road, Appleby. Plot of building land in Pembroke Street, Appleby.

Field Names: Deerlands, Grandy Nook, Dobin Ing, Doby Bank, Cargill Mouth, Rowber, Rowber Bottom, Rowber Ing, Ash Bank, Doby Bottom, Little Seglands, Big Seglands, Pasture Close, Pasture Close Bottom or Redmire, Doby Wath, Low Close, East and West Close, Catlands, Bowsteads, Turn Moor, High Head, High Close.

With Plans.
WDX 63/5Eastfield Gate, WarcopConveyance and bond of indemnity between John Gregson and Thomas Fisher (22 November 1820);
Will of Thomas Fisher (15 April 1828);
Will of Jane Murray (23 October 1872);
Mortgage between Jane Murray and Thomas Simpson (10 March 1876);
Transfer of mortgage between Joseph Binks, Mary Binks and John Abraham Longstaff (10 July 1880);
Receipt for payment of succession duty payable by Mary Binks on the death of Jane Murray (5 November 1880).
WQ/RI/93Inclosure Award: WarcopWarcop. Act: 18151831Kendal
WQ/AH/16Highway Diversions: Socky Moor Road and Cross Road (Warcop)Diversion of highways, Socky Moor Road and Cross Road, Warcop (for Eden Valley Railway Company):

Consents of W. S. Preston and C. M. Preston, landowners (undated);

Notices from Eden Valley Railway Company to Surveyor of Highways, 17 February 1860;

Instructions from Justices to surveyor to make notice, 24 February 1860;

Notice, Socky Moor Road, 24 February 1860;

Notice, Cross Road, 24 February 1860;

Examination of Witnesses, 5 April 1860;

Certificate of 2 Justices for Socky Moor Road, 5 April 1860;

Certificate of 2 Justices for Cross Road, 5 April 1860.
WDX 63Title deeds for Warcop and Great Musgraverelating to Sudas and Ings (1686-1843) and Surdas field (1843-1902) and Eastfield Gate (1820-1880) in Warcop; and Penny Close (1820-1882) in Great Musgrave1686-1940Kendal
WDX 63/1Sudas and Ings, WarcopDeed poll by Christopher Steadman and Henry Aiskell, 10 March 1686;
Deed poll by Edward Steadman, 24 May 1686;
Abstract of title 1838;
Conveyance between Mary Hall, Joseph Fisher and John Robinson, 19 May 1838;
Admittance of John Robinson, 4 July 1838;
Admittance on death of lord, 27 July 1843;
Admittance of John Robinson, 27 July 1843.
WDX 63/3Documents relating to land in WarcopConveyance between John Monkhouse and Mary Patterson (21 November 1797);
Conveyance Mary Patterson to John Clark (1 March 1808);
Admittance of John Clark (2 May 1808);
Feoffment, J Clark and wife to John Clark (13 June 1808);
Admittance of Joseph Clark (13 June 1816);
Admittance of Joseph Clark on death of lord (27 July 1843);
Abstract of title (1850);
Conveyance between Joseph Clark and Annis Clark, his wife, and John Robinson (13 April 1850);
Admittance of John Robinson (15 August 1850); admittances of John Kendall Robinson (7 December 1883); admittances of John Kendall Robinson (20 May 1898); admittances of John Kendall Robinson (17 October 1902).
21 Nov 1797-17 Oct 1902Kendal
WDX 638Miscellaneous DeedsMiscellaneous deeds and other legal documents relating to properties in Warcop, Barton, Ormside, Asby, Orton and Thorpe.1619-1903Kendal
WDX 882Westmorland post cardsPost cards and photographs of Westmorland including 4 albums relating to the Kirkby Stephen and surrounding area, Crosby Garret, Kirkby Stephen, Appleby in Westmorland and Penrith area, Warcop area, the Lake District and the Furness Area.

Includes postcards and photographs of Mardale and Haweswater Reservoir under construction.

Photographs: staff and pupils of Crosby Garrett School 1924-1941, many including evacuees are named

Photocopy of list of gravestone inscriptions in St. Andrew's Churchyard, Crosby Garrett, compiled with index
19th century-20th CenturyKendal
WDX 306Brough Sowerby and Warcop1. Highway surveyors' account book for Brough Sowerby with lists of inhabitants liable to perform statute labour, composition money received and disbursements. some pages have been cut out of beginning of volume so that only half 1777 is left; ? 1776 is at the other end of the volume
2. Claim, 27 July 1815, by John Wilson of Burtergill, yeoman, to the Warcop Inclosure Commissioners, in respect of messuage at Warcop in possession of William Coates, John Fawcett and Thomas Simpson, and messuage near Warcop and 6a., and for cattlegates in stinted pastures called Habour, Middlemoor and High Close.
WDB 135/1/452Warcop and Musgrave:Farms, lands, building sites and woodlands.Desirable Agricultural Properties Including:
Dolands Farm, Warcop, comprising farmhouse, gardens, outbuildings, farm buildings, and land;
Kennel Field, Warcop;
High Pasture, grazing land, Warcop, intersected by the Hayber Beck;
Row End Farm, Warcop and Musgrave, comprisisng farm house, kitchen garden, farm buildings, land;
Row End House, Warcop;
Habus or High Pasture, meadow and pasture, near Low Burtergill, Warcop;
Castle Hill, pasture, Warcop;
cemetery Field, Castle Hill Road, Warcop;
"Stoups", pasture land, Musgrave;
Strand Flatt, Meadow, Warcop;
Birks Farm, Warcop, comprising farm house, kitchen garden, farm buildings, lands and woodland.

Tenants: Mr. Thomas Watt, Mrs. M. E. Richardson & Son, Mr. T. Hutchinson, Mr. G. Wilkinson, Messrs. J. Rowlandson & Son , Mr. W. Savage of Warcop Towers, Mr. T Atkinson

Field Names: Calf Garth, Penny Close, East Field Bottom, East Field, Moober Hill, Far East Field, Far Sudas, Ings, Stripes, Balmer's Field, Field House Close , Huber, Near Back Raines, Back Raines, Far Back Side, Thomas Moss Close, Tosca, Sand Field, Kirksteads, Ings Bottom, Sudas, Hayber, Musgrave Close, Gars, Hut Wood, Hut Wood Strip, The Hagg, Big Wood, Big Field, Warmery Bottom, Warmery Wood, Warmery Brow.

Includes plans
WQ/RIP/2/11Inclosure Papers: WarcopWarcop: notice of meeting 1801, boundary roll, undated.1801Kendal
WTBR/1/28Warcop Station House and land1965-1968Kendal
WQ/RLT/East/53East Ward: WarcopWarcop; 1765, 1773, 1790, 1823, 1829.1765-1829Kendal
WDCSCartmell & Shepherd, Solicitors of ApplebyClients' records including Bongate School and Institute, Appleby (1940), Deighton and Dargue, coal merchants (1943-1946), Dent family (1875-1914), Longfell Mines, Warcop (1940), Macrae and Masson (1927), Richardson and Richardson, threshing machine proprietors (1931-1934); 17th-20th cents. This list records the surnames of parties to transactions, the property concerned and the date. The bundles of 20th c. archives include probates, draft conveyances, draft abstracts of title, sale particulars and plans. 19th c. bundles usually contain the original title deeds.[1600s]-[1900s]Kendal
WDRC/6/75/1Warcop bishops' transcripts1662-1663; 1669-1670; 1677-1680; 1682-1683; 1685; 1687-16901662-1690Kendal
WDRC/6/75/2Warcop bishops' transcripts1691-1692; 1694-17001691-1700Kendal
WDRC/6/75/3Warcop bishops' transcripts1701-1710Kendal
WDRC/6/75/4Warcop bishops' transcripts1711-1730Kendal
WDRC/6/75/5Warcop bishops' transcripts1731-1740Kendal
WDRC/6/75/6Warcop bishops' transcripts1741-1750Kendal
WDRC/6/75/7Warcop bishops' transcripts1751-1760Kendal
WDRC/6/75/8Warcop bishops' transcripts1761-1770Kendal
WDRC/6/75/9Warcop bishops' transcripts1771-1780Kendal
WDRC/6/75/10Warcop bishops' transcripts1781-1790Kendal
WDRC/6/75/11Warcop bishops' transcripts1791-1800Kendal
WDRC/6/75/12Warcop bishops' transcripts1800-1812Kendal
WDRC/6/75/13Warcop bishops' transcripts1813-1820Kendal
WDRC/6/75/14Warcop bishops' transcripts1821-1830Kendal
WDRC/6/75/15Warcop bishops' transcripts1831-1840Kendal
WDRC/6/75/16Warcop bishops' transcripts1841-1850Kendal
WDRC/6/75/17Warcop bishops' transcripts1851-1860Kendal
WDRC/6/75/18Warcop bishops' transcripts1861-1870Kendal
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