Place codePAX856
Full place name entryYanwath with Eamont Bridge/Yanwath with Eamont Bridge/Barton/West Ward/Westmorland
Place NameYanwath with Eamont Bridge
Area1Yanwath with Eamont Bridge
Area3West Ward

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WDB 135/1/8Yanwath, Eamont Bridge and Sockbridge: Glendowling Farm."Glendowling Farm", Yanwath.
No plan.

WDRC/8/28/1Eamont Bridge tithe map and apportionment2 Apr 1843Kendal
WDSO 185/8Excavation and survey archive reports1987-1998Kendal
WDB 135/1/199Eamont Bridge, Penrith: The Brougham EstateThe Brougham Estate, near Penrith, comprising five mixed farms, The Crown Hotel, Eamont Bridge, The Laundry House and premises, and about 14 cottages and houses in Eamont Bridge. Also land, Wetherigg's Pottery , other cottages and Oak Woodlands.

Named properties/farms: The Home Farm, The Laundry House, Blacksmith's Shop, The Crown Hotel, Hospital Farm, Clifton Dykes Farm, Moorhouses Farm, Wethericks Farm, Wetherigg's Pottery.

With Plans.

Freehold tenure.
WDRC/8/28/2Yanwath tithe map and apportionment2 Apr 1843Kendal
WDB 135/1/475Yanwath and Eamont Bridge: freehold accommodation lands.several closes of land in Yanwath and Eamont Bridge.

Situations/Field Names: Glendowlin Lane, nr Yanwath. Moorside, Yanwath.
Occupation Road from Yanwath to Woodhouse Farm. Spoil Bank

occupiers/tenants: Messrs. Errington, Sockbridge Hall. E & E. Griffiths, Glendowlin Farm. Mr. William Taylor, Gate Inn, Yanwath. Mr. C. Bird, Yanwath Hall. Mr. David Wilson, Yanwath. Mr. W. H. Yeats.

Purchasers: Mr. Thompson, Wigan. J. F. Read. W. H. Yeats, Yanwath.
No plans
WQ/RLT/West/37West Ward: Yanwath and Eamont Bridge Yanwath and Eamont Bridge [Barton parish]; 1765, 1809, 1823, 1826, 1831, 1832.1765-1832Kendal
WDX 947/7Photograph of YanwathTaken by Rupert Potter19 Aug 1897Kendal
WDX 947/8Photograph of fortified manor house on River Eamont at YanwathTaken by Rupert Potter19 Aug 1897Kendal
WDX 947/58Photograph of Yanwath, River EamontTaken by Rupert Potter19 Aug 1897Kendal
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