Place codePAX865
Full place name entryWaitby/Kirkby Stephen/East Ward/Westmorland
Place NameWaitby
Area2Kirkby Stephen
Area3East Ward
Grid RefNY7508

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WDS 18Waitby and Smardale Grammar School1687-1957Kendal
WDB 135/1/676Kirkby Stephen and RavenstonedaleTwo Small estates, Kirkby Stephen and Ravenstonedale. Comprising farms, land and 6 stints in Murthwaite Park and fell rights.

Farm Names: Waitby Farm, Waitby. Murthwaite Farm, Ravenstonedale.

Tenant names: Mr. F. Aimes. Mr. William Hunter. Mr. G. F. Onslow

Properties: The Pack Horse Temperance Hotel, Kirkby Stephen. Shop and Warehouses, Kirkby Stephen.

Field names and Locations: near Haber House, Burblet, near Railway Bridge. Sandriggs Field.

With plans.
WDB 135/1/572Ravenstonedale and Kirkby Stephen: estatesValuable estates in Ravenstonedale and Kirkby Stephen Parishes, including farms and other properties.

Farm Names: Waitby Farm, Town Head Farm, Ravenstonedale Town Head Farm, Midtown Farm, Ashfield Farm, Ashfell Farm, Bowber Head Farm, Bleaflatt Farm, Lockholme Foot Farm (Piper Hole), Studfold Farm with stint in Murthwaite Park, Lockholme Hall Farm, Gars Hill Farm, Town Head Farm, Trainriggs Farm,

Property Names: Gars Hill Cottage,

Field Names: Garth, Josey Field, Pasture Hill, Low Field, Hold Garth, Josey Pasture, Seed Field, New Field, Limekiln Allotment, Wisber, Hobson Close, Quarry Close, Low Field, Back Pasture, Great Gunnerside, Little Gunnerside, High Intack Allotment, Common Allotment, Fallow Field, Town Head Garth, Floody Bottom, Fir Plantations &c., Fir Close, Middle Close, High Close, Middle Field, High Pasture, Wye Garth Field, Wye Garth Pasture, Tailor Willie, Big Croft, Little Croft, Far Croft, Tolmains, Parrock, Thornthwaite, Calf Parrock, Little Field, Brunt Hill, Egg Field, Cow Pasture, Dent Field, Roger Bottom, Islands, Hugh Close, Clay Lands, Back Field, Keld Syke Pasture, Keld Syke, Back Field, Rabbit Pasture, Danby Pasture, Danby Field, Out Rake, Calf Garth, Weatherpot Garth, Middle Flat, Great Field, Long Bottom, Keld Sykes, High Bell, Wet Hill, Jonathan Hill, Challage Close, Near Scar, Top Scar, Low Scar, Undergate, Undergate Pasture, Common Scandal Ing, Bottom Field, Bottoms Pasture, Water Keld, Scandal Ing, Cleaning Close, High Burn Hills, Low Burn Hills, Horse Pasture, Common Hall, Flass Field, Wet Bottom, Scar, Stays Brow, Old Field, Buck Pasture, Bull Copy, Water Keld, Sarah Close, Middle Field, High Field, Low Stintings, High Stintings, Far Field, Crooklands Pasture, Hoydle Bottom, Burn Hills, Doubles Close, High Pasture, Front Pasture, Quarry Field, Shed Close, Limekiln Field, Narrow Pasture, Little Pasture, Piper Hole Field, Great Bottom, Little Bottom, High Meadow, Little Meadow, Rough Pasture, Bell Field, Cow Close, Big Parrock, Ings, Harter Fell Pasture, Home Field, The Hill, Long Intake, Middle Pasture, Far Field, Kiln Field, Chamberlains Bottom, Bent Hill, Green Pasture, Green Field, Birks Close, Tarn Holme, Chamberlains Earth, Chamberlains Bank, Chamberlains Pasture, Brunt Hills, Back Side, Sandriggs Field, Greystone Field,

Road names: Old Coach Road, Occupation Road,

Owner,tenant,occupier,purchaser names: Mr. John Clarke. Mr. James Metcalfe. Mr. Robert Todd, Crosby Lodge, Crosby Ravensworth. Mr. James Akrigg Bainbridge. Mr. John William Moore. John Fawcett, Croft House, Ravenstonedale. Mr. Frederick Whitfield. The late Mr. J. Metcalfe's Representatives. Mr. Michael Akrigg. Thos. H. Pratt, Rookby Scarth, Kirkby Stephen. Mr. J. W. Handley. Messrs. Holmes & Henry Handley. Mr. William Bousfield. Mr. William Longstaff Wharton. Mr. John Henry Bennett. Mr. Joseph Capstick. J. W. Fothergill. Mr. Airey. Mr. Metcalfe Gibson. J. Brunskill. Mr. George Slinger. Mr Fothergill High Sheriff of Westmorland. Mr. J. A. Leach. Mr. Joseph Jackson, Senr.. T. W. Jackson, Stockton on Tees. Messrs. A. Bell & Sons. Richard Wharton, Wharton. Mrs. Murray. Mr. Murray, North Road, Kirkby Stephen. Mr. R. A. Brunskill. W. Rees, Solicitor. the Misses Hutchinson. Mr. Gibson Warwick.

With plans.
WDSO 185/5Waitby: project archive for water main, Waitby/Kirkby Stephen intakes: archaeological watching brief1996Kendal
WDHBHarrison-Beck family of RavenstonedaleGeorge Morland Beck Snr. bought Smardale Hall for his son Thomas Hewetson Beck who held it for 5 years. The farm was then tenanted. In 1960 Harry Harrison-Beck inherited the property and sold it in 1963.
Collection includes Manor of Smardale and Manor Court of Smardale, Manor of Waitby and Manor Court of Waitby and Middleton Hall as well as deeds and other estate papers for Smardale, Middleton Hall and Waitby.
Also spreadsheet list of documents for the Manor of Smardale and Manor Court of Smardale on CD
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